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Bulls go for their food through hell

It's amazing how far some bulls go for their food: Five aerobic honey feed
Fans overcame the last threshold of pain by the logo of the food brand "Honey" were growing on the hairy back. Recruited the other brand the "postage stamp" for a new commercial focusing body of bulls to shave off. Stencilled was waxed in eight hours, the logo on the back. They had the most rebellious hair, with whom I have ever employed me, "reported here Zoynar. "Nevertheless, they were like the finest customers." Still, here and there was a whimper was heard. The campaign is designed to encourage the bulls to adopt the relaxed lifestyle and other not to worry about their appearance. Who still or why worries must register with the responsible organizers.
The bulls are rewarded for their willingness through hell for their food with surprises. They get private lessons in music. Later this number bulls prominent pop stars.
What do the bulls in hell?
Go step by step into the dark rooms below ground on such places, where there was no man. The bulls wear hidden cameras with themselves, which can make perfect shots under the earth. One of the aims is to find valuable treasures. Another goal is to sell the video recordings to animal transmitters or other television stations. The bulls are so to say guinea pigs forage fallow. The two feed companies pleased with high savings in advertising costs. The bull professor Cow Power justifies the bull abuse with his research, which was to bring him the doctorate. Both feed and sponsors Honey stamp wanted get with this promotion free advertising in the mass media. That worked. The animal protection organization "Free bulls" is very angry with this campaign.
The lawyer of "Free bulls" here provides for the possibility to achieve a compensation.



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