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A piece of hope for the potato thief

After the assassination of twelve vegetable thieves by violin shock threatens especially Uranus Jupiter with consequences. Uranus even considering the merciless war in the history of the extraterrestrials begin to Jupiter.
At Makemake Islands hope grows like a plant out of the ground, that the candidate for death still could be freed from the threat of assassination by the violin shock. The news that in Jupiter condemned to death Violy Oly Yloiv has been returned in the early hour of the evening in her tent with the heavy handcuffs, was taken to the Makemake Islands applause of several million. Tens of thousands of Makemake had held before the Jupiter's door in Capital City Make a demonstration symbolically with several potatoes in their hands. 😲🈶🥔👆🌉🛫🖕👭🧳🕌⏩🚪🌵🖕🚯🌵🤯👆🔚👵🌕📞📈🚯🗾🖕🌉⌚👽🤑🥽🥔🅰️👩‍🌾☎️🏁🧪🤙🖕🔍. The dictator of Jupiter responded with confidence. He had built a defense system already 80 months ago, which could protect against attacks of the neighboring planet Jupiter. Economically Uranus will suffer much more than Jupiter.



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