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Deselection of the Prince of Phobos and the king's document

After being voted out of the Prince of Phobos (moon of Mars) Fireless Paragraph was asked on a rainy day, as he would respond to his deselection by the voters. A dismissed member of the People's Prince Paragraph thinks during his tenure as Prince of Phobos, he issued a very special law on the automatic adoption of another important ministry through a deselected Prince. In addition, the then King promised him a generous financial compensation already at his discretion twelve years ago in a possible dismissal of the Prince. This document can not be changed by the will of the people. Even if the electorate is planning a demonstration against the deselected Fireless Paragraph because this particular document.
Why the deselected Prince remains so loose and still very satisfied?
Fireless Paragraph stated: "When I was elected with almost 89, XXL percent in the office of Prince twelve years ago, all spoke of a record I was allowed to go down in history the political records of Mars and its surroundings, the then King Firewall Twenty.. rewarded my election result with this secret document. He promised me before his death that he would indeed support my re-election, but he remained realistic that he will no longer be up to the next election alive. He also did not want to nominate as his successor . Firewall Twenty died two years ago before the elections to be long ears king Firewall Twenty ill at the age of 106 years from a rare disease "rapidly growing in height ears" This disease is usually in the following steps:.. First the ears discolor in a grayish-yellow color. A week after this symptom begin ears relatively quickly to meet the sky. Every week the two ears grow at least as fast as leaves of trees in spring after hibernation. Mostly this disease takes a few months. But there are also exceptions. In the case of King Twenty ears grew very quickly indeed, but he could only die with 122 years.
So what left the late King Twenty Prince in the document?
Ex-Prince Fireless Paragraph had a ready answer. "I still have 26 months of my salary, as long as I can think about what I do in the future and how I react to my deselection," said the not entirely disappointed Fireless. The 91-year-old Paragraph is the first Prince of Phobos, who is financially secure for new rules of the late King: Since the disease of the former king of the incurable disease of growing ears old prince received in neighboring moons Phobos and Martian no life more compensation, but merely a severance payment in the form of most 44 months' pay, as Kwasi Masu, director of the Finance Department in an email writes to the angry voters. A prince from Phobos deserves currently 333'333 3/9 Bitcoins per year. The compensation varies depending on the age and tenure. It is also crucial if the departure is voluntary: If a prince as deselected in the case of Fireless Paragraph, the compensation is higher.
A look at the compensation table for the former Prince in Phobos shows: The totals vary considerably. Kick about a 100-year-old Prince after seven to fourteen years in office voluntarily, it is only one month's salary as a severance benefit. A 80-year-old prince, however, who is deselected in office after fifteen years, gets whole 44 months wages paid. According to Finance Director Kwasi Masu is based on the believe that it is particularly difficult in this age of a former prince, to find a new activity to the same income. With age, the compensation will smaller because, there would be corresponding income from the retirement age. Be compensated generous old prince because King Firewall Twenty was previously satisfied with the old rules. For the ancient princes of the obsolete legislation which outgoing prince get a lifetime allowance of 66 percent of salary after 70 years after Prince at least 13 years in office applies. Were they less time in office, the pension will be reduced accordingly. Rory Fire (89 years old) receives, according to the Finance Office about 62 percent, Troly Flosy (101 years old), the full 66 percent.
The often criticized as a "golden treasure" financial security of former Prince's Phobos commonplace: A survey of the local People's Daily "Phobos" was the beginning of the year that the survey respondents are very jealous of these golden treasures. A generous pension will also be paid out to the kings - until death. A king deserves currently 444'444 Bitcoins per year. After at least two years in office, he is entitled to a full compensation. This is half of a king wages, i.e. 222'222 Bitcoins per year. However, the rule wants an ex-king no longer deserves as an active king. If this is the case, the retirement pension will be reduced by 111 Bitcoins.
According to information from the tax authorities currently receive 4 old-princes and two ex-kings of a retirement pension. However, old-kings can also do without their pension, as does about the 160-year-old ex-king. The tax authority has to personally visit according to an ancient law, all former kings. In addition, the tax authority must grant the tax earlier kings a discount of at least 66/3 percent.



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