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Aldebaran want to dissociate

We need to clearly distance ourselves from the olives with a distance of 1001 light years. This statement made Red Giant from the star Aldebaran recently in his appearance in the main program at the right time. He attended with this set for big discussions in Aldebaran. In Olive city since 68.8258 years outsourced the Agreement between Olive and Aldebaran in a freezer. Prince Red Giant will retire this agreement from the freezer by all means to strengthen Aldebaran with the agreement domestically.

If the prince will debate in the next few days on the relationship with the Olive with its political appointees, it is almost to the day exactly 68.9999999999999 years ago, since the star Aldebaran defined its position in the agreement in Olive City and the olive laboriously several ships transported. Nevertheless, the agreement is gathering dust in a freezer. But while unprocessed fixed dust in Olive -headquarters in all these years, the agreement provides in Aldebaran for regular discussion among the population and the political appointees. Even the narrow decision of the former generation political appointees to send the proposal of an agreement by Olive city had then triggered for major civil unrest. When the people boycotted the imports from the Olive after 27 months, the situation went out of control. The imported goods from Olives were burned or thrown into the sea. The hatred of the population of Aldebaran on Olive growing by the second. Later were the political appointees a ban on entry of all aliens from the Olives reassure their own people in the long term. Later it was the extraterrestrials from Aldebaran not matter what is decided in connection with the Olive. The political appointees deal but still regularly with the Olives. So it was this time.
Since then agree the political staff almost every hour on topics from Olives, which call for a withdrawal of the old agreement from the freezer - and given the concern every time a rejection. Also the Penal official sees no need for action, as he emphasizes in every public occasion: After-fly-olive, the agreement had become worthless, they say for the thousandth time in response to the latest proposal by prince Red Giant. He continued: "The agreement affects the peace negotiations with the Olives in any way, and its withdrawal would bring the Aldebaran no financial value." Giant judged it differently, as he told extraterrestrial Sweasy26 in the following interview.

Mr. Giant, the Olive treaties of Aldebaran is for almost 69 years in Olive City and is worthless according to official criminal since the no-fly-olive. With your withdrawal request you operate symbolic politics.
Red Giant has a passer out of the window waving before he can answer the question: 🤝🇮🇹🤚📺🤝🌇⛔🤕🤚😶🤚🙈🚶‍♀️.

In recent years, several initiatives already failed on "distance of the Olive". Why do you try it just at this second again - in the midst of an impending war between the Olive and the Aldebaran?
Red Giant gets up and jumps 24 times in the air and answered: 🤟🙈📏👟👊👭🤩🗺🅰️💪🧲🤚⛄🈶🍖🈶⚱🧘‍♀️🔣.

Your advance but also debated in a year of struggle. With the warmed concern but you want to back up only your seat as a prince of Aldebaran.
Red Giant blush on the face and falls off his chair. He feels to have been caught by interviewers. He waits a moment and justifies himself: 😟🤚🤩🍷🚯⌚🍷🍖🤝🕌🌇🍷🅰️🚫🚯🦹‍♀️⚠️🕌🥊🅰️🤜😦.

Red Giant makes more sport exercises and drinking mineral water from his bottle. Later, he sits down on the chair and waiting. Sweasy26 asks him:
What are you waiting, Mr. Prince Giant?
Red Giant responds quite confidently: I am waiting for your next question.
Then the alien Sweasy26 must to disappoint him: I have all been wondering what I wanted to know. Red Giant is incredulous: I've made a few sports exercises and already was all. Red Giant looks irritated. He stands up and says thank you for the interview. Then he jumps still 9 times in the air and leaves the room.



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