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109 new best short stories of alien Sweasy26


Alien Sweasy26 lives with a webmaster on Earth and tells him short stories about different Aliens and Emojis.

In the following list you can see the best 109 new stories. All stories told alien Sweasy26 to his webmaster. The webmaster has to publish them on command of alien Sweasy26 online.

Judge from Emoji Opinion has to read and analyze the complains of readers.

The places are from Mercury up to other planets. The topics of the stories are included from fun up to personalities.

You will learn about the Horror Clowns, who ruled in Emoji Country for some years. The First Horror Clown was loved or hated by the Emojis and other peoples under his rule times.

There are some interviews with aliens from different planets.

But what is Emoji Country?

Emoji is a kingdom that is working on its progress. You will learn the country, the special cities and of course some very important people and aliens. Even islands and enterprises are described on the following
stories. The king of Emoji had to change the work of parliament of Emoji.

The question is: "Would You like to live in Emoji?"  Under Contact and social media You can answer the following question on Social Media.


1. Long power failure in Neptune because of inner magnet - The double disaster in Neptune by the power failure and earthquake led to great panic among the population.

2. The magical power of water - A biology student helps the research team to obtain the stored data from the water in Mercury.

3. Why time is relative - The inventors of the first time machine in Pluto were on a journey into the past and into the future.

4. The wise organization of Uranus rulers - The Uranus aliens could not only fulfill their wish (ice from the South Pole to explore). They covered their entire effort with skillful preparation.

5. A car theft with many consequences in Jupiter - The vehicle of pink professor of bitter soup sciences was not only stolen, but burned by a yellow charlatan.

6. Six hooligans music in the cemetery place - Drums in the cemetery Square caused a legal problem in Venus. Even the judge was trying to put himself in the situation of victims.

7. Large alarm because of paper ship - A group of aliens was a paper boat and suitcase are on the playground in the middle.

8. Protesters enrich their President with onions litter - After a disaster of spinach ship in Uranus, the president is pelted with onions out of anger. 

9. Ms. To Me At Once in the election campaign and the theft of the election assistant Bitcoin Machine - The election campaign for the office of equality between Ms. To Me At Once and the theft of Bitcoin machine.

10. War reaction of Martians on Mercury: With tons of chocolate - Between Mercury and Mars for years, a dispute over the Jupiter islands. This time escalates the location and leads to a small war.

11. The first inventor fees. - Good King - The fees inventor the first lived over 350 years ago on Mars. His fee was very different from all fees on the planet Earth.

12. The interview about first ascent of Saturn's rings -The two directors, Mr. and Mrs. Adventurous made a film about the first ascent of Saturn's rings more than 555 years ago. In the interview, they tell us that.

13. The various ways into circus - The training to become Clown includes various aspects. Applicants must be scrutinized before being admitted to training. The danger of continuing to horror clown is to be minimized.

14. My luck was that I had died immediately - The comedian Tea Jacket tells about his prominent attack by a Pluto alien.

15. Invitation over social media and its impact -The party with 666 undesirables led to disaster and disorder in the city Offroad.

16. Violet army conquered large parts of Blue back - The war between the Violet army and Blue Vampires makes the two sides in the fight very inventive.

17. The forerunner of the databases in the world - Without databases on the Internet does not work in the modern version. Sweasy26 compares the Internet of Earth with his home planet.

18. Ideas bubble up not on the push of a button - Army chief Uninspired Sduin is also an entrepreneur of a creative company for idea realization.

19. Drinking nine liters of soft drink and the consequences thereof - An alien from Saturn overdid it with the soft drinks. This resulted in his case to a lifelong wig.

20. Horror Clown the First - The life of Horror Clown was full events. In this story, a brief summary of his life will be described.

21. The life of the actor Satan Devil - The actor Satan Devil from Saturn became famous for his role as a horror clown.

22. Evolves Orange nose in a dream? - Orange nose is a threatening disease in Mars but also in Mercury.

23. Poisonous Snake, the king of Salted Cucumbers - Poisonous Snake dreamed since childhood of the profession of the King of Salted Cucumbers.

24. Interview with the old cat - In this interview with the Old Cat is about the choice of the zoo officials. Can be selected: dogs and cats.

25. Twelve bakers were suspended in the Salted Cucumbers after violent arrest - Twelve bakers revenge on a bread thief. The situation leads to the prohibition of the bakers.

26. The special nutrition as of April 1 of Horror Clowns - The preparation of Horror Clowns on their performances on April 1 is connected with great effort.

27. Tongue Cleaner is an important product in the lives of extraterrestrials - The tongue care is for many extraterrestrials is of great importance. That is why they use the tongue cleaner.

28. Paparazzi photograph at least 999 996 times Celebrities - Prince of Ceres answered questions in an interview on the issue of paparazzi at the appearance of celebrities.

29. Venus male alien disposed of prohibited waste in Mercury - The waste in the middle of the highway in Mercury by Venus aliens causes a conflict between the two planets.

30. Pizza eaters should pay financially for excessive consumption in Venus - The discrimination of the pizza eaters by the authorities in Venus has led to unacceptable events.

31. The 114-year-old Film Doctor about his work - Despite his advanced age, the old mister is filming many real life stories.

32. Dog Breeds founds a new TV channel - Following the bankruptcy of his former television station Dog Breeds had to leave the red carpet in Jupiter. Now he tries to strengthen his position again.

33. The record apple eater Good Bye from Saturn in Interview - Good Bye won several apple eat championships in his long life. In the interview he also tells of his life.

34. Earth crisis - Journalist Para Dise talks at length about the problems of littering by earth polluters.

35. Urban planners Ob Eron from the Oberon talking - Professor Ob Eron talks about the compaction of Oberon in an interview. His suggestions on the topic and theories he told clearly.

36. Nobel Prize for extraterrestrial beauty in Neptune - Tripping Unwritten candidates as first extraterrestrials from Neptune City for the Nobel Prize for beauty. In this interview she talks very relaxed about her future plans after the show.

37. The rescue of the victims by three-class principle -The authorities in Venus have shot down the flying saucer. But that felt no ordinary citizen of the planet.

38. 33 questions to Chestnut Teal of the university Andromeda Galaxy - Chestnut Teal is the director of the University of smart robots. She answered 33 questions from extraterrestrial Sweasy26.

39. Red prominence burnt orange carpet - The celebrities found the orange carpet as an insult to their status. They ignored the orange carpet.

40. On the platform Pamphlet advertise extraterrestrial companies - Travel Visa advertises in an interview for advertising on the platform Pamphlet.

41. Singer Pest Control wants the spotlight back - In an interview with the singer Pest Control, she talks about her professional return to Saturn.

42. Jupiter Pink boss Lean On in-depth interview - Pink party leader from Jupiter Lean On talks about issues and problems between Orange and Yellow.

43. Star pirate Dance Award in Interview - Corsair Dance Award had to start from the very bottom. Nevertheless, he strengthened his past for his professional career.

44. GPS head Chel Smile - GPS head Smile tells of his successes at the general meeting the shareholders. Here is his recipe for success "thanks to me!".

45. The celebrities Sun and Beta Rise prepare for the red carpet - Sun and Beta Rise are prominent siblings in Mars. They have prepared a plan to return to the red carpet.

46. Interview with the city programmer Anti Malware from Saturn - Anti Malware tells in this interview about his work as a city programmer in the city Idiocy in new Saturn.

47. Exchange Legend Invest Money in exclusive interview - Exchange expert Invest Money talks about the investment opportunities and the future of the stock market.

48. Envelope producer Deposit Account in an interview about entrepreneurship - Entrepreneur Deposit Account tells very inspiring about his career advancement to the successful envelope producer.

49. The rise of Second Horror Clowns - The Second Horror Clown was under great pressure to perform. He wanted to legitimize his claim to power.

50. Moonlight Killer in exciting Interview - The corsair Moonlight Killer talks about his raids on ships.

51. Mr. Credit Card is one of the most successful lenders in Saturn - The supreme head of the credit company from Saturn Credit Card goodbyes to his post and talks about his tenure at the company.

52. Biography of supreme head of the credit company from the Saturn Credit Card - Life by the supreme head of the credit company Credit Card from his birth to his ascension is described in the biography.

53. Emoji the country - Emoji is a country with different focal points. General information are described in this story for the kingdom. The most important thing about the funny land Emoji.

54. Emoji SMS - The capital city of the kingdom is called Emoji SMS. The most important information about the city are told in this story.

55. Emoji Pop - Emoji Pop was occupied 777 days ago by the Salted Cucumbers. The reason is to monitor the Circus Country.

56. Emoji Face - The history of Emoji Face is full of interesting events.

57. Emoji Clown - The city Emoji Clown was particularly popular among horror clowns. For the city, the formation of their own people paramount. For this reason, the city invested heavily in education.

58. Emoji Town - Emoji Town is a kind of capital city of the Army of the Kingdom.

59. Emoji Opinion - Emoji Opinion is the city of political opinion and of jurisprudence.

60. Emoji Joggers Island - Emoji Joggers is an island with 89 families.

61. Emoji Pillows - Emoji Pillows is a small island in the Kingdom. The island's history has been shaped by different ethnic groups.

62. Emoji Backpack - Life on the island Emoji Backpack was coined of various events.

63. Emoji Pants - Emoji Pants is one of the main islands of the Kingdom of Emoji.

64. Emoji Clothing - Emoji Clothing is a river on the planet Halloween. The river is bordered by a variety of countries.

65. Emoji Protection - The nature reserve Emoji Protection also experienced the Egoists from Mars.

66. Constitution in Emoji - The Constitution of Emoji was modernized days ago about 7776 days ago.

67. King of Emoji - The king of Emoji tasks are described in this story accurately.

68. Parliament in Emoji - The parliament of Emoji was transformed by the king and moved to progress.

69. Forces in Emoji - The army of Emoji suffered at the beginning of incapacity. Thanks to training of horror clowns, the army was able to defeat the enemies.

70. Tourism in the Emoji - The Kingdom Emoji has to offer many places of interest. One should note the requirements for tourists exactly.

71. Emoji Brain - The child prodigy and young entrepreneur Emoji Brain was to make a name in Emoji in the field of software development.

72. Emojis - This story is about the ethnic group Emojis.

73. Big Face - The adventurous life of media mogul Big Face began in his early childhood.

74. Emoji Farmers - A Jupiter alien was at the fair Emoji Farmers victim. His cheese was stolen.

75. Emoji Train - Emoji Train was built by the state. The prices are very cheap.

76. Emoji Worldwide - Emoji Worldwide was founded as airline. Due stingy handling safety, the Jupiter aliens had to give the company to the state.

77. Emoji Air - Emoji Air began as an aircraft company. But later the company was much more popular due to flying saucers.

78. Emoji Fly - Emoji Fly started as aircraft maker's history. Currently the company is mainly flying saucers and other advanced flight means.

79. PR Emoji - PR Emoji was born under difficult circumstances. All her life she had to get rid of the experience of their childhood.

80. Sun Emoji - The moving life of the sculptor Sun Emoji was disturbed at the beginning by the authorities. This forced her to emigrate to Neptune.

81. Text Emoji - Text Emoji was a writer at the beginning of his careers in. In relatively high age, he began to study medicine. He was very successful doctor.

82. Emoji L language of Emojis - Emoji L is the official language of funny people in Emoji.

83. Ijome Cran - Ijome Cran became a national historian in Emoji.

84. Happy Island - Emoji has several islands. Among Happy's place as a conservation.

85. Ministers in Emoji - The country Emoji has different ministries of selected areas of life. Its tasks are described in detail here.

86. Haphazard - The transmitter with the biggest mess in the program.

87. Mathematics E - The multiple transmitter for mathematics is used as an educational station in Emoji.

88. Funny Emoji - This private station brings Emojis regularly laugh.

89. Emoji Telecom - Emoji Telecom is one of the oldest telephone companies of the Kingdom.

90. Best Emoji - Best Emoji drew mainly geometric art.

91. Emoji Thinkers - The platform for business elite and political elite of the planet-wide dictators in Emoji Thinkers.

92. Emoji Travel - On Emoji Travel various sights from around the world are presented.

93. Politics Emoji - This is a political TV station of Emoji.

94. Family Emoji - The education of children in Emoji can sometimes be very exhausting. The case of Big Face is no exception.

95. The spies from Mars were discovered because of their fingerprints in Venus - The Mars spies in Venus led after the announcement of their activity for a demonstration.

96. Envious Venus aliens on extraterrestrials from Deimos - Due to their inability to defend themselves professionally, extraterrestrials will hostility in Venus by the local population.

97. Blue want to prevent the thieves in cloud in the further advance and rebuild the country - Blue contend with rain attacks against the Gray thieves. Poisonous Snake of the Salted Cucumbers threatens the Gray country, if this country supports the gray-thieves.

98. Mr. Stingy and friends want the tenfold of their credit back - The stingy lenders sell a smaller amount to several times the original debt.

99. Bear Cave and the visit of the paradoxical dictator - The paradoxical dictator visited Bear Cave with an official visit. He also expressed his wishes to improve the president Net Vision.

100. Routine Carpet from the gray house in Interview - The expert corporate Gray House is not in the best time in its history. Routine Carpet, the company's president answered several questions about his work and company.

101. Brigade Concrete will be renamed - After an illness of the policeman on concrete allergy, the brigade decides its renaming from Concrete in Recycling.

102. Deselection of the Prince of Phobos and the king's document - Fireless Paragraph was voted out mercilessly by voters as Prince of Phobos. Nevertheless, he is financially gilded.

103. Paper consumption is growing for bans - Conservationists want to protect the forest from deforestation. The covetous do not want this.

104. Syn Tax fulfilled her dream job - The high jumper from Mars Syn Tax could live out her dream job.

105. Aldebaran want to dissociate - The prince Red Giant of Aldebaran talks about relations with the Olives.

106. Successful politicians spying on Venus - Venus politicians use third-party from Pluto. So can Pluto aliens learn in Venus all about the voters. This affects not only the residential address, but also the income and favorite food.

107. With cucumbers against reforms - In Microfobia the president is trying to weaken the power of the dictator with reforms. The dictator is threatening the cucumbers war against the president.

108. Process against June Who - June Who must appear in court. The former president of Badland caused several events in the region.

109. Meteor TPN sweeps over the moon - Meteor TPN caused various events on the Moon and Mars.




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