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Defendant shoots judge before court Saturn's

A defendant Tram leader killed in the courtroom in Saturn nine alien males with spider mites poison. Among them will be the chief judge Saturn. The culprit was for poisoning the trams (from the tram, several passengers voluntarily in the guaranteed death jump) in court and has since been arrested. The Tram leaders committed several crimes in recent times.
How different Saturn's media reports, it came on the eighth floor of the courthouse in Saturn to a gunfight. 😂🔗🍖🤚🕌🌉🅰️🚚🅰️🐻🚓🍷🌉👆🍷😦🕌🍖🅰️🌥💯🤚🤲🇺🇸🚯🍂🧖‍♀️🇺🇸🅰️🤛😛🤚🧖‍♀️🚪🇺🇸🕵🕴🤲👩‍⚖️.

Which penalties did tram leader committed automatic penalties yet?
The tram driver had have poisoned his tram on a Sunday evening before the next working day with asbestos. On Monday, the first passengers were in the tram. After several hours of driving multiple Saturn aliens suddenly felt unwell. Many of them broke the tram window, risking certain death by jumping from tram is traveling. Strangely, while almost all the passengers survived this adventurous jump from the speeding tram. The focus of the judicial proceedings in this case, but is just a victim of this jump. 🤣🌉🛑🚉🗻🅰️🧒👽👩😛🤚🅰️🚊😒🤯🏥🚓🤚👆🗝👽👩🕌🍖🌞🗻🅰️🚊🏥😒🤯🚓🤚🈶🅰️⌚.
Because of this statement, the focus of the investigation will also put on this aspect, said the lower policeman. In addition, the hospital will clarify whether possibly a medical problem that led to the sudden and false leap off the tram. This offense of tram leader brought him into the courthouse of Saturn. After the tram leaders still killed the most important judges of Saturn, all Saturn talk about this tram leader.



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