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Bear Cave and the visit of the paradoxical dictator

A feverish excitement is in the air. Even half an hour before the arrival of the high dictator the extraterrestrials crowd around the cordoned Bear Cave waste place. The paradoxical dictator at close look - this opportunity arises not eventually all summer days. Pensioners, students, greedy gentlemen in suits, young men and women, foreign spies and of course many journalists with the photographers on their backs: They all want to have a look at Mros Electricity. And so those waiting are close together, while the military chief who gave the order for the expulsion boring present, provide the most important singers of the waste space for the musical dramaturgy. 🐻🍖🗑🕌🅰️🤚🚨👋😜🙈↘️🚓👹▪️💌😚🧷➕🈶🍂🎖🏘🈯🚯🆓📺🗾🤚😚🚦🤛🚵‍♀️🈶🖕🛡🕌🚯➕🍕🚧🗾🤚🔣💡
Net Vision responds concerned: No, no .... I mean it quite differently. The banks do not want that. But of course we can consider a common currency. But our present currency will remain in the future.
Now both were relieved after the conversation. Now the mass media had summarized the whole conversation. What they wrote?
The two leaders had finally settled inconsistencies in their conversation after several years of dispute.



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