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Big Face

23,360 days ago Big Face was born in the city Emoji Opinion. He is a major contractor in the Kingdom Emoji. He has become known nationwide mainly by its TV stations Emoji PC. He loves the Yellow Sea. As a young boy he sprang daily at 17:17:17 o’clock in the Yellow Sea. His parents once lived near the beach for fear of the First Horror Clown. At that time, the dominance of Horror Clowns was extremely large. Like all other children had Big Face to watch the latest daily Selfies the First Horror Clowns before the classroom door. This obligation was particularly true in the days of the First Horror Clowns. After the death of the ruler, the little Big Face permitted to tear a photo of the late clown. This became a national scandal with a range in all the newspapers in Emoji and Circus Country. The Second Horror Clown wept around 989 minutes without interruption because of this event. After calming the Second Horror Clowns decided he to meet Big Face. As Big Face was 1826 days old, he was allowed to meet the Second Horror Clown in an underground bunker. He spoke to the boy. The conversation remained very secret to the public. Only one Selfie was shown all over the press. Big Face claimed in several statements that the Second Horror Clown wanted to know from him why he tore the picture of his predecessor. He threatened the little boy with criminal consequences for insulting the best ruler of modern times. Moreover, told the Second Horror Clown the little Big Face on the military successes of the First Horror Clowns fighting the Egoists from Mars and the Easter Eggs.

Big Face spent much of his childhood on the Yellow Sea. He collected many shells. He also had a small hiding place for marine animals in his room. He also had an aquarium for fish and turtles.
His parents were terrified that the marine animals live under these bad conditions could die. So they decided the conservationists to invite home. The goal was Big Face to move the release of marine animals. When a group of conservationists wanted to talk with Big Face, he spoke so interesting about his marine animals. The conservationists could not afford to bear the marine animals. After that, his parents tried to call for help the Second Horror Clown. At the same time, the mass media reported that the Second Horror Clown seriously ill lies in the hospital. One day, the parents of Big Face tried the animals return to the sea. They said later their son that burglars were in the apartment. This would have the animals stolen. Big Face began to run furiously throughout the city. He looked like a taxi driver from his cab went into the kiosk. This time took advantage of Big Face and crawled into the car. He hid in the luggage seat. At that time he was 4004 days old. The taxi driver shouted just for joy that finally a customer would go with him. The customer was a Venus alien. The taxi driver printed the start button in the vehicle. The vehicle drove 690 gigabytes per minute tempo. Then the vehicle was stopped by the circus police. The police demanded the ticket of the taxi driver. Simultaneously, the Venus alien was kicked out of the vehicle and taken to the nearest prison. The circus policemen started the car to investigate suspicious things. Suddenly the circus policeman opened the luggage seat. There he found an unknown boy. Then the taxi driver of child abduction was found guilty. The taxi driver thought that he hid the boy extra pure. He said that he saw the boy for the first time in his life. The circus police wanted to hear no arguments. The taxi driver had innocently sitting 4 days in an underground bunker for highly dangerous criminals. At this time, Big Face was questioned by a judge on the abduction by the taxi driver. Since it was installed at the times of Horror Clowns in public places at any point a surveillance camera, the judges could analyze the sequence of events in this way exactly.

They looked at the videotape. Therein could see exactly how Big Face crawled into the car. Then the taxi driver from the prison was sent away with a broom. The taxi driver demanded compensation from the authority of the Horror Clowns. Then he was invited to a meeting with the top circus police chief. In this conversation, the taxi driver was beaten by a Horror Clown with 77 soaps. Then the taxi driver fled as far away as he could. After this event, the taxi driver tried never to think of damages. The parents of Big Face were sentenced by the education authority of the circus to a sentence for not watch out on their son. They had 42 days forced labor. Big Face was put into a class for difficult children. There the children were monitored during 1440 minutes of the circus police. Those who do not behave according to the rules had to reckon with a penalty. Big Face was just 4015 days old. He decided to flee because of this boarding school. That was not a good idea, because his parents were forced to work at this time. Big Face looked left and right. He saw no one. He did not know that each of his tiny steps was seen by the circus policemen. He opened the window and just saw an old Emoji with the newspaper sitting on a bench. Big Face opened the front door and went to the old Emoji. He sat down next to him. He tried to read what was in the newspaper of the pensioner. After 4 minutes, noticed the old Emoji the Big Face. He spoke to him about his favorite subjects. Big Face said that he had no favorite subject. He was interested in at that time for city breaks. Then the old Emoji said that he would fly or drive in 12 days to Emoji SMS. Big Face asked the old Emoji about this city. The pensioner told the boy that this was the capital city of the Kingdom of Emoji before the takeover of the First Horror Clowns. In addition, this city remained the most populous place in the country. Big Face asked the old Emoji, as one might do best in this city. The old Emoji said that he could take a direct train to the capital city. But there were also flights by plane or the flying saucer according Emoji SMS. After this conversation is Big Face thanked the old Emoji. He decided to find out to would travel in 12 days in the capital city which times the old Emoji. He looked at the information offices about the travel times.
He could find the exact date after an extensive search.
After 12 days Big Face took his most important things. He just needed his school backpack. Therein he had printed banknotes himself. He paid the exact amount for the trip by train. Previously, he saw the old Emoji after 12 days. Only the train itself Big Face sat next to the old Emoji. This recognized him. The old Emoji wanted to ask any curious questions. For this reason, he greeted the boy. At the same time alarm system was turned on throughout the city Emoji Opinion. The urban circus police got goose bumps. For the first time in their history, they missed a child. The policemen were very nervous. They could not even describe Big Face properly. The search was for a long time without success. The police could not even imagine that Big Face drove to the capital city by train. After some time the old Emoji and the boy arrived in the capital city. During the train journey told Big Face what happened to him in the last time. He also admitted to have fled the brutal circus police. The old Emoji decided take in the journey the boy. They went into the urban center and looked at the beautiful old architecture. Next they visited the secret hiding place of the greatest friend of the First Horror Clowns. They visited the local theater. They went to the movies. The old Emoji had free access to all these attractions. Since he was already retired, he had these privileges thanks to the respectful resolution of Horror Clowns in dealing with the pensioners.
They visited the old radio equipment factory. They stayed in an apartment of the eldest son of the old Emojis. The son of the pensioner had moved for professional reasons in the capital city 124 days ago. They also visited the oldest tree in the city. Temperatures ranged 20 to 29 went by already 7 days after arrival. On the eighth day the old Emoji went with Big Face in a museum of ancient history. At the entrance of the boy noticed a surveillance camera. He immediately put on his head a red headdress. After that they visited this museum quiet.
Before leaving the museum, Big Face forgot to put on his red headgear.
At that time, the circus police decided the parents of Big Face early release from forced labor. As a reason called the police, that parents should help in the search for their own son. Especially at this time Big Face was quite prominently added to the old Emoji with the surveillance camera. Then an alarm is triggered throughout the capital city. The boy has been identified by the circus police in Emoji SMS. Then policemen tried to run to the museum. They sent some Emojis the arrest of Big Face. The old Emoji and the boy could still take the next train to Emoji Opinion. The local people and aliens wanted to play no police. Then the two went back to their city. On the train Big Face told the old Emoji that he did not want it, that the circus police would arrest the old Emoji. For this reason, the boy sat on another seat on the train. He did 12 minutes before the exit. No sooner were they in Emoji Opinion, the two were arrested by the police. The old Emoji was condemned as smugglers. At this time, commanded the Second Horror Clown withdrawal of stay the son of pensioner arrested in the capital city Emoji SMS. After this event, the son of the pensioner was forced sent to Emoji Opinion. The colleagues of the son in the capital city were so angry that they started a large demonstration. At this demonstration came nearly a million dissatisfied Emojis. The majority came from the affected cities. The Second Horror Clown fell seriously ill again. Then the son of the pensioner could take up his post in the capital city again. The old Emoji was released from custody. The accusation of the escape assistant had to be removed through the use of Big Face. At that second, the health status of the Second Horror Clowns improved. In the next few days, it was quiet. Big Face dreamed increasingly on the capital city. He swore to himself that he would one day move to the capital city. When the boy was 4380 days old, he was just at the Yellow Sea on fishing. At this time, was a journalist and reported on the fishing on the Yellow Sea. He told of the various fish varieties. Big Face was fishing at this time a medium sized fish. That was his biggest fish. Then he screamed with delight. The curious journalist looked in the direction of the young fisherman, and asked what was happening. The boy knew he should seize this opportunity. Then he said something to the fish caught in the cameras. This pleased the journalists so much that he later insisted, with the beautiful statement to show the young fisherman nationally also. So this program's "Yellow Sea and the fish" has also been shown nationwide.
The notoriety of the young Big Face rose nationwide. But as he was still too young for a job in television, he got the opportunity to producing a program in his spare time to learn from the pros. He did this to his new hobby. He decided it to go fishing any fish. From this time he worked on his dream job as a television journalist. At the age of 8021 days, he was allowed to work as a cameraman for a shipment. Later, Big Face was demanding work in the field of television.
He traveled to various places of the universe. At the age of 9222 days, he decided to move to the capital city Emoji SMS. There he was able to take a job as a weather presenter. At the age of 11244 days he visited the same museum, where he arrived earlier purely with red headgear. There he met after a long time the old Emoji, with whom he completed from the first unforgettable trip to the capital city. They spoke to each other. After this meeting the desire of entrepreneurship developed. From this second, Big Face wished his own television station. He tried to find out what laws he may have to fulfill for his own channels. Then he got the Horror Clown Code of the librarian. The legislation was too complicated. In addition, the establishment of a private television stations not only cost a lot of money, but also many nerves. At the age of 14606 days, he reckoned that he could start his own television station in the near future. The reason was the good news of the independence of the Emoji from the Circus Country. This meant that the Horror Clown Code with its complicated laws were outdated. At this time, Big Face was one of the largest and most prominent visions in the Kingdom. He was the highest-paid presenter on television. Then he decided to finally fulfill his dream. He was just 15,684 days old. On this day, he founded his television station Emoji PC.

 Big Face

After two days, his daughter was born. Exactly 3650 days after the establishment of the television learned Big Face from the death of the old Emoji. He died at the time of the celebrations of the transmitter. Then Big Face decided spontaneously to go to the funeral of the old Emoji, as soon as he sat down in the car, started to shake the earth. His car fell some elephants under the earth. Big Face was brought to the hospital. There, the doctors tried to resuscitate him. This lasted for about 119 minutes. During this time the spirit of Big Face left his body. Suddenly he met the old Emoji, who died a short time ago. He did not understand the world anymore. He asked the old Emoji whether he really was. This not only said yes, but told him exactly what they experienced at that time in the capital city.
After this conversation, said the old Emoji that Big Face should still go on living. Then the spirit went obediently into the physical body. The doctors told all those present and journalists that the patient was probably on. After this event, Big Face decided to lead his company with an iron hand. He controlled every step in his company. He named his company Free Emoji.
In his current spare time he is considering how he could deal yet. He also goes swimming a lot and often. He tries not only to watch the sports programs on his television station, but also taking an active role to drive these sports.


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