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💾 Floppy Disk

💾- Floppy Disk, data storage for secrets of Horror Clowns
At the times of third Horror Clown got all high-ranking Emojis and other high-ranking politicians of the former Circus Union the 💾 Floppy Disk for data storage. Some historians wrote in their books that the third Horror Clown liked very much the use of 💾 Floppy Disk. An Emoji claimed that he saw how the ruler wrote every day at 20:17 o'clock in his diary and saved it on his 💾 Floppy Disk. No one could prove this. Critics of this story said that the 💾 Floppy Disk producer spread such fantasy story because they wanted to sell more 💾 Floppy Disks. At that time needed no Emoji this product.
Later at the times of the first dictator started more Emojis to use the 💾 Floppy Disk because they felt pressure because of time movements of high-ranking Emojis. They told often about the high-tech progress.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for floppy disk.


Floppy Disk


Unicode:  💾


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