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Big Face

23,360 days ago Big Face was born in the city Emoji Opinion. He is a major contractor in the Kingdom Emoji. He has become known nationwide mainly by its TV stations Emoji PC. He loves the Yellow Sea. As a young boy he sprang daily at 17:17:17 o’clock in the Yellow Sea. His parents once lived near the beach for fear of the First Horror Clown. At that time, the dominance of Horror Clowns was extremely large. Like all other children had Big Face to watch the latest daily Selfies the First Horror Clowns before the classroom door. This obligation was particularly true in the days of the First Horror Clowns. After the death of the ruler, the little Big Face permitted to tear a photo of the late clown. This became a national scandal with a range in all the newspapers in Emoji and Circus Country. The Second Horror Clown wept around 989 minutes without interruption because of this event. After calming the Second Horror Clowns decided he to meet Big Face. As Big Face was 1826 days old, he was allowed to meet the Second Horror Clown in an underground bunker. He spoke to the boy. The conversation remained very secret to the public. 🙂🥈🤡🖼🤚👦🦹‍♀️📐🤚😀📐🐘😀🛄🥈🤡🙏💡👤❓️👨🖼️👤🤡👨⬅️. 👤🤣👨👦🦹📏😋. Then the old Emoji said that he would fly or drive in 12 days to Emoji SMS. Big Face asked the old Emoji about this city. The pensioner told the boy that this was the capital city of the Kingdom of Emoji before the takeover of the First Horror Clowns. 🤡🏙️📐🐘😀🗣️❓️🧓1️⃣➕🌇🥇🗾🙂🗝1️⃣ 🚯. At the age of 14606 days, he reckoned that he could start his own television station in the near future. The reason was the good news of the independence of the Emoji from the Circus Country. This meant that the Horror Clown Code with its complicated laws were outdated. At this time, Big Face was one of the largest and most prominent visions in the Kingdom. He was the highest-paid presenter on television. Then he decided to finally fulfill his dream. He was just 15,684 days old. On this day, he founded his television station Emoji PC.

 Big Face

After two days, his daughter was born. 😃🤚📺🙂💀🤚🗝😊📺️📐🐘😀💀🧓. He named his company Free Emoji.
In his current spare time he is considering how he could deal yet. He also goes swimming a lot and often. He tries not only to watch the sports programs on his television station, but also taking an active role to drive these sports.


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