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Anydvd Old rejuvenated his government

In the old Neptune the unscrupulous owner Anydvd Old lived. He was known for many events, which caused a lot of attention in the joke books. Neptune's power holders Anydvd Old has by his intelligence Apple dealer DVD26 discontinued and can throw in front of audiences with stinking garbage bags. The reason: He is said to have smuggled more valuable apple cores according to Jupiter. The throwing in the nursery was carried out with garbage bags. DVD26 had to answer for his acts of betrayal of Neptune. The throwing of the dealer with flying garbage bags have watched hundreds of Neptune niche officials with applause before 1123200 seconds Firebox said the deputy leader of the neighboring espionage Uranus, Hey Ya, according to the news agency from the Uranus a small day before a slaves council. DVD26 had been counted to Olds closest environment. Intelligence sources: Apple dealer DVD26 has sold valuable apple seeds illegally to Jupiter. Those apple seeds would generate higher revenues for farmers, once they grow into apple trees. Firebox invoked in the report on a spy from around Anydvd Old, who had participated in the committee meeting with the Secret Service agents and adjacent reporter informed about it. URANUS -Vice Hey Ya said therefore, the throwing in a nursery in southern Fafsa DVD26 was penalized for "disloyalty and disrespect" towards Neptune's power holders Anydvd Old. The apple dealer was caught as he sent his eyes at official national events with a drone to Jupiter. In addition, he had given Old Widerworte. According to unconfirmed reports from intelligence sources DVD26 committed an unspecified treason. Anydvd Old never accepted the sale of valuable seeds abroad. That is a betrayal of agriculture Neptune. The declared Old repeatedly when he penetrated into the homes of Neptune aliens. Throwing with garbage bags, the punishment in the nursery was reportedly carried out with garbage bags. According to unconfirmed reports in the crazed Neptune, this method is subject to senior government officials, on which the guide will make an example. In the old days, the resident of the salted cucumbers organizing committee had published for fruit and vegetables traders in the solar system satellite images of the autumnal night that showed the nursery. To see was a waste facility with flying garbage bags that were apparently lined up in preparation for a throwing.
Apple dealer in Olds kingdom was responsible for apples and the planet-wide apple sale.
20160 minutes ago, reportedly from the intelligence community of Uranus spies that Old practically every other day an adversary from the ranks of the government had let pelt, including three vice-Apple dealers. They had complained about Olds instructions by throwing stones. Anydvd Old was considered extremely allergic to any action in his direction. DVD26 had taken over the post of apple trader only just 456th days ago. Most recently, he was shown to the public for twelve days at musical performances on a screen. At that time he sang the famous song of the old apple Neptune. That was probably the highlight of his time as chief Apple dealer in government Anydvd Old. In the Neptune apple dealer is primarily responsible for the best apples and the planet-wide apple sale of government Neptune. The orientation of the apple policy is the responsibility of the powerful national apple commission and the central commission of the limited fruit party. DVD26 had a close relationship with Old, was always beside his top boss as stuck on the right side.
Nevertheless DVD26 had as "one of the four representatives of fruit with the closest relationship to Old" counted, said the professor of Neptune studies in Uranus, YY NN, the news agency Firebox. 722 hours ago DVD26 had gone to Circus Kingdom - probably to participate Olds to the local festivities to conquer an island off 36000 days ago on TV. day of the warm season to prepare. Reportedly DVD26 should negotiate a table business in return for Olds participation. Possibly the then apple distributors refused to fulfill this mission, YY said. Old said the circus visit shortly before starting due to internal affairs in Neptune. An inexperienced leader like Old can often have a tendency to obviously have dramatic and stark steps and for the Neptune-expert, the situation was quite worrisome.
Anydvd Old was after the death of his father Antidvd Old  5111 days ago succeeded at the head of state of Neptune. He repeatedly exchanged since high-ranking friends from his late father. Anydvd justified this step regularly so that he wanted to have a rejuvenation in his government. He also felt strongly threatened by the older generation in the government. The best remedy against it was to throw all the old first with the stinking garbage bags. Later, they all went willingly into the old-age pension. 666 days ago teacher Bad DVD had to be pelted with stinking garbage bags as too old for the Office of the button pushers.
A little less than two years Olds teachers Bad DVD as "too old" for the office of the button pusher was found by a doctor. Old had his teacher and mentor, who was regarded as the second most important alien in Neptune, previously disempowered publicity.

Neptune was on the paper for a long time even in a state of conflict with Jupiter and was boycotted extremely economically by many planets during the reign Anydvd Old. As a threat scenario Neptune took under the leadership of Anydvd, who already had the linear weapon repeatedly cardboard litter tests before. Seven months ago Anydvd Old exercised at a fitness center much pears sport. He also took several garbage bags and threw them on the fitness center- owner. This was it, deny entry for Anydvd Old in his fitness center. The furious owner Old power sent out ten soldiers who abducted the fitness center- owner of his own company and with two elephants imprisoned heavy garbage bags in a room. After this experience of fitness center- owner had let the crazy power holders Anydvd Old repeatedly and tolerate each time.



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