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💩 Pile of Poo

💩- Pile of Poo, smiling pile of poo, Poop Emoji, smiling Poop Emoji, Kin no unko (金のうんこ) = "golden poo" in Japanese, uppermost tax collector, finance minister, feces
The 💩 Pile of Poo Emojis have their own very famous city with almost 500,000 inhabitants. The name of the city is Poop Emoji.
💩 Pile of Poo Emojis suffered for a long time under discrimination in their history. One of the most famous residents there was the former uppermost tax collector who was the finance minister. The 💩 Emoji Poops suffered not only under discrimination but under high income taxes. The most important and hated building in that town is the former tax authority.
Compared to other Emojis, 💩 Pile of Poops had long time tax duty. The city of 💩 Poop Emoji is best known in the modern history for its famous demonstration against the direct taxes on 15th of July. One of leaders was the professor Emoji Guide.
The former tax collector from 💩 Poop Emoji was for long time the most hated Emoji in the country.
On the 15th of July celebrate 💩 Emoji Poops and other Emojis every year their victory against the income taxes.
The building of the tax authority became a museum that can be visited by tourists. There they can 👀 old tax declarations and other documents in connection with the bureaucratic tax collection. A 💩 Smiling Pile of Poo told that the end of income tax led to an improving of the environment because no Emoji got so many papers like in old times. In addition, Emojis committed themselves to plant a 🌳 Tree at least every 180 days. Compared to other inhabitants, 💩 Poops Emoji did not always live in their hometown.
On planet Earth: The 💩 Pile of Poo is used in Japanese culture as a symbol of good luck (Kin no unko).
In communication use Emojis this symbol in connection with pile of poo or Poop Emoji.


Pile of Poo


Unicode:  💩



💩💩 Double Pile of Poo

💩💩💩 Three Times Pile of Poo

💩💩💩💩 Four Times Pile of Poo

💩💩💩👙👙👙 Three Times Pile of Poo and Three Times Bikini

💩💩💩💩👙👙👙 Four Times Pile of Poo and Three Times Bikini

💩💩💩💩👙👙👙👙 Four Times Pile of Poo and Four Times Bikini

💩💩💰💰 Double Pile of Poo and Double Money Bag

💩🚽 Pile of Poo and Toilet

💩❤ Pile of Poo and Red Heart

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