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🧁 Cupcake

🧁- Cupcake, fairy cake, patty cake, fairy cake, bun
After the end of Circus Union a stingy Emoji decided to found a candy shop. For this purpose that Emoji wanted to have something special in his assortment. On a Wednesday he read about 🧁 Cupcake in a foreign 📙 Cookbook. His foreign language skills were 😟.
He started to cook his first 🧁 Cupcake due to the following ingredients: 77 bytes of butter, 7 🥚 Eggs, 1/10 🍼 Baby Bottle filled with cocoa powder, 3.75 of a 🥛 Glass of Milk filled, 33 bytes of 🧂 Salt Shaker in teaspoon, 26 bytes of sugar and slice of 🍌 Banana (10 small pieces).
1. The Emoji preheated oven to 348 degrees F. 2. Emoji put all ingredients in a 🥣 Bowl and mixed with spoon. 3. Stingy Emoji prepared special paper for oven and put all mixed ingredients into a special pan. 4. Emoji started to bake for 17 minutes.
5. Emoji took his 🧁 Cupcake from oven and started to investigate it with his 🔎 Right-Pointing Magnifying Glass.
Finally he could try his 🧁 Cupcake. That Emoji reacted 😋. He decided to test the 🧁 Cupcake. The stingy Emoji gave it his friends.
They liked it. Later that 🧁 Cupcake became a bestseller. Even the former uppermost tax collector wanted to try it.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for cupcake.

On planet Earth: Earthlings need patience until the publication in 2018.




Unicode:  🧁


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