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♞ Black Chess Knight

♞- Black Chess Knight, planet Earth: black chess piece with the head of a 🐎 Horse
Five Emojis who lived in Mars wanted to play chess. When an Emoji took the ♞ Black Chess Knight in his hands. The chess piece started to change the color. From ♞ Black Chess Knight it became red. Those Emojis found drop of blood on ♞ Black Chess Knight. No one was injured. It was very strange. The five Emojis went to a Star who worked as an astrologer and asked him what it meant that the ♞ Black Chess Knight changed the color. The astrologer said that he saw in the near future a strongly growing ego of the uppermost ruler of South Mars who will start a big conflict. 48 days later used the uppermost Egoist in his car the ♞ Black Chess Knight as bullet in his weapon.
In communication use clever Emojis this symbol for black chess knight.


Black Chess Knight


Unicode:  ♞


Person Bouncing Ball

White Chess King

White Chess Queen

White Chess Rook

White Chess Bishop

White Chess Knight

White Chess Pawn

Black Chess King

Black Chess Queen

Black Chess Rook

Black Chess Bishop

Black Chess Pawn

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