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Defendant shoots judge before court Saturn's

A defendant Tram leader killed in the courtroom in Saturn nine alien males with spider mites poison. Among them will be the chief judge Saturn. The culprit was for poisoning the trams (from the tram, several passengers voluntarily in the guaranteed death jump) in court and has since been arrested. The Tram leaders committed several crimes in recent times.
How different Saturn's media reports, it came on the eighth floor of the courthouse in Saturn to a gunfight. A defendant Tram leader allegedly killed during a court hearing nine Saturn males with a special poison spider mites gun, including the chief and most important judges of Saturn, a lawyer and several spiders, including some yellow witnesses. Ten other Saturn alien males were seriously injured, one of them was at war with the angel of death in a hospital Saturn's. For shooting it to have come to 11:11:11 clock in the morning. During this time happen on Saturn relatively often special events. Some researchers believe the effect of Saturn's rings on the brain of the population. The offender is charged with several offenses and entrenched himself at the courthouse. Later he succeeded with a truck to escape. Meanwhile, the offender could be arrested after a wild chase with the police.
"Suddenly we heard at least 25 between 34 shots," said the lawyer Ollec Ayly. "We are still wondering what is going on, as a large number of policemen showed up. They asked us not to leave the room and included us." After a few minutes they were again left out of the room and brought to the exit. "They told us, an armed Saturn male in suit and tie holding up in court."

Which penalties did tram leader committed automatic penalties yet?
The tram driver had have poisoned his tram on a Sunday evening before the next working day with asbestos. On Monday, the first passengers were in the tram. After several hours of driving multiple Saturn aliens suddenly felt unwell. Many of them broke the tram window, risking certain death by jumping from tram is traveling. Strangely, while almost all the passengers survived this adventurous jump from the speeding tram. The focus of the judicial proceedings in this case, but is just a victim of this jump. It is a 22-year-old alien woman who died as the only of many other passengers to 99 percent. The tram driver is suspected of having planned the crime in detail.
At the stop station Mount Saturn a young alien woman jumped out of a tram. She succumbed to her serious head injuries in the hospital. The police after having been informed of a witness.
A 22-year-old alien woman is on Monday morning in  Saturn Mount jumped from a tram. After eleven megabytes she succumbed in hospital to their serious head injuries, such as the local police said. The circumstances of the accident have been for a long time still completely unclear.
Shortly before 06.06 clock went into town a traveling Tram line Saturn Way into the stop station Mount Saturn. As there the passengers were so bad that they began to leap away from the tram. The young alien woman also jumped from the tram. The alien woman is said to have little experience in deep jump. This is the personal opinion of the tram leader. Finally, the other passengers survived because they jumped right from the moving tram. The young alien woman jumped out of the tram and hit her head on the ground. Police criticized this stupid theory of tram leader.
Another witness claimed that the tram guide knew this alien woman, and wanted to take revenge on her. That's why he still got up and went to the alien woman. The tram driver said to have given the alien woman personal instructions for proper jump.
They retired to severe injuries to the head. In an alarming condition the Saturn Miss was taken to hospital. There she succumbed to her injuries in the early evening.
The local police is still looking for other witnesses who can provide information on the incident. Opposite the lower police said an eyewitness, the alien woman had been pushed by an unknown alien from the tram.
Because of this statement, the focus of the investigation will also put on this aspect, said the lower policeman. In addition, the hospital will clarify whether possibly a medical problem that led to the sudden and false leap off the tram. This offense of tram leader brought him into the courthouse of Saturn. After the tram leaders still killed the most important judges of Saturn, all Saturn talk about this tram leader.



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