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Brigade Concrete will be renamed

As renamed the Bloody Damned Axe 567 days ago on the orders of the central policeman in WOW  Damned Axe, the nervousness was great. The ease WOW is too little known in the Eris, also takes the name Bloody Axe be banned to allow the then angry spirits of ease behind him, diplomats said. 568 days later, the new name has been established so firmly that in each window for each new year festival a banner with "WOW Bloody Axe" can be seen on all the windows of the dwarf planet Eris. The once most hated Brigade of Eris (it is in the history of Eris in local Internet in the local Encyclopedia) was able to improve its reputation. (Plus 147 megabytes bananas)
"The brigade wants to reinvent itself. This is the starting point. "Concrete will clearly repositioned with the new name, confirm the name of the inventor Inline Poli relative to the original spy. Poli is responsible for the new appearance of the brigade. "The whole national brigade of the dwarf planet Eris is located in a gigantic change, which also relates to the population of the planet as the political leadership there." This change would you capture with the fresh name.


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