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🎬 Clapper Board

🎬- Clapper Board, slate, slate board, slapperboard, clapboard, sound marker, clapper, clacker
Before every first public presentation of a movie had the first Horror Clown to review and to check each part of the 🎬 Clapper Board with his opinion. He censored not only single scenes sometimes he commanded to change the name of a movie that was written on the 🎬 Clapper Board. At that times tried filmmaking Emojis to follow the rules of the Horror Clown. They checked their 🎬 Clapper Board for things that could annoy their ruler.
After the death of Horror Clown could Emojis produce movies with more freedom. They wrote on their 🎬 Clapper Board what they wanted. One day forgot an Emoji his 🎬 Clapper Board in the office of the most hated Emoji. Later read the uppermost tax collector, that that taxable Emoji wrote the title: "100 Emojis demonstrate against the income tax". He overwrote it with: "100 Emojis want to pay higher taxes."
In communication use Emojis this symbol for clapper board.


Clapper Board


Unicode:  🎬


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