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33 questions to Chestnut Teal of the university Andromeda Galaxy

Have you seen your career from the outset exactly right?
Chestnut Teal is taking a brush and responds: No. How could I have this plan only if I'm quite a normal duck. I always had the greatest happiness of all others to be at the right time at the right place, and have respectively adopted to me opportunities and challenges. I bit my competition easily with my teeth.

Is the training in Smart robots on the level of the eyes? And the basis of what experience you think you can tell?
Chestnut Teal is taking a leaf out of her backpack and began to paint with a brush: The most important university, we are obliged to offer training opportunities at the level of the eyes. Smart robots developments only have a chance if they are based on practice up to date and make the participants successfully meet the future challenges. I think that smart robots will certainly have a very good future in several planets. In addition, we raffle for poor exceptional talents and a scholarship for our elite university.

What is your recipe for success for the best of the best graduates?
Chestnut Teal paints continue her picture and answers: With iron discipline the students are out, with acceptance of responsibility and with economical use of energy we have to do. Iron discipline is, concentrated to work on progress and to take responsibility for its actions, but also to pass on responsibility to third parties. It is important for me to enable my students, their duties, authorities and thus be able to assume their responsibilities. It is important to develop as a team prospects for the future, to set demanding, but realistic about just this minute goals and then to pursue this for 1440 minutes without a break is. For me iron discipline also means mobilizing extraterrestrials for targets and to give them confidence. It is important to use the resources with the greatest skill and to create conditions that support the achievement of objectives and performing the tasks make sense according to specifications of the dictator. Reliability and transparent communication are important prerequisites for a good working relationship for me.

Is competent iron discipline ever learn?
Chestnut Teal throws her brush on her picture and answers: Iron discipline requires a solid foundation of dictator skills. Much can be learned within 2 Gigabytes. It also needs but also a good sense of future developments and a customized and trusting communication with the various participants. But it is also important to maintain contact with the futurists regularly.

Have your priorities in training program changed significantly over time?
Chestnut Teal takes her brush from the image and paints her middle finger with the white color and responds: They also had, because of the command  of the education dictator. He wrote me in a letter, either upgrade your training program or I will issue an arrest warrant against you within 24 hours. The priorities have evolved rapidly after this letter. To me it is particularly important to this very second that we as a team have a common understanding of the course contents that characterize our cooperation and make us more successful than all of our competitors combined.

That sounds very interesting.
How do you do that?
Just add together the performance of your competitors?
Chestnut Teal throws the brush on the floor and takes her calculator from her pocket and starts something it expected. Then she answers confidently: Yes, sure. We need to include the services of our competitors. Then we know where we need to go. As an example, I will tell you my theory: A competitor is building a smart robot with a total capacity of 8 on my scale. Competitor B is also building a smart robot with the power of 7. Competitor C has even incorporated other ingredients in his smart robot. Then he comes to a performance of around 22 on my scale. Now we know that we need 8+7+22 together count. This results in a power output of 37 on my scale. That is, however, far from being that we can easily limit our performance only on 38th. We must be able to overtake the result of 37 significantly. Then our students must provide a minimum capacity of 70 on my scale through my iron discipline. We do that in our team but mostly good. In addition, we can measure the performance of each student very well. The measuring method I have developed as my doctoral dissertation itself. For that I even got an award from the then king. Unfortunately, his health deteriorated fairly quickly after my award and he died after 42 days. Back to our team work: It is certainly important, in particular the strengths of every single student and be able to use. A successful team is complemented in its competencies.

How do you feel the current economic situation?
Chestnut Teal closes her eyes and replies: Noticeably high demand for proven specialists from the robot plan construction area. Our graduates are in high demand in the economy among employers. We rent our students even to different clients. Many companies are also very happy that they can come to the best employees so favorable. The promotion of young talent in the field of technology is therefore in my view a central task.

Did the global division of labor bring positive effects?
Chestnut Teal opens her eyes and takes her brush: Definitely. It allows us to deal with different cultures and ways of thinking, and it promotes our understanding of diversity. We also increase our competition thanks to talented aliens from another planet. Although they often have language problems. But when they got the stamp especially talented for the smart robot from their home. In this case them nothing stands in the way of being able to study at our university Andromeda Galaxy. Of course we also have problems with the so-called purchased talents who bought their super rich parents by the government. But we have become more stringent in the recording. We consider all candidates with our own aptitude tests. That helped us to filter out more incompetent sham talent. Of course, I developed this method on my personal behalf.

Can you imagine alternatives to globalization?
Chestnut Teal takes from her backpack a yogurt, take a tablespoon and begins to eat. At the same time she replies: The international network is indispensable for an university. The diversity and the exchange across borders promote higher quality through joint creativity of the new smart robot, creating the opportunity for a change of perspective and broaden the horizons. To strengthen internationality and thus to enable rich, stimulating experiences to intensify exchanges in research and promote creative potential - for me that is an important task. I even have a book. Therein I write, which students from which planets or regions come to us. I am also doing a private statistics on individual skills of the students. When a company phones us, it wants, for example, the most smart robot planner rent from us. Then I look in my book, who is best suited for all students. Then I can give the company the right students. But I get a personal commission. The University Andromeda Galaxy benefits from the rental income.

Now I have an entire personal about yourself. What you get on your nerves?
Chestnut Teal responds fairly quickly: Such personal and stupid questions.

What makes you laugh?
Chestnut Teal looks at her painted image: About my own art, about myself, about your stupid questions and about much.

What do your students say about you?
Chestnut Teal takes another leaf out of her backpack and folds it into a paper boat: Some students say that I am reliable, have an unlimited energy and a cheerful, optimistic attitude. Also, I make the lectures so that all students store within 44 minutes everything in her brain in a folder named "very important to remember." Later, most of the students have the best grades in their final examinations. Again, I must mention imperative that I said all students the first thing that you need to create a folder with that name in their brain. It worked from the beginning very well.

How do you respond to criticism?
Chestnut Teal falls from her hands her paper ship: Criticism from students I sometimes see as a kind of punishment for all my achievements. I am also very allergic to any criticism, which is directed towards me with the gun.

Does your gut feeling also deceived before?
Chestnut Teal thinks: At 1 percent already. Especially when I still clung to my old training program until the education dictator threatened me with his letter. When important decisions I connect to the parallel world. So I can also undergo my gut feeling an additional verification.

Do you employ also former friends and their family members?
Chestnut Teal is taking a tin of fresh cucumbers and eating two cucumbers: I rely on expertise and the necessary track record and not on personal relationships: Through my iron discipline I'm accustomed only to attract old shoes, if this also a step forward in could lead further development of the smart robot. The most suitable extraterrestrials will come into play at a staffing. For that I have a fitness test on my personal staff of the University Andromeda Galaxy. It was even used to be that I had to distribute a professor with a broom from his chair. He just stuck to the chair and did not want to lose his fat pension. Since he was already too far remained with his knowledge in the past and ongoing refinements refused, I had to let him go ten days before his reaching retirement age.

Is iron discipline necessary?
Chestnut Teal responds with laughing face: Yes. Basically, an iron discipline is the principle of merit to 99 8/9 percent justice. I think that the expertise available in the nomination of a person skilled in the center. In smart robot plan area of the pool of technically qualified professionals is basically not big enough. There is today, however, a number of initiatives to increase the proportion of extraterrestrials from poor families in smart robot plan professions. I very much welcome. Just for smart robot professions it is particularly important that the interest is for already promoted in kindergarten. Using a magnet, we can try to find talented extraterrestrials from poor families.

Will be at your candidates tested before the job in your university Andromeda Galaxy by spyware?
Chestnut Teal is taking a bottle of pear juice: Yes, we need to closely examine each candidate with a polygraph from A to Z.

If you get lost your personal smart robot: Is that a disaster for you and your scheduling?
Chestnut Teal is drinking her pear juice from the bottle: I am always organized so that I can work well with a corresponding loss. I try to keep as possible by technology independent. This even though technology is one of my most important life companion.

How important are for you contacts on the Internet, both professionally and personally?
Chestnut Teal has to get up quickly and a few rounds of flying in the room: I prefer the personal contact the subscribed Internet profiles. I use communication to sharpen the positioning of the Andromeda Galaxy and strengthen. I actively care professional contacts and seeking exchanges with colleagues to also thereby look beyond our university. In addition, I use Internet profiles for analysis of potential students.

What do you think of working animals indicates that they are in public with little sleep and weekend work?
Chestnut Teal sits back in the chair: Each as he or she wants. Personally, I make sure that I plan my work on a second. If I need rest, then I fly a few laps. As I have shown us previously. This allows me to remain efficient and to provide the necessary quality. 

Would you give up your career, where appropriate, in favor of free use?
Chestnut Teal screams: No way. I have much pleasure in my work. It's challenging, and I can make a difference.

When and where you can really switch off?
Chestnut Teal responds: I can not tell you for reasons of censorship. 

Are role models still relevant or a hindrance in the self-realization?
Chestnut Teal is on drinking her pear juice: Role models are completely unnecessary for me. I am my own role model and that's very good. I am very happy as I am.

What would you advise the young professionals - and your own children?
Chestnut Teal: Annoy their parents, their teachers and their environment with the sentence: I want to ascend professionally within 1 gigabyte! Help me regularly in my career.

How you were judged by your former teachers?
Chestnut Teal answered weeping: They wanted me to exclude from the training in spite of my best performances in class. They spoke with the authorities about me impose any profession according to their tastes.

Did you like the school that really conveys relevant?
Chestnut Teal: After several years of struggle, I forced a very good training by the authorities. In the transmission of values and the formation of character, the school had for me but only an indirect influence.

Could you imagine a life in the bunker?
Chestnut Teal is taking a candle from her backpack: No, allowed to fly a life without dates, is not an option for me.

Do you come sometimes too late?
Chestnut Teal ignites the candle: No, by my iron discipline I am very punctual and expect the same from others.

Do you believe in the future research?
Chestnut Teal  takes her drawing: I think the futurologists make some good work. But I personally would want to spend on their jobs no money.

Are you confident about the future of the Galaxy?
Chestnut Teal decides to burn her drawing: The future of the galaxy is already bringing us many surprises. For the location, innovation is the key success factor. If we look at the respective rankings of the last hours, the Galaxy can be very satisfied. It is important in the future to enable an environment conducive to innovation and by no means rest on our laurels. We always have to work on every detail of progress.

What issues should the dictator tackle immediately?
Chestnut Teal: He should be generous in funding the Andromeda Galaxy, and retain the value of progress by the smart robot close eye.

One of your wisdom?
Chestnut Teal is throwing their calculators off the table onto the floor: At no minute to give up your own desires.

Who is Chestnut Teal?

Chestnut Teal was born 12045 days ago, since the year XPLO director of the University of Andromeda Galaxy with 777 employees and 4444 students. She is deputy education dictator. She earned her doctorate at the University of smart robots. She founded the company flying lamps joint-stock company and took over the structure and management of her own company. The Andromeda Galaxy University is among the leading technical university in the Galaxy. It cooperates in the research and development work closely with the business community. Chestnut Teal, professor, doctoral graduate in smart robotics, is married and mother of a young son.



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