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Deselection of the Prince of Phobos and the king's document

After being voted out of the Prince of Phobos (moon of Mars) Fireless Paragraph was asked on a rainy day, as he would respond to his deselection by the voters. A dismissed member of the People's Prince Paragraph thinks during his tenure as Prince of Phobos, he issued a very special law on the automatic adoption of another important ministry through a deselected Prince. In addition, the then King promised him a generous financial compensation already at his discretion twelve years ago in a possible dismissal of the Prince. This document can not be changed by the will of the people. Even if the electorate is planning a demonstration against the deselected Fireless Paragraph because this particular document.
Why the deselected Prince remains so loose and still very satisfied?
😃🚽🔣👩‍💼🤚🅰️⏺🚽🙃🏰🦘🚮🤴🗳㊙️💼🤙💀🎗😅🗳😶🤲⏭🗳🚯👭🤴🤢🌉🤚🅰️😷 🕌🚶‍♀️🌓💛🎨🅰️🌔👭🌉⏩🍃🖕👒😷🤚🤴🎲👆.
According to information from the tax authorities currently receive 4 old-princes and two ex-kings of a retirement pension. However, old-kings can also do without their pension, as does about the 160-year-old ex-king. The tax authority has to personally visit according to an ancient law, all former kings. In addition, the tax authority must grant the tax earlier kings a discount of at least 66/3 percent.



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