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💯 Hundred Points

💯- Hundred Points, 100%, 100 Emojis, agreed
The most Emojis associate the 💯 Hundred Points symbol with their demonstration against the income tax in Poop Emoji on 15th of July. At that time some Emojis organized themselves in groups of 💯 Emojis.
An Emoji with bald head counted with his device at least 10 groups with more than 💯 Emojis.
The former uppermost tax collector used the 💯 Hundred Points symbol in the tax declaration because Emojis should know that their income was 💯 % taxable.
After the election of first dictator, the new ruler promised Emojis a 💯 better life than before. At the beginning they hoped that the elected Emoji could make the country great like never before.
Later Emojis were disappointed because the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji tried everything that all Emojis nationwide start to pay taxes. For this purpose the former most hated Emoji wrote the 💯 Hundred Points symbol multiple times in the new version of the tax return. He wanted the 💯 % taxable income and financial assets of all Emojis without exception.
Later became the uppermost tax collector the Finance Minister of Emoji and forced Emojis to pay 💯 % taxes. The suffering of all inhabitants began with tax duty.
Later Emojis organized their most famous demonstration of the modern history.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for hundred points.

The following video shows how "100 💯 Emojis demonstrate peacefully against income tax".



Hundred Points


Unicode:  💯


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