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Additional costs and defects of a rent object in Emoji

After the break the lawyers sat down to the round table. They were ready for the answer of the questions of the confused Emojis. They rented a big flat in central situation in Cute Emoji. Their renter was a stingy alien from the Jupiter. He settled to his tenants in the additional costs all possible. Among them were repair of the toilet and the water pipes. Moreover, the miser wanted that Emojis compensate him for his stinginess financially. He explained this that his tenancy with the Emojis was not enough profitable. He wanted to increase his profit by 120 percent. A defender from Poop Emoji answered this: Nevertheless, this is an unwarranted enrichment of the miser from the Jupiter!!
A former judge required from his occupational colleagues that they make their work essentially and without emotions. After this statement he might present his opinion rationally and essentially: In Emoji the tenant takes over only those costs which he uses directly personally. Belong to it: Sewage fees, water purification and heating costs for cold days. The renter to the tenant can also settle fees for warm water. The renter may settle the additional costs not in advance to the tenant. When misers from the Jupiter heard this sentence, they choked with the drinking of a drink of their native country. Finally, renters are extremely mighty in Jupiter.
By this second another Emoji wanted to express himself on this subject:
My renter also settled to me the costs for the sewer cleanings. That's why I wanted to know whether is this allowed?
Thereon said a lawyer: Who uses the shower and the toilet in this rent object?
Thereon answered the Emoji: Of course I. Then said the lawyer: With it you recognise that also the costs of your use have originated. Thereon all stingy aliens from the Jupiter applauded exceptionally loudly.
Therefore it was clear to the Emojis that they should urgently also take over the sewer cleaning costs as a tenant. At this time a group Emojis asked: Who pays the snow removal costs?
A lawyer from Emoji Meanings answered this: These costs are ordinarily settled to the immovable owner by the city administration. That's why the renter can require the costs of the tenant to the payment.
A concerned renter from the Mercury wanted to know: In my immovable come daily two Emojis who empty the rubbish. Who must take over the costs for so much rubbish?
Can I settle to the consumers?
In this immovable live 40 Emojis and 24 aliens from different planets.
After lawyers pursued quite carefully this situation with their ears, a young lawyer answered:
The costs for the removal of the rubbish must be distributed in solidarity among 64 inhabitants. With it the alien from the Mercury with a contented face could leave the lawyers.
Thereon an alien from the Uranus asked the specified Emojis: Who takes over the costs for the compost?
Thereon explained an irritated accuser: In the kingdom Emoji there are special places in the woods where Emojis can bury compostable rubbish underground. All herbal rubbish like banana peels, extinct cores and similar things belongs to it. Moreover, a renter wanted to mention something still very much important among the lawyers: Cleaning of the stairwell must be distributed in solidarity to all inhabitants of an immovable.
At this time were the lawyers informed, that an alien from the Jupiter in the elevator of the building got stuck. The affected alien of a special unity of the Emojis could be saved by an emergency call. In addition a public prosecutor wanted to mention something else: The renter to the tenant can settle the costs for emergency telephone in the elevator anyway. The tenant must also pay cleansing costs of the elevator.
The renter must take over anyway repair and value increase costs. This was written down thus in the code of the Emojis.
A concerned Emoji wanted to know: My renter settled to me the costs for the basic use of the television connection. Is he allowed to do this, although I have no television set and need nothing?
A lawyer from Alien Emoji answered this: The renter and the suppliers of TV connections may not force this offer authoritatively upon the tenant. In this case the tenant may be informed about this possibility. Moreover, the tenant may choose own electricity supplier in the kingdom Emoji. He can require from the renter the electricity supplier's change for his flat.
By this second another lawyer remembered that the costs should be distributed for the electricity in the stairwell among the tenants.
A miser from the Jupiter wanted to know: He provides in a table calculations for the costs in connection with the rent object. He wanted to know whether he could settle his amount of work involved to the tenants. This is possible in his native country.
In addition would shout nearly 77 Emojis on the street and wanted to rage in the building of the gathered lawyers. Thereon the main lawyer explained the room of the experts as a locking zone.
After it became quiet, a lawyer explained that Emojis should pay nothing at all for such calculations of the renters.
The stingy alien from the Jupiter reacted very much angry. That's why he wanted to finish his activity as a renter in the kingdom Emoji as fast as possible. This is why he discontinued the sales of his immovable quite publicly. However, he did not quote the desired price.
An insurance lawyer still wanted to mention: Property insurances must be taken over from the renters completely. Also other assurances may not be settled to the tenant.
Can a value added tax be settled with the rent by immovable to the tenant?
An entrepreneur from the Saturn wanted to know this. Thereon lawyers explained all Emojis and aliens who lived as a tenant of immovable that they should pay no value added tax for it. Emojis loudly started to rejoice. The uppermost tax collector in Poop Emoji reacted strongly angry. He sat down in his private airplane and flew to the gathered lawyers in the capital city Emoji SMS. He accused lawyers of weakening the mighty tax authority. Thereon an old judge got up and argued with the uppermost official of the mightiest authority. In spite of this violent discussion the official from Poop Emoji could force no enrichment at the expenses of the tenants of immovable.
Which duties does the tenant have in the country of the Emojis after the takeover of the rent object and beside the payment of the rent?
In addition a lawyer with roots from the Venus wanted to express himself. He called the following duties: The tenant must use the thing carefully. Moreover, he or she must announce the defects of the object to the renter immediately as far as possible. The tenant must inform in the kingdom Emoji the renter with a lack to own security. Otherwise the tenant can be held responsible for a compensation.
Must the tenant tolerate works on the thing if the damage can be removed?
This was the next question. In addition expressed themselves immediately three Emojis who had with it experiences. An Emoji told that the shower did not function. That's why he had to look patiently with both eyes as the craftsman repaired the shower during nearly four hours. Another Emoji left his flat for the repair duration voluntarily. Then he returned. In his case the toilet was absent during nearly 24 hours. So this Emoji could require a rent reduction about 1/2 one month one day. Grounds: This Emoji left his things in the flat. Because the rent object was useful not completely, the renter remitted a small part of the whole rent.
Must the tenant remove at own expenses small defects?
An Emoji who had to paint at own expenses a dirty wall asked this. Thereon a lawyer with stingy roots explained that it was right to relieve the renter financially. Many Emojis with big misunderstanding reacted to it. That's why the majority of the present lawyers remitted the following law for Emojis:
§ Every lack of a rent object must be taken over from the renter. Exceptions form deliberate damages by the tenant or by long time use smaller damages like soiling of the walls.
After lawyers discussed this subject, they felt dog-tired. Finally, that's why they wanted to finish their working day. The alien from the Venus wanted to return together with the defender from Heart Eyes Emoji to this town. With it said goodbye Emojis of the lawyers. In the train the defender sat down beside the entrepreneur from the Venus. The alien wanted to explain the advantages of his soap all the time of the journey to the lawyer. Emojis who sat behind the both were angry very much at undesirable advertisement.

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