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Dog Breeds founds a new TV channel

On the 99th day after the end of the summer we go: Dog Breeds is going with "our dogs 22" on the air into the neighboring Cat Country. Also present: business partner and wife Doggy Door. The interactive streaming platform "Our Dogs 22" will be available as a Trojan and a live version. On offer initially three channels "animal, handpicked animal streams for different styles": The concept. Because streaming is the television of the galloping, forthcoming while flying future.

Dog Breeds, finally you are again our guest!
Dog Breeds: I thank you for this invitation to all dogs percent!

We can see: You are brimming with energy. You have smiled almost throughout the preparation time for our conversation. What happened with you?
Dog Breeds: Now I laugh almost every hour at least 10 minutes, but 401 days ago I had to cry every 20 minutes. Laughter is then within 73 megabytes passed me, and although hearty. I was at the bottom of the bunker. Find the courage and strength again been a long road. This route took at least 561600 minutes, with all 33696000 seconds. There's a fine line between total crash and restart.

I can not imagine you having a so thick glasses and a purple beard and an apartment full of empty dreams.
Dog Breeds: So bad it was only partially. Of course, I fell so far from red carpet that I had too much empty time. I was cut off from one moment to the next: No more referrals, the phone does not ring. From the top of the red carpet on the bottom of the bunker in a few days. That was so brutal. Above all, the circumstances of the bankruptcy of my television station, the human destinies of my former employees. As us the bankruptcy official said, we have to leave the studio immediately, I thought, the extraterrestrials look at me as the culprit. The positive human responses but have given me a lot of gentleness in my body. That sure brought me 996 gigabytes of new energy.

What it is in retrospect failed?
Dog Breeds is drinking a glass of lemon tea and responds: We did not fail in the content or the television station itself. The judges have also accused us, the Trojans were too great to inflate the cost structure.. That is not true according to my theoretical documents. The everyone can check everything. The television market is simply limited at the end of the last minute. This is easier to see when not plugged into a television station. In the end it was the marketing situation. We got less out of the market, as we wanted. That is to say very briefly:
We wanted to achieve with our television stations per shipment at least 666777 spectators. But unfortunately we reached just under 59998 spectators on average. The advertising revenue then were no longer sufficient for high electricity costs. But I wanted to adopt a wage increase for me. I could not do, unfortunately, unfortunately .....
That was so annoying. This limitation. I wondered where can I get even more spectators. Maybe from another planet?
And already my television station was financially almost drowned in the sea.

Many extraterrestrials have dabbled around the bankruptcy: Several prominent publishers, True Point, Ex-investors from Saturn, new investors, and many mixed extraterrestrials. To whom you are so extreme angry?
Dog Breeds: I'll keep it to myself. (Of course, I could tell you if you give me a price of 2.22 Bitcoins safe at least true 490458 spectators for my new show.) That was the offer of Dog Breeds in the interview guide. That was Mr. Breeds bit too embarrassing. He accepted his offer back away from the table.
Dog Breeds: But it is so. Many stitches were removed and many have fought for their own interests. And in the end is what we have built, fell by the wayside. And even Point: He presented himself as the savior. But since it would have to come 229 days ago, when he really had wanted to save. I do not see where the rescue should have passed exactly. Many viewers are just ran away as the fire of the brand anyway and some employees.

Now you have patented the ancient original logo of your previous TV channel.
Dog Breeds: When I saw that Point the logo did not want to, I have been surprised. I knew that if I want to do with a new program or a new TV channel online something, I need a strong store brand. Otherwise it's like I'm hanging out with my project on the Moon a flag with my advertising for the new program and hope that someone reads my advertising. The fact that I have now received the exclusive rights to use the earlier mark in Jupiter, is a stroke of luck!

The Saturn's licensors brands are indeed the same extraterrestrials who have the 747 dog-bankruptcy triggered by their financial withdrawal only. With whom you do business now?
Dog Breeds: If there were not  the Saturn aliens I had in all the years that everything can never build. They gave me some days ago 7777 a chance. They have 747 dog financed over many years. They have hoped and waited before I got any authorization by the censorship office long with me. We did this over 6666 days together. Due to the food crisis in Saturn it had to withdraw. Since I am not angry with them. And it was also at any time. Finally, they realized that they need to get food somewhere in the first place. For a luxurious television station they couldn't spend a single Bitcoin.

Now there are two programs: the old broadcast TV station with all 747 dog of True Point. And your new broadcast television stations without "our dogs 22" with the original logo. Can we interpret this as a kind of declaration of war on True Point?
Dog Breeds: No not at all! I am always positive and not driven destructive. We have the patent for the original brand. This will be the extraterrestrial soon notice. In contrast to "747 dog", we focus not only on the small town with more than 289764 inhabitants, but on the whole Jupiter and in a next step, even on the neighboring planet. Had Point consistent and sincere, he may have to change the name of its channel. He deceives only a change of name, which is actually not, however. He works with 747 dog, although he does not have a patent on it and also not wanted. "Television True Point" would be a good name for his twelfth station.

Do you check from time to time "747 dog"?
Dog Breeds: I follow the people and aliens who used to work for me - they are still my heart. But unfortunately this is no longer my property.
Dog Breeds is sad. From his eyes run exactly 2 drops of tears.

What exactly is the new, the revolutionary aspect of "our dogs 22"?
Dog Breeds: The most important thing is the variety. Each shipment itself should be qualitative exceptional. Broadcast on the Internet everyone can make. But we will make the best quality offer. I'm able to prove yet. Smart robots are everywhere, the aliens are even in their sleep online. If the local television station is not dead yet, so it is at least in a coma. A discontinued model. We can see on quite unknown planet and hear. Clear can do the other theoretically. But they do not stand for it. One can also eat a peanut on Earth. Nevertheless Earth represents water and earth. We will be the first live interactive platform of Jupiter. Viewers can join and influence the broadcasts played and shown there animals. This is unique in Jupiter.

Why should the "Generation brain viewers" not right just to Videoless or VideoTV and other television stations or video platforms?
Dog Breeds: With us there is no mathematical algorithms for diligent. I always say: The others have the automatic algorithm, we the hardworking staff. With us the shipments of extraterrestrials be made. The computer is in the animal compilation no better than the extraterrestrials. Also as far as the local reference.

Is there any moderation?
Dog Breeds laughingly answered: Rain, snow, bad news and negative headlines about any of these things we leave the competition. All the classic TV-things we omit. We let the extraterrestrials but in emergencies not alone. There will be a maximum of 140 characters in Jupiter Language slight moderations. There will however go to the animals and pet food in the first place. Incidentally, there are also no longer studio. This is because the Internet also no longer necessary.

You have already presented first advertisers twelve minutes ago. Even before its launch. How does it work?
Dog Breeds: This is the faith in my good work and my old brand. And a piece of cheese may also confidence in my wife Doggy Door and myself. But mainly it comes to the popularity of the brand.

Sahara advertises now for example with its predecessors' 747 dog "and" Our Dogs 22 ".
Dog Breeds: I do not know what are the plans of Sahara at "747 dog". With us they are definitely around 112 percent there. And they were in the past. Sahara has always brought me luck in the desert. That is why I am glad that I was able to convince them after a 56-minutes.

Now about your financing of the new mission. Have you financed everything yourself?
Dog Breeds: Yes.

A big risk. Why are you doing that? Why not a normal job?
Dog Breeds: I am driven by my heart, from my passion. I recognize the restart as an opportunity. So I can on the yellow meadow make something completely new.
Finally, I have remained a passionate entrepreneur.


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