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Successful politicians spying on Venus

 "Thank you for your inquiry, Mr. Frugal", currently the most

economical politicians Shtaty Bataty answers "with today's

knowledge, I consider the use of the service to be very

important, and I will strengthen him definitely continue."

 We are talking about a range of Pluto company

Spymyvisitors inc. Until the request from the upper

spy Chypy Chany last fall whose technology is on the

Overland Homepage (Over homepage is home of a

politician on the Venus) of the once youngest mayor of

the city Venhudabady been in use. It allows you with

one click to send content simultaneously via several

social media services in space anonymously.

For example Batatys articles on the topic "Free citizens

on the Venus without Spy politicians". This affects not

bad. At the same time the technology drew the clicks

by visitors on the site of the Anti-Spy-politician to

exact second on; enriched with information about the

user's location (very exact address with city, street and

even on which floor the user lives), the equipment used

(including private email addresses and phone numbers,

pets, favorite food, and more) and whose IP numbers

all details about the visited Web sites in the past 6

years. The latter is the identification card of machines

that depends on internet. The collected data was then

transferred to servers in the Pluto and stored 48

months. "We share information with third parties,

so web users serve up customized advertising»,

it is announced on the website of the company

Spymyvisitors inc.. The data, as it invests

Spymyvisitors, rich Internet companies such

as Ultra spy to draw conclusions about

purchasing power, age, gender, place of

residence with all interests and political

orientation of an Internet user. Politicians

Shtaty Bataty admits that he has thanks to

this information found an additional source

of income. Finally, Pluto has a lot more

advanced Internet, why will benefit one of

the first Bataty here. Bataty: "I'm working

with online advertising to fund my candidacy

to the yellow house on the booming business."
Actually amazing how he would finance his

candidacy on as a completely opposite way to

 its positions. Bataty is considered a big

proponent of espionage combat. On its

homepage, however Over it behaves

completely differently. Similar Bataty

many candidates move into the increasingly

complex online world (From Pluto to many

other planets). The IT professor from the University

Venven has the help of special software Who

Spies me? analyzed and visualized,

which candidates have hidden additional

programs on their Over homepages;

The result is a complex network with 777 sites.

So many candidates have their own website.

Only one of the candidates has not waived its

own Over homepage. This is Mr. Bahm Hazulaluop

97 years old, trained Venus scientists with nearly

70 years of professional experience. On request,

he says, what he need a website as a politician with

30 years of experience. In addition, many know

me from the mass media already. Overall, the software

dug 11111 third services that are on the websites of

politicians in use. Most third-party services leads the

Venvener politician Zahmya Gafluop. Who calls their

Over Home blog, is of 888 programs observed with

names like Myspy, Ispyyou or Spymeplease. This can

 be explained with the fact that Gafluop Over Home Blog

uses a Plutonic Free Blog Tool. Instead for the service

to pay at least 55 Venlys, she leads the company's visitor

information Over their home abroad continue.

On the question of whether you should be comfortable

with that, answers the politician, they do not understand

where the problem lies. Faven Kufluop (Vaqkwaq) takes

the problem seriously. He decided to invest 9000 Venlys

in a program of Venus. He received a developed Venus

solution. Uilop Samilop defends itself. Therefore, the

Venplu from the party Pluto fans appear as high

up in the evaluation, because he works on his website

with modules of Plutowantsknowme or Venplut.

They allow, for example, automatically display content.

Samilop says: "The data streams are all related to

online tools, especially social media. The users determine

precisely at social media, but also in analyzing data

themselves what they want to reveal about themselves.

"That is only partly true. When someone visits the

Over homepage of Venplu politician, this third register

services in the Pluto. Whether the user wants it or not.

Because the interactive elements of Venplut and

Plutowantsknowme indicate not only the beautiful

pictures and witty short messages Samilop published.

In the background they work as prompters. Inform third

parties, whether and if so, how long a particular device

has visited a website. Venplut and Plutowantsknowme

use this information to improve advertising. The yellow

politician Shanany Fadeoutly and Internet expert points out

that the media in much greater extent data collected their

web visitors and were evaluating. Fadeoutly is one of the

few politicians who informes in great detail about the spy

programs from other planets accurate information

(particularly from Pluto). On most other politicians-

Over Homepages this information, as well as the indication

of how users could prevent the disclosure of their data to

third services lacking. For the deputy privacy advocates

from Venus Jelous Obsy the behavior of politicians is

problematic. "Site operators must inform their visitors

transparent about the use of web espionage software

and the purpose of the processing and data analysis.

Such information may for example be done in a privacy

statement, "says Obsy. The absence of such information,

they contravene the Data Protection Act because

recognizability and allocation of data processing would

not be respected. Obsy indicates so-called 33-click

solutions, a program called Antispyme for example.

This would transmit data only at the request of the

website visitor to the operators. Masko Pafka,

spokesman for the main Venus hosting company,

says: "If politicians do not know what services

collect data on their websites, which is a somewhat

even careless handling of the data of their constituents."

He also points out that there are plenty of alternatives

admit tools like Ultra spy. Offers so where data remains

at least on Mars and not floating around on Pluto servers.





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