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Continuation of the adventures of the first dictator and the Minister of Finance in the black hole

After the conversation of both Emojis with the town dictator of Alien Emoji they left this town because of fear of Easter Eggs. Moreover, aliens from Mars wanted to see no special Emojis in their town. Thus the first dictator and his Minister of Finance took their flying saucer and flew to another direction. Suddenly the flying Emojis were asked to make a forced landing at once. This time the first dictator and the Minister of Finance saw how diligent aliens from Dysnomia built several houses from rubber. Hardly they looked the construction works, a researcher who revived dead worms with his look appeared before them. Because of fear the researcher passed away before eyes of the ruling Emojis. The first dictator and the Minister of Finance tried to remember it in which time zone and which town they landed.
They could not remember. Finally, there passed a lot of years, since they learnt at school the history of Emoji. After few seconds appeared several fields with rosemary. Moreover, there were a lot of Smiles who laughed exceptionally often and long. This time the first dictator remembered that it had to be anyway the city of Laughing Emoji. He decided to question local population about the laughing formula. The problem was that both Emojis landed before the invention or before the discovery of the laughing formula in this area. Nobody understood this joke of the first dictator. Suddenly turned several times the sun and the moon. The present inhabitants disappeared out of sight of both Emojis. Suddenly a comedian and a Smile stood before the first dictator and the Minister of Finance. This time it really concerned both inventors of the famous laughing formula which is protected in the modern Emoji by the censorship authority against the escape hard armed. The first dictator looked to both inventors exactly in the eyes. He tried to identify them.
Finally, these inventors reminded him of some Emojis from his time. Hardly he tried to remember these Emojis, the time moved further forwards. Suddenly the first dictator and his Minister of Finance stood in the middle of the negotiations between desperate Emojis and the researcher Gossip from the Saturn. The Minister of Finance was very much enthusiastically from the meeting of a like-minded. Finally, Gossip had big common characteristics with the haughtiest Emoji. The both built up either the tax authority, or strengthened the influence of the state stinginess. Gossip was responsible for the foundation of the first tax authority in the town of the amusing Emojis. Suddenly the time still ran much faster than before. Both Emojis saw how several trucks with pumpkins were brought in the town. Later several aliens from Mars ran away. The first dictator started to applaud. Finally, he especially well felt in the time of the first Horror Clowns. He also hoped for a long-standing rule, like the Horror Clown. Suddenly several scenes of the conflict with the Egoists were minced before the eyes of the high-ranking Emojis.
The first dictator and his Minister of Finance thought that they landed once in their time. They reacted made easier. Finally, it was only logical that both Emojis can land by this time trip sometime in their time. This was not the case. Suddenly it became quite dark around both Emojis. Suddenly the first dictator and the Minister of Finance heard extremely loud applause. The tone was in such a way noisy that even both Emojis never heard something like that in their long life. Suddenly several strangers appeared in the hall. A presenter forced the first Horror Clown to go on the stage. The other spectators loudly applauded him for his successful role as an active ruler and foundation member of the Circus Union. The first Horror Clown was pelted with several flowers like at the theatre. The first Horror Clown died quite officially and always thought that there was no life after the death. He was surprised very much that he stood suddenly on the stage before several rejoicing spectators. He said them: "I have no words that I still, nevertheless, live!"

This time realised both Emojis that the first Horror Clown was received so nicely after his physical life. The first Horror Clown received even an honouring for the best role of a strong leader of the Circus Union.
The first dictator started to applaud himself extremely strongly. Thereby he tried to reach the attention of the first Horror Clowns. The Horror Clown saw in the dictator a young Emoji who should go to the military. He said this him. The first dictator reacted something disappointed. At the same time he remembered that as the first Horror Clown died, he was actual shortly before the entry into the military. The Minister of Finance was invisible for the first Horror Clown. Finally, the haughtiest Emoji was not born at times of the first Horror Clowns at all. A programmer in Pluto sent at this time an untraceable virus to the system of the programmer of Neptune. This led to the fact that both Emojis from the darkness were moved into another situation.
They landed on a big flag of Jupiter on a big mountain. These Emojis were shot like with a cannon by this flag in the air. They flew long time without aid by several galaxies and because of missing gravitation they fell on the soft ground in Middle Finger Emoji. The mayor Tycoon reacted very much angry that these Emojis destroyed his vegetables. Finally, they fell directly on his fresh pears. His harvest was damaged. That's why Tycoon wanted to arrest both Emojis. The first dictator loudly started to get angry: "You will be able to arrest us under no circumstances! I am the first dictator of independent Emoji and this is my Minister of Finance. All other are only idiotic time movements."
He did not know that he landed again in times of the first Horror Clowns. Thereon reacted Tycoon: "Where from do so cheeky Emojis come?" The Minister of Finance explained to him that Circus Union after the death of the last Horror Clowns belonged to the past.
Tycoon was interested in the exact circumstances. Finally, he lived especially long. That's why he wanted to know what comes on him in the future. Moreover, he asked both Emojis whether they knew about that Tycoon will still live in their time or not. The first dictator apologised for his previous behaviour. Finally, he respected the best employer of those times. By this second appeared a big rainbow over the clouds. This was an experiment of an unknown programmer. The first dictator and the Minister of Finance were glad that they had a good distraction on their answer about the future. Tycoon already forgot his question and tried to take a photo of the rainbow. Finally, he wanted to show of some positive the local Emojis. Suddenly the time further ran in the future. Several Egoists from Mars came to the town. Tycoon accepted the support of Pluto. All Egoists were extinguished by an anti-virus programme.
The first dictator and his Minister of Finance did not understand, why it was so extremely easy to fight against the Egoists. Finally, the conflict lasted according to their recollections also in the town of the valuable ground much longer. The first dictator supposed a possible other past with another exit for the future. The times further passed. Suddenly both Emojis saw the last Horror Clown on television. At the same time Tycoon sat beside both high-ranking Emojis. The Minister of Finance remembered that the long-lasting Tycoon was, actually, deadly in their time zone during the rule of the last Horror Clowns. Suddenly they landed in the time zone in which the last Horror Clown should die. This did not happen. The first dictator and his Minister of Finance had surprised very much that in their reality the last Horror Clown already died, while he was still very healthy here and alive. Also Tycoon lived in this reality. Both Emojis agreed that in this alternative reality the inhabitants of the Circus Union lived much healthier and better. The time further passed.
The last Horror Clown died only at the old age of 32866 days. With it he lived much longer than in the known reality. After his death a certain Devil Emoji took over the power of the whole Circus Union by a coup. In reality he became later only a king of Emoji. Upwards in this reality the curiosity of the first dictator and his Minister of Finance rose. They experienced an opposition of the oldest son of Devil against the mightiest tax authority of Poop Emoji. Just the son of the mightiest Emojis caused an opposition against the state stinginess in the Circus Union. The Minister of Finance could not remain quiet. He had to shout: "Damned _______ son!"
The first dictator remained quiet. Finally, he anticipated that once Emojis will attack all the same which reality the tax authority. Both high-ranking Emojis were shifted to other future. This time they landed in an advertisement.
In it developers of a programme from Emoji App advertised to software. The aim of the programme was a specific support of the Emojis on the planet Earth. Local software developers had to do this. Moreover, Emojis for Android were programmed very intensely. The aim was the made easier learning of the language of the Emojis for the people. Finally, the oldest son of Devil Emoji intensified the preparations for the entire entry of all countries to the Circus Union under leadership of the oldest son of the present ruler. Moreover, other countries of the planet Halloween tried to join to the successful Circus Union under the rule of the royal family. Thus other inhabitants of Halloween protested against their governments. After these events both high-ranking Emojis were shifted to far away future.
The planet Earth was renamed finally as Emoji. The Circus Union was also renamed as Emoji. The first dictator and his Minister of Finance wanted to know even more. They forgot that they were in a possible past and possible future.
At this time Emojis tried to bring back unsuccessfully both disappeared government members. They wanted to apply for help with aliens in Pluto. The future second dictator prevented every help from own interests. Thus the first dictator and the Minister of Finance remained in the black hole. This time these Emojis were shifted to the next adventure.

The adventures of the first dictator and the Minister of Finance in the black hole

Story: The adventures of the first dictator and the Minister of Finance in the black hole

The adventures of the Emojis in the black hole

Story: The adventures of the Emojis in the black hole



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