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🛸 Flying Saucer

🛸- Flying Saucer, flying disc
In the history of Emoji came different 👽 Aliens with a 🛸 Flying Saucer. One day tried a miser from Jupiter to come to Emoji with his 🛸 Flying Saucer. He tried to flee from his planet because of the taxes. That Alien flew with his 🛸 Flying Saucer to planet Halloween. Suddenly he got stuck in the galaxy. His 🛸 Flying Saucer became uncontrollable. After 70 minutes this Alien landed on a ⛫ Castellum. He was invisible and sat in his invisible 🛸 Flying Saucer. The Alien Non Sense experienced the end of his first tax authority in Crying Laughing Emoji.
After 25 minutes the 🛸 Flying Saucer was deleted by Aliens in Pluto. The miser started to search for a place where he could live. At that time Non Sense became more successful and was able to collect income taxes of local Emojis.
More and more Emojis became victims of the income taxes nationwide. 🛸 Flying Saucer is one of the most important mode of transport among Emojis and Aliens and other beings in the galaxy.
The former uppermost tax collector wanted to deliver tax declarations using the 🛸 Flying Saucer.
In communication use Emojis and Aliens this symbol for flying saucer.


Flying Saucer


Unicode:  🛸


Black Truck

Restricted Left Entry-1

Restricted Left Entry-2



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