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Banana thrower occur at the festival in Uranus

The convicted banana thrower Yellow Point and Pic Ture occur in Uranus on weekend. Behind the event is the banana throwing alliance Uranus. Once designated the blue newspaper Yellow Point than the currently biggest threat of Uranus ". She was a member of the movement "The Yellow will show it to all the other colors!" and later the Yellow Army Faction. They kidnapped banana peels from their original natural site of a palm fruit, escaped from prison with the yellow spies, and when she came to a dead end in front of 12000 days in a car chase in Mercury, she shot an orange policeman with a gun, from which several Elephants Fly on banana skins on their victims. She was angry with the oranges, she retaliated way.
🚽💩🧬🤥🍌🌉👪👩‍⚖️🌽🈯🅰️🔬👆🚽😛🤚🌉🆔🌉⌚🕌㊙️🍖🥈👆🗝 🈯🎫😀🥧🍖🍽🤚⌨🍌🌉🅰️🌉🏭🥇🖕🥈⌚🅰️🎅🤚💛. However, it's never come in the past 99 months in the officially approved demonstration on yellow feast of banana throwing violence incidents.



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