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📆 Tear-Off Calendar

📆- Tear-Off Calendar, calendar date
The most Emojis like their 📆 Tear-Off Calendar because there they can read every day a short story that can improve their mood. 27 hours after the death of the last Horror Clown decided two Aliens with roots from Uranus to produce a 📆 Tear-Off Calendar as a reminder of the times of the former Circus Union and its rulers.
2,222,222 Emojis wanted that 📆 Tear-Off Calendar and 7.6% of Clowns and other residents of the former Circus Union wanted to have such 📆 Tear-Off Calendar. For this purpose the Aliens had to rent a paper mill. The first elected dictator was a big fan of January. He marked almost every day in his 📆 Tear-Off Calendar because he had in this month his best times as dictator of independent Emoji and his birthday. The first Horror Clown used his 📆 Tear-Off Calendar to write his commands which he told later to his workers. After his death found his successor a 📆 Tear-Off Calendar. There wrote the deceased Horror Clown that he wanted after a visit with 3 Emojis to make at least 33 Selfies on 8th of March. On 1st of April he planned a bad surprise to his haters. Later was the 📆 Tear-Off Calendar of Horror Clown archived. The former tax collector and the most hated Emoji destroyed the 15th of July in every 📆 Tear-Off Calendar. On that day the income tax was defeated.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for tear-off calendar.


Tear-Off Calendar


Unicode:  📆


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