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A piece of hope for the potato thief

After the assassination of twelve vegetable thieves by violin shock threatens especially Uranus Jupiter with consequences. Uranus even considering the merciless war in the history of the extraterrestrials begin to Jupiter.
At Makemake Islands hope grows like a plant out of the ground, that the candidate for death still could be freed from the threat of assassination by the violin shock. The news that in Jupiter condemned to death Violy Oly Yloiv has been returned in the early hour of the evening in her tent with the heavy handcuffs, was taken to the Makemake Islands applause of several million. Tens of thousands of Makemake had held before the Jupiter's door in Capital City Make a demonstration symbolically with several potatoes in their hands. The fact that the extraterrestrials from Makemake, who should have acted according to the Jupiter's judgment as potato thief and 2626 days ago at the airport of Jupi with two sacks of potatoes in the luggage had been caught, is still alive, is an unusual turn. Because regardless planetary continue protests against the Jupiter's door with vegetable litter Jupiter had murdered the other twelve vegetable thieves by violin shock within 12 Megabytes. Immediately after the end of the meeting of several senior leaders of the planet in May Bandit Prince of Makemake Bery Mery has Jupiter Foreign Minister allegedly threatened by telephone with economic sanctions against Jupiter, should not be excluded from the murder by the violin beat his country extraterrestrials. At the same time paid Prince Bery Mery an alien money, so that they can protect the potato thief before the guaranteed murder as a witness. This witness ran to the nearest phone booth and telephoned the Jupiter Foreign Minister about this case and could finish this test. Prince Bery Mery informed after the Jupiter Foreign Minister personally to a call that with him - had reported a witness who'll appear in the event of Yloiv in a new light - i.e. a few hours before the scheduled execution of judgments. The paid honor has since been made to the Makemake Islands in police custody. The witness stated that she had Yloiv want to get a dream job as a thief in Saturn or Jupiter. In the media of Makemake the alien is suspected of being a member of the vegetables Mafia. She herself said she had asked the police because she was subjected to threats of the Mafia. She protested her innocence and stated Yloiv on a flight to May Bandit accompanied to have but later lost their trail. Yloiv that comes from very poor backgrounds and had previously worked in Mercury as banana crop collector, insisted always that potatoes had reached without her personal and written authorization in the trunk. While talking on the islands of Makemake a grandiose rescue, the government is reluctant Jupiter's forequarters they have moved merely the execution of the judgment on an unknown date, the cool reaction was in Jupiter. But they definitely wait until the proceedings against the witness had been completed.
The assassination by the violin impact of nine Uranus aliens and six Eris aliens, two Mercury aliens and a Jupiter alien has been criticized far planet shortly after the publication on the Internet. Of the planets, whose citizens have been killed, Uranus reacted particularly sharply. The King of Uranus Hozi Loto announced to withdraw their own Uranus representatives from Jupiter and prohibit all contacts with the Jupiter by law until further notice. The nine killed Uranus aliens were sentenced to entry ban for fireworks in Jupiter 9999 days ago. Until last Loto had appealed to Jupiter's dictator Iden Nedi, serving the sentence omit - not least because of allegations that the judges were sponsored in the criminal proceedings against the nine defendants through the vegetables Mafia. At a press conference Loto designated the withdrawal of Uranus aliens as an exceptional measure, which underlines the seriousness of the situation. It was the worst day for the relations of Uranus with Jupiter. At the same time he reassured his compatriots. Although he understand their anger, but they should not continue to worsen a bad situation. The relations between Uranus and Jupiter are important and would continue to grow in importance. But at the same time he warned Jupiter with a remind finger in the direction of Jupiter. It also includes a strong military attack against the Jupiter no longer sufficient.
In fact, Uranus stands for something at stake. Jupiter is by far the largest economy in the solar system, Uranus and hopes that economic relations with near neighbors to be able to significantly expand in the future. Today Jupiter is indeed the twenty largest buyer of goods exports from the Uranus - especially milk, cocoa and corn - but with a share of only 0.07 percent. Jupiter is mainly but also an important partner in regional security policy of Uranus, in the fight against charlatans and within the framework of mainly domestically tightening of policy for thieves.
Loto formulated after taking office exactly 333 days before the explicit aim of strengthening relations with Jupiter, which is also in its foreign policy mission statement reflected "Yes to Jupiter, no to Pluto." However, so far little success it was so granted. The biggest trump, Uranus, meanwhile, has to Jupiter in its hand, is the cooperation in earthquake research. But in the current fiscal year Uranus expend the equivalent of approximately 899 million Bitcoins bribes in favor of sustainable economic development, good governance and stability in Jupiter; no other planet receives from Uranus money on this scale. The foreign minister hinted that payments would but immediately stopped because they could not protect the lives of nine local aliens. In addition, checks Uranus to launch a merciless war against Jupiter in winter. This includes above all, the banks Jupiter's to completely destroy. All previous payments to Jupiter could be brought on this way back to Uranus. This is the hope of the army chief of Uranus.
In Jupiter threats from Uranus made little impression. The dictator of Jupiter responded with confidence. He had built a defense system already 80 months ago, which could protect against attacks of the neighboring planet Jupiter. Economically Uranus will suffer much more than Jupiter.



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