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A car theft with many consequences in Jupiter

After a white thief his stolen car was set on Jupiter by a yellow charlatan on fire, he tried to find charlatan using a GPS device of the company Chel Smiles. He found a book of another charlatan lying on the floor. The white thief began looking at that could help him against the yellow charlatan in the book for information. Unfortunately, the thief had to realize that it was a very fake book. The thief took this as a diversionary attempt by charlatan, so that he can escape more easily from the spot.
At that time, reported the theft of his vehicle the pink professor of bitter soup sciences to the police. The lower policeman Door Away went with his Labrador on the search for the stolen car. After two hours, and the thief went to the police and reported the arson attack on "his car". The top police officer sent on the lower policeman Win Dow with his German shepherd to the accident site. Here Win Dow came to the accident site, where the vehicle was burned. At this point, a Transparent and very hungry ex-photographer was with a knife on the go. Since the former ex-photographer lived in recent times with the predators, he knew several attack techniques. Here, the former photographer put the German shepherd in the leg his old camera. The lower policeman Win Dow took out his gun and started on the ex-photographer to shoot. Here, the ex-photographer threw the cops Dow his second broken camera. The second camera injured policemen Dow heavily in his head. After some time, Dow died at the fire scene. The German Shepherd bite the ex-photographer, injuring him slightly. Then the yellow charlatan came back to this place and had it quite a lot of meat in his pocket. He fed the German shepherd and found a wound on the leg of the animal. He took the dog to the vet. At this time was also the pink professor of bitter soup Sciences at the same vet with his turtle. The charlatan recognized the pink professor whose car he had set on fire. But he decided nevertheless to remain calm. At this time the thief grabbed escape from the lower policemen Door Away in the direction of the blue ship. On the blue ship, the thief took hostage the star pirate Dance Award. He was for training purposes at this time to visit Jupiter. The thief threatened all occupants on the blue ship, they should betray him to the police. The thief took the captain's position and tried to increase the pace of the blue ship on the maximum speed. At this time, the lower policeman Door Away decided his Labrador somehow be transported solely on the blue ship. He used a flying saucer of the White. The thief thought that he must have of this flying saucer not afraid. After all, he was a member of the White layer in Jupiter. Dance Award tried to get by all invited without exception to a meal in control of the blue ship into his own hands. The thief did not eat anything. Suddenly landed on the blue ship a Labrador of policemen Door Away. The thief screamed with delight: I dreamed all my life of a Labrador. He forgot even that he was on the run from the police. He stroked the Labrador. Then the lower policeman Door Away got out of the flying saucer very carefully and without noise on the surface of the blue ship.
Then he struck the thief behind his back on his head very much. Then the thief got the handcuffs from the police and was taken into the flying saucer. The thief now understood that it was a trap with the Labrador.
Dance Award was annoyed that he had to waste so much time for a thief. Then he got two sacks strawberries by the captain of the blue ship. Back on the surface of Jupiter, the thief was detained in a prison cell. The message reached the pink professor during his visit to the veterinary practice with his turtle in radio. He rejoiced and hoped that he would get his car back now.
For Pinks, Oranges and the celebrity was in Jupiter, the right to personal interview their thieves in jail. Of this he wanted the pink professor avail. He demanded that the top police officer after the time when he could do it.
In prison, the pink professor had arrived. He shouted at the thief: "Where is my car?
The thief refused to answer it. The pink professor asked the lower policemen Door Away to open the prison door to the thief. This obeyed anxiously watching. The pink professor wanted to torture the thief with the power line. Then said the thief, that he saw a yellow charlatan who burned the vehicle. Then cried the crazed pink professor at the thief: "Now I am threatened because of you the eviction from the pink. This behavior is not suitable for the more arrogant Pink belongs to the Yellow and other deeper layers..." The lower policeman who belonged as a simple policeman to the yellow under the command of pink chef himself, was really angry at this statement that he penned the pink professor in the jail cell next to the thief. The pink professor responded with a threat that he was powerful enough to dismiss the lower policemen Door Away from the service of the police. Door Away not responded. At this time, an explosion occurred in a vault near the prison. The pink professor telephoned the top police chief and asked him for his own release from prison. The big boss came within five megabytes to pink professor. He asked him what was happening. The pink professor told the chief of police to his location very quiet and respectful. This freed him immediately. The police chief explained Door Away that this be reckoned with in the next month with a pay cut of 9 percent, because he put a professor in jail illegally. At this time, a bank teller came to the police and said that the vault of the bank exploded due to a defect on the Internet. All the money was also burned. After this event, the local branch of the bank had no more money. Furious customers could no longer withdraw from their accounts. The pink professor cried so much that from this second prefer rather stay in a prison cell, rather than in the freedom to fear for his life. Thereupon Door Away locked with great joy pink professor again.
The thief took the opportunity to escape from the prison. He said that it  was probably a connection between the two events (the explosion and of the fire of the vehicle). The top police chief ordered the lower policemen Door Away to dismiss the thief immediately from prison. The white thief was released and at the same time took the power line, which began in advance of pink professor as threatened weapons against the thief. Door Away went along with his Labrador, the top police chief and the white thief on the search for the arsonist and explosion polluter. At this second was yellow charlatan trying with the German shepherd and the bank employees to hide all the money in a truck. As Door Away came with his group to the scene of the fire, they found the body of their colleagues Win Dow. Thereupon Door Away decided with the police chief a funeral. At the same time they knew that the German shepherd was missing. That's why they wanted to ask the local veterinarian on whether he treated no German shepherd in recent times. The vet said that he treated such a dog some time ago. At this time was also surprised pink Professor with his turtle with him. The Pink Professor was then informed that the thief of his vehicle was found. The veterinarian described the extraterrestrials, who was with the German shepherd with him previously.
The description matched exactly to the person who also recognized the white thief as an arsonist of the car. Meanwhile fled the charlatan with the German shepherd and the bank employees in an underground bunker. There, the charlatan hid all the money. The bank employees remained with the German shepherd in the bunker. The yellow charlatan looked on the Internet the latest news. He read everywhere that a person was sought who closely resembled his appearance. He recognized himself as the planet far requested person on Jupiter. He decided it to build a robot that would look like him. Here, the charlatan wanted to arrest this robot by the police. This was the yellow charlatan so good that the vet and the white thief in the robot saw the real yellow charlatan. It noted that other police officers that the German shepherd was still missing. The yellow charlatan tried at this time to smuggle all the money out of the bunker to the circus country. The charlatan took all the money to the circus country. There he had to show the customs officers everything he brought with him. The customs officer was naturally a Horror Clown. This issued an arrest warrant against the charlatan in a built of heavy stones prison. Furthermore, nobody was allowed to go to the yellow charlatan in the prison cell. Foods were thrown the charlatan from the ceiling. All the money of the yellow charlatan was sent under the deduction of expenses and prison costs for a foreign extraterrestrials back to Jupiter. The pink professor wanted to bring the white thief back in jail, but was unsuccessful with his claim. The white thief got a Labrador as a gift for his help against the yellow charlatan. In addition, the thief had to sign a statement. According to this paper vowed the white thief no material damage pinks, oranges and add the celebrities. The yellow charlatan was flown with utmost safety in a prison for criminals severely from the circus country to Jupiter. In the prison cell he was questioned under the pressure of Door Away to where the money was hidden. The charlatan refused. Door Away then said that the charlatan still get out from prison under any circumstances. The yellow charlatan did not say where he had the German shepherd also. Door Away took his Labrador and went with him to the search for the German shepherd. Its nose of Labrador could make the place locate where the German shepherd was. He lived together with the former bank employee in a villa, which she bought with a portion of the stolen money in the spectacular explosion. Door Away arrested the bank employees and took the German shepherd with himself. The pink professor got as compensation for his vehicle a portion of the proceeds from the auction of Villa of bank employees.



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