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Count of votes in Emoji

Several rich Emojis flew by their private airplanes to Emoji Pillows. Although this island might be visited as a restricted area not without approval, above all rich Emojis flew. Some elitist Emojis had own farms on Emoji Pillows. The valuable rice from this island was nationally known. Even the former rulers of the Circus Union flew, so that they brought rice for themselves and their families. After the first elections Emojis decided to count out all electoral slips of paper in rest in Emoji Pillows. This meant that Emojis from all polling places should send all delivered electoral slips of paper to Emoji Pillows. The uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji wanted to touch every electoral slip of paper with his both eyes. That's why he flew together with a delegation of Emojis and aliens to Emoji Pillows. The problem was that the energy of the stinginess and envy of the tax authority on the electoral slips of paper was transferred into Poop Emoji. That's why all electoral slips of paper had to be cleaned by stinginess bacteria and envy microbes. Also the uppermost tax collector had to be cleaned. He left his stinginess microbes and envy bacteria in the tax authority. Then Emojis had no problems with their flight to Emoji Pillows.
During the votes counting in Emoji Free vote counters noticed that many Emojis wrote not only names of the candidates, but they signed their electoral slip of paper with an impression of a lipstick. Inhabitants of this town were especially proud of their cosmetics products and pointed exceptionally publicly in the electoral slips of paper. Saturn's aliens feared that because of the Emojis in Japanese Emoji an undesirable candidate is condemned to the first dictator of Emoji. At the same time they knew that all electoral slips of paper would be dispatched to Emoji Pillows. That's why Saturn's aliens rented a small boat. They waited nearly 14 recumbent giraffes away from the coast. After long preparations all electoral slips of paper were locked up in several metallic safe deposits. Then all safe deposits on a big ship were transported. By several trucks hard armed Emojis went to the harbour of Japanese Emoji. The fabric guides helped the Emojis with the movement of all safe deposits on the big ship. At this time Saturn's aliens got their binoculars from their pockets and looked for the right ship with the electoral slips of paper. By this second an alien experimented in Uranus with his drone. He updated the software and put the newest batteries in the device. Then he pressed the start button. Then flew away highly competitive drone so far that the owner lost the overview. He could not know any more where his drone flew. He was disappointed a little bit. The ship with the safe deposits was finally ready for this time for the departure after long preparations. Saturn's aliens looked very carefully. When the ship came closer to the boat of the criminals, the Saturn's aliens jumped to the ship with the safe deposits. Emojis heard noises. That's why they looked for causes. Both criminals searched the way to the safe deposits. The drone from the Uranus flew to the ship in the nearness of the yellow sea.
The owner of the drone pressed the admission button. Then the phone rang with him. So he concentrated upon the conversation. On the ship Emojis started to concentrate their attention on the flying drone. Both Saturn's aliens could reach in several rooms. Then they moved with the help of their stone all safe deposits so far, until these were got from the rooms. Criminals tried to shift all safe deposits to their boat. When Emojis noticed this, at least six Emojis ran to the Saturn's aliens. They tried to save the safe deposits. When a safe deposit was shifted to the boat, the boat capsized. The other safe deposits with electoral slips of paper were thrown to the yellow sea. The other safe deposits saved Emojis thanks to their risible forces. A courageous Emoji hit on a criminal alien with his fist very strongly. The other alien jumped in the yellow sea voluntarily and swam to the direction of Emoji Pillows. There he hid in a wood. The captain of the ship alarmed the sea police which had to get all safe deposits from the yellow sea. Because of big difficulties diplomats were contacted by Neptune and Pluto. Aliens from the Neptune and Pluto sent their auxiliary devices to Japanese Emoji to the rescue of the safe deposits from the yellow sea.

After 24 seconds all safe deposits were got from the yellow sea and were landed on the ship. Emojis were very grateful to the assistants from the Neptune and Pluto. That's why Emojis wanted to invite their assistants in a luxurious restaurant. The alien from the Uranus decided to experiment with the remote control of his disappeared drone. Thus he finished the long admission of his drone over the yellow sea of Emoji. At this time a research team in Pluto programmed Emojis for Android. A device received by the flying information a copy of the rescue operation of the sea police in cooperation with Neptune and Pluto. Because the time is relative, the video slowly flew by the air of different galaxies and after many days happened one more miracle. Nearly 8030 days after this rescue operation the video by wind currents reached the planet earth.
By other flights the spectacular video landed on a smartphone of a person on the planet earth. The eager buyer of the smartphones opened the device after the installation of his device. Suddenly he found among the videos the extensive video from Emoji. First he thought that it was a deception. Later the owner of the smartphones decided to publish the video on all video platforms on Internet. After a short time the video became the viral hit. Only now person realised that Emojis lived somewhere really. Researchers began the search for the unknown places.
The uppermost dictator of Tangerines already wanted to congratulate a candidate. That's why he opened his microphone and congratulated the wrong candidate. Emojis reacted angry that a dictator congratulated any unconfirmed candidate early. Later Tangerines had to send a verbal excuse in Emojis. In the meantime, Devil Emoji and his team could hardly expect. That's why he wanted to accommodate most old newspapers in the capital city. At this time the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji discussed his plans with the expansion of the tax duty for all Emojis. For this purpose he spoke with the candidate with the number 3. Both Emojis signed several documents for the introduction of the tax duty for all inhabitants of Emoji.
In comparison to other towns all delivered electoral slips of paper were copied by Emojis in Emoji Copy Paste by photocopier several times. The reason was the urban protection and the archiving duty of all results in the town archive. Moreover, Emojis trusted in this town not strongly the political elite. Also gathered lawyers were looked in Emoji Copy Paste relatively rare. In spite of this speciality this town had no problems with the delivered electoral slips of paper. Emojis brought everything carefully to Emoji Pillows. Middle Finger Emoji had especially big difficulties with the transport of all electoral slips of paper. Because of the valuable ground Emojis with the horse carriages had to take away all heavy bags. At least, helped Emojis with roots from the Mercury by the transport from the urban border. Then they went up to the railway station of Emoji Symbols. A miser from the Jupiter rented his flying saucer to Emojis. Thus they could bring with his help all bags with the electoral slips of paper on time to the collective place.
In Emoji Symbols most electoral slips of paper were moved in the wrong boot mistakenly. Falsely the truck leaders with the luggage went to Poop Emoji. There Emojis went up to the tax authority. They thought that the mighty building was as a collective place for electoral slips of paper. That's why a truck leader knocked in the door. The deputy of the uppermost official opened the door. Before him stood a without exception contented Emoji and said that he brought the luggage. The deputy already rubbed himself the hands with joy. He thought that the tax authority got a lot of bank notes from their income. He thanked these Emojis and signed quite blind several documents which confirmed the acceptance the luggage with the electoral slips of paper.
In it there stood also the concept "Electoral slips of paper from Emoji Symbols". Then all truck leaders left the mightiest tax authority and went to their next principal.

In the meantime, the deputy opened the first luggage. He hoped to find real bank notes in the luggage. Instead of money he found there several satisfactory electoral slips of paper of Emojis from another town. His joy disappeared immediately. He urgently had to look for tips, where from the electoral slips of paper came. Thus he searched the emergency number of his boss. After he found, he still wanted to find tips to the origin the luggage. On the electoral slips of paper the deputy looked for the location of the polling places. For this purpose he got his magnifying glass. Really he found somewhere the symbol of the town. Finally, he could inform Emojis and own boss about his problem. The persons responsible in Emoji Pillows reacted strongly angry about the inability of the Emojis to bring the electoral slips of paper to the right place. When this case nationally was known in the mass media on the subject, it became too embarrassing for Emoji Symbols. The same miser who already helped the Emojis from Middle Finger Emoji before offered his help. Thus he flew with his saucer to the tax authority and got all luggage. Then he brought all electoral slips of paper regardless on the island. At short notice after several breakdowns policemen had to renounce in other towns population protection. Instead, the protection of the remained electoral slips of paper was strengthened. Authorities recommended the use of compasses as an aid for better finding of the way. At this time Emojis still had to be patient. Finally, it still lasted some time, until the most successful candidate with most votes was announced in all mass media.


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Story: The first dictator was elected in Emoji



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