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🗣 Speaking Head

🗣- Speaking Head, silhouette, face, speak
At the times of First Horror Clown wanted the ruler of the Circus Union that deaf-mute residents understand every command or word of him. For this purpose an Emoticon suggested to use the 🗣 Speaking Head. This Emoticon found out that several deaf-mute Emojis could be better informed with the 🗣 Speaking Head before an important speech of Horror Clown or other high-ranking politicians.
That's why the ruler commanded to place the 🗣 Speaking Head in every 📺 TV station which had to broadcast his speeches.
After the end of Circus Union wanted owner of 📺 TV stations to replace the 🗣 Speaking Head with other symbol. The first elected dictator and several deaf-mute Emojis protested against this change. A deaf-mute Emoji who represented other Emojis with the same problem told that the 🗣 Speaking Head was a symbol that every deaf-mute Emoji knows for years. Even the uppermost tax collector campaigned for the receipt of this sign.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for speaking head.


Speaking Head


Unicode:  🗣


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