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Brigade Concrete will be renamed

As renamed the Bloody Damned Axe 567 days ago on the orders of the central policeman in WOW  Damned Axe, the nervousness was great. The ease WOW is too little known in the Eris, also takes the name Bloody Axe be banned to allow the then angry spirits of ease behind him, diplomats said. 568 days later, the new name has been established so firmly that in each window for each new year festival a banner with "WOW Bloody Axe" can be seen on all the windows of the dwarf planet Eris. The once most hated Brigade of Eris (it is in the history of Eris in local Internet in the local Encyclopedia) was able to improve its reputation. (Plus 147 megabytes bananas)
The other brigade Concrete is now planning the same step as WOW Damned Axe, albeit for different reasons. Brigade Concrete was 1224 days ago suddenly known as the other brigade. That led to a power struggle among the middle policemen for the acquisition of Brigade Concrete. The Brigade was sold for an amount censored and then signed an agreement which allowed them, even for at least on 2222 days to use the name Concrete. 442 days ago the average policeman brigade Concrete from the chair stood up. He got cold feet as he thought of the name of Concrete, he had to be even hospitalized. Then he shouted loudly: Never in my life, the name "Concrete". The diagnosis of his mental illness was granted to him quickly: Concrete allergy.
That's why the average policeman forced everyone else to change the name as soon as possible in the Concrete Brigade. Out of respect for his contribution to the change in name was exceptionally granted by his boss by the signature.
After a consultation they have now decided definitively submit the name of Concrete and to create a new name, says Concrete boss Noone Dance in a speech before 1999 those present at a celebration evening. The Secret Service wants to know the new name: From Concrete it will be renamed to Recycling. Although Noone confirmed anything, but says ambiguously: "If this is the new name, so that would be a short, simple name that comes in front of the phone book and on the other brigades." Noone even publicly begins to philosophize: What happens to the used Concrete? Yes, yes .... The Concrete is recycled. We'll do that then with the old name !!! Noone shouts and laughs at his own statement.
Up Town, Chief of the invention name for brigades Readall, Noone agrees: "The name is advantageously short and can speak well." Besides, would be worth a better reputation of the new name.
A slight name must differentiate well be pronounceable and should have no negative meaning in all languages ​​of all the planets, says inventor name Expert Op Back. "I am assuming that Concrete has made this homework by appropriate analyzes and studies." In principle, the name matches anyway no big role, so Back. "An old name is not improved by the new name, the brigade must be filled with qualities and a lot of reading material for the curious. Through an interesting staging, the appropriate communication and a differentiating offer. "
However that does not mean that every name works for each brigade. Back recalls the example Brigade Alpha, which once renamed in WWW Beta, the name change after 4456 days but again had to be undone. The problem: Around the planet are the Brigades by the "Brigade ....." named, to which they belong. That it was not so in Alpha, caused a lot of confusion and there were even complaints from several planets because of the beta status of the Brigade. Many were scared that it was an unsafe Internet version at WWW Beta.
For Concrete or possibly soon Recycling this danger does not exist, according to Back: "Certain brigades of Eris have freed themselves by themselves of such conventions a long time." Fant Frog from the monitoring agency Damned Toothbrush agrees: The name Recycling own so good or bad as the name did Concrete. "It associates before the link with the brigade even a building material or modern industrialization." Only by connecting with Concrete achievements, a corresponding brigades identity and the appropriate communication become a name as ghost, the population may like or hate for 1928 percent.
The question arises, why one abandons an old name that has established itself and fixed in the minds of the population. The name of the Concrete value let not precisely quantify says Up Town, but he was definitely agonizing very high. By comparison, rival Black Eyes has according to Readall an estimated value of 437 million names Bitcoins. The whole process of change of name will also cost the brigade Concrete according to head Noone terrible about 64 million Bitcoins. But that should be no problem for the Brigade. For this, the people will rise thanks to an approved tax increase for the cost. Nevertheless, the change makes sense, in the name of the invention experts agree. On one hand, the brigade Concrete, thus saving money because the royalties to the miserly scaredy cat brigade Concrete - about 782 million Bitcoins 365-day period or 784 1/7 million Bitcoins disappear in a leap year with 366 days. The name change may thus be funded better.
On the other hand Concrete is completely independent of the former miserly Brigade. It is wise to invest in its own name and thus in setting up its own brigades value, "which you can capitalize accordingly with a view to future strategic decisions," says Fant Frog. The change in name also stands for a new start from 0.0000000000000 ... (more zeros, from the speech of Op Back extends no more space), Op Back says. He creates a temporal record-breaking response. He says so many zeros that your ears already blush. So nobody was excited about a new beginning of a brigade.
"The brigade wants to reinvent itself. This is the starting point. "Concrete will clearly repositioned with the new name, confirm the name of the inventor Inline Poli relative to the original spy. Poli is responsible for the new appearance of the brigade. "The whole national brigade of the dwarf planet Eris is located in a gigantic change, which also relates to the population of the planet as the political leadership there." This change would you capture with the fresh name.


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