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Aliens throw cucumber soups plate

Soup ingredients are at a crossing in the Upper Plate twenty passengers cucumbers have thrown off the soup, because these were cucumbers. The police of the plate country arrested 67 extraterrestrials.
Aliens from an unknown planet should have thrown on the ride over the upper plate twenty cucumbers from the soup plate. Therefore Saturn's police arrested 67 suspects in Omrelal. They'll "multiple homicide aggravated by hate cucumber in the soup" accused, said the prefecture. The motive was that the victims "did not want to separate from their identity as a cucumber while the thrower-away were extraterrestrials an unknown planet". Investigators were related to statements by survivors from cola and green tea, which arrived after a rescue operation on the upper disc in Omrelal. Numerous witnesses claimed to have observed the incident. Failed spies reported "coherent information" of the survivors, there were also pictures had been taken. Police is trying to identify therefore still more extraterrestrials that might be implicated in the crime against cucumbers.
The witnesses reported that they had climbed on a yellow day on the border of cola and green tea a soup plate with about 111 passengers. During the crossing 67 extraterrestrials passengers have threatened cucumbers from cola and green tea, because these were cucumbers. Twenty had been thrown over the plate. The survivors could have saved themselves by hiding in the belly of a big fish. Then thanks helpful fish they came to the destination.
On their way through the Upper Plate tens of cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and other passengers of this type are already drowned. The vast majority die because their overloaded plates capsize. Only two hours before 555 watermelons were killed after a plate was attacked by a whale and sank. The guard was able to save only about 222 of them. As a soup plate ran into trouble shortly after takeoff in carrots country could be saved by the 68 passengers only seven tomatoes. The Saturn's government again demanded more support from the governments of other planets. "The monitoring and relief measures in the plate loads to 98 gigabytes on our shoulders," Foreign Minister Olaw Only said the laughing acrobats. It is a planet-wide problem, are required for not only Saturn's calories. Only urged other neighboring planets also to do more in the countries of origin of the vegetables. Neptune responded to this call with a small portion of soup understanding.
So Neptune sent a male dishwasher. In addition offered the Neptune aliens first aid of vegetables in emergencies. The Government of the pineapple also decided to help the Saturn. They sent several coffeemakers. The Pluto aliens gave the Saturn's army several floating saucers. This should in the future provide special protection for the cucumber in a soup plate. The army of the planet Makemake also sent 78 tanks in the vicinity of the Upper Plate in the direction of Saturn. From the circus country several refrigerators came for storage of endangered vegetables. The salted cucumbers sent a lot of salt to Saturn aliens. It is estimated that the salted cucumbers delivered at least 906 crocodiles of salt. Uranus had several eucalyptus planting trees on the Saturn. In order for these trees can dry the plate. From the Eris several worthless stones still came in the Upper Plate. From a laboratory from Venus came several chemicals for conservation of vegetables. Mercury sent several suitcases entitled "compostable". Jupiter collected its waste and gave the Saturn aliens this. The government of Mars wanted to give the Saturn aliens 46 footballs. Disappointed rejected Saturn the aid from Mars. From the Violet Country vacuum cleaners came to Saturn.
After this generous help of different planets, the hope rises on Saturn to a significant improvement in the situation with the next cases with the soup plates.



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