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☭ Hammer and Sickle

☭- Hammer and Sickle, Russian: серп и мо́лот, pronunciation: serp i molot, Communist symbol, Soviet Union, USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
On planet Earth was the ☭ Hammer and Sickle symbol in the flag of the former Soviet Union.
The 🔨 Hammer symbolized industrial laborers and the sickle peasantry. Historians among Emojis think that some Emojis and other residents saw the ☭ Hammer and Sickle in their dreams in the past. That is why they speak about the ☭ Hammer and Sickle syndrome. One day the first Horror Clown sat in his office. There he found the ☭ Hammer and Sickle symbol. Later he asked Bronze Stone Clown what it meant. The Clown told that he needed to ask an Emoji. No one understood where was that ☭ symbol come from at that time. The first Horror Clown liked this sign and gave it a 👍 Thumbs Up in his brain.
In communication use Earthlings this symbol for hammer and sickle or in connection with the former Soviet Union or communists.


Hammer and Sickle


Unicode:  ☭


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