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🦹 Supervillain

🦹- Supervillain, super villain, until the end of tax duty: the uppermost tax collector, history: Egoists from Mars and other enemies
Anytime Emojis got the tax declaration, they called it 🦹 Supervillain of their wealth. The famous Heart Emoji called in his 📝 Memos High Definition 🦹 Supervillain. The future king Devil Emoji used the word 🦹Supervillain for political system after the end of Circus Union. An Emoji who was in Pluto because of his education, had to learn to code a 🦹 Supervillain who could be integrated into a 🦸 Superhero. Later the Emoji got something between two humans.
Some Emojis call the misers from Jupiter and 👽 Aliens from Saturn as real 🦹 Supervillains who did many problems to the local residents. The former second elected dictator called the beings with shining 👀 Eyes 🦹 Super Villain because he feared that it could 🔫 him. In a survey 23% of Emojis called the grain trader who lived in the port city of Emoji Opinion as a real historical 🦹 Super Villain. 17% called Easter Eggs as 🦹 Supervillains. The results of the survey resulted in various historical figures.
The reason was that every city in the kingdom experienced different 🦹 Super Villains.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for supervillain.

On planet Earth: Earthlings need patience until the publication in 2018.




Unicode:  🦹


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