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🔴 Red Circle

🔴- Red Circle, red button, alarm button
One day a teacher commanded to young Emojis to draw 🔴 Red Circle. A talkative Emoji said: "On my birthday I had to draw 🔴 Red Circle because several relatives gave me red 🎈 Balloons." After this phrase that Emoji refused to draw a 🔴 Red Circle again. He said that he will go 🏠 and bring his drawing. The teacher did not allow. The young Emoji started to 😭. At that second Bronze Stone Clown appeared in the room. He forced teacher to allow. After 14,122,017 milliseconds he disappeared. All students noticed that they had at least 100 drawings with 🔴 Red Circle. On that day the teacher wanted to teach in the geometry the circle. The Emoji who had to draw 🔴 on his birthday started to write different formulas in connection with circle. The teacher reacted 😮.
167 days later the uppermost tax collector placed the 🔴 Red Circle near the names of Emojis who had to pay more taxes in his blacklist.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for red circle.


Red Circle


Unicode:  🔴


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