馃憫馃 Coronavirus

馃憫馃- Coronavirus, Corona is 馃憫 Crown in Latin, 馃 Microbe or virus
A husband from planet 鈾 Earth who was lucky to have been in another reality once through the time machine told in an interview after he returned from the medical city of Heart Emoji: My wife is always addicted to buying. I returned and found out about the new 馃憫馃 Coronavirus.
And what can I say about it: 馃憫馃 Coronavirus is the best thing that could happen to me: My wife doesn't want to travel anymore. She doesn't want to buy anything anymore because everything is imported from 馃嚚馃嚦 China. She doesn't go to shopping malls or events because she 馃槺 fears being infected with the 馃憫馃 Coronavirus.
She spends the whole day and all night with her 馃 mouth closed. She covers her 馃憚 mouth with a mask 馃樂. For my 馃憶 Purse and me is it not a virus, it's a rescue plan.
In communication use Earthlings the coronavirus symbol in connection with the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).



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Unicode:  👑🦠


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What can be done against 馃憫馃 Coronavirus?

Don't eat flesh torn from a living animal. It's one of  7 laws of Noah that can be seen in 馃寛 Rainbow colors:

Rainbow 7 Laws


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