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Bear Cave and the visit of the paradoxical dictator

A feverish excitement is in the air. Even half an hour before the arrival of the high dictator the extraterrestrials crowd around the cordoned Bear Cave waste place. The paradoxical dictator at close look - this opportunity arises not eventually all summer days. Pensioners, students, greedy gentlemen in suits, young men and women, foreign spies and of course many journalists with the photographers on their backs: They all want to have a look at Mros Electricity. And so those waiting are close together, while the military chief who gave the order for the expulsion boring present, provide the most important singers of the waste space for the musical dramaturgy. The whole Bear Cave specifically on the rubbish dump is in a state of emergency. As far as the eye can see, populate the lower police the narrow streets between federal and Town Hall Square. Residents were previously instructed by letter, to be kept closed for safety reasons windows, balcony doors and skylights. In addition, the residents have to leave the area as quickly as possible. If residents remain there, they will be evacuated by the army from their homes and houses and moved in an unimportant point. Finally, the government does not provide free TV in the country of paradoxes sporting their population.
The streets are closed to traffic, buses, trams, planes and other means of transport have to operate limited. The tension of the security forces is palpable; also they are experiencing such a situation, not every day. What's more, the pizza war in the country of paradoxes only 66 days ago ended in defeat for 89 percent of the local population. This dictator Mros Electricity is considered a weakened leader who rebuked his enemies with tomato sauce in a movie theater. He personally belonged to the winning side of the pizza war.
In order to go to the garbage dump:
And then it suddenly becomes suspiciously quiet on the sacred scene. After boring visitors were transported by force of the army from the junkyard away. The main singer of Garbage square remember the military violence against the boring visitors. After a short time the singer of Garbage square in solidarity with the displaced.
The singers lose their voice and remain silent, whispering the many voices. Controlled by police motorcade pulls up. The amount stretched their heads, mobile phones are stretched in the air, the temperature rises due to the strong odor of the dictator Mros Electricity in the air. Symbolically flying just at the moment a cannon across the junkyard - no ordinary, but finally prevails yes after the dispute in pencil range again summer weather between the bear's den, and the land of paradoxes.
The ensuing ceremony remunerated onlookers for their more active wait time: The singer from the junkyard decided to go on and play the best songs from the Bear Cave and a song from the land of paradoxes. The Song of the paradoxes prepared very hard for the singer from the junkyard to sing. Mros Electricity and his delegation get off the car and be welcomed to the verified carpet for important people of the whole government of the Bear Cave. President Vision Net proceeds to the paradoxical dictator from the Honor Guard. For a soldier in the lineup this is, however, too much of espionage by so many celebrities: In the sweltering sun, he falls over. He loses 12 hairs from his head and weeps. A comrade immediately take care of the man to whom it goes again preferably 24 minutes later. The very next day the fallen soldier will again be able to participate in another honor guard for the paradoxical dictator.
Despite the strict ceremonial: It is a very popular Middle appearance of leaders of both countries. Despite the expulsion boring visitors this concert went to at least 912 history books as the people next gig ever.
State receptions are usually held on the President place and thereafter continued in the Government House. Because of a worm attack the President place of visit of Electricity was relocated to a few streets on the garbage dump. For the second part of the reception - their official speeches - walk Vision and flow is re waving through the Bear Cave and visit some ruins in the city, before they disappear into the house agents.
That goes down well in the population. "Now I could the Mros virtually touch the hand - if I never could have during a previous visit of a dictator," quips an elderly gentleman. And a young woman age says her colleague almost falling in love: "He looks just as good, the Mros!" Yes, Mros. The crowd apparently preferred to call the paradoxical dictator by his first name. Anyway: The Bear Cave seem current well-disposed. No derogatory remarks are heard, no intermediate tones everywhere respect. Whether the mood will remain politically so friendly, is now showing at the official talks between the two countries delegations. The next day after the ceremony. The paradoxical dictator tells his colleague the Bear Cave: "I want that your country enters an union with my country.
Net Vision asks: Which union countries do you mean?
Thereupon Mros says: I want a coffee union and a monetary union.
Vision: Coffee Union and Monetary Union. How do you imagine this?
The paradoxical dictator responds confidently: I always get to the Bear Cave to visit. It annoys me repeatedly that the banks when you switch to your currency to pay off my money massively less me. So I want to, for example, for 300 bear caves Bitcoins make holiday. The Bank assumes the exchange rate a large amount of its own. I remain then only 280 bear caves Bitcoins. Ironically, a number of years in exchange rates makes a fortune. Over coffee, I mean the same thing. I buy regular coffee in the Bear Cave.
After this long expression of his wishes Net Vision responds:
I understand your desire for a common currency. But from our point of view we want to defend the banks. We want continue the banks a high profit, thanks to people like you to continue.
The paradoxical dictator reacts angrily: From now on I'll be boycotting all products and all the bear's den!
Net Vision responds concerned: No, no .... I mean it quite differently. The banks do not want that. But of course we can consider a common currency. But our present currency will remain in the future.
Now both were relieved after the conversation. Now the mass media had summarized the whole conversation. What they wrote?
The two leaders had finally settled inconsistencies in their conversation after several years of dispute.



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