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Earth crisis- interview with Para Dise

To defuse the Earth crisis the various States must set planet far a sign. Correspondent of the newspaper "Free Uranus" Para Dise talks about the upcoming Galaxy crisis summit in Helium with Sweasy26.

The power-hungry Galaxy States meet in Helium in 89 minutes, to discuss a plan to defuse the Earth crisis in the region of several planets. What demands are the most important?
Para Dise takes his book and reads aloud: First, more financial resources and more ships and helicopters for the program "underground gold treasures", explore with the extraterrestrials to Earth on littering. In addition, the soil must be freed from ancient ruins. Second, military operations against the earth polluters whose business model is to be destroyed or at least severely impaired. Third, recycled all waste found under the ground. That would relieve the Earth and finally the environment heavily. Fourth, too many waste (Professor Doctor in Earth Sciences in the University environment in Uranus) are simply thrown on the ground in accordance with the Uranus aliens tip tube on the planet Earth. The Earth is in accordance with its estimations on the first place in the pollution. For waste suction are required. Whether earthlings would be willing to cooperate with the Uranus in this field, Professor Tip Pipe needs to find out in advance by using a mathematical formula.

Will the measures bring something?
Para Dise is leafing through his book and looking for an answer. He shouts for joy: I have found the answer to your question luckily on the third page. It is probably more a matter of following the tragedy, in which several terabytes were polluted planet far to earth to make a political statement. This is comparable to the situation after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, according to the calendar of the earthlings. Politicians must do so, as they would do something for such events. That this changes something, I doubt it. But it is also not the goal of this meeting that an earth polluters to solve once and for all. The aim is to give on paper homework for other extraterrestrials and other beings. Of course, the earth protection by independent organizations or the army should be controlled. In Pluto the protection equipment is working fine.

So far, the Galaxy has been shown in the Earth crisis little agreement. The Saturn's government is more committed to protecting the Earth from the dirt, what about Mars and Venus have been rejected. Are there any signs that can be found in a uniform line in the meeting?
Para Dise calls wait of Sweasy26. Now he finds in his table of contents also an appropriate response to this question.
The power-hungry will certainly try to paper over the cracks as possible. But the different interests are naturally made. The earth protection plan comes most planets a bit counter and represents only a least common goal of various rulers. Together is the awareness that we finally have to do something to protect the planet against further pollution caused by waste. In particular, on the planet Earth. Otherwise the conservation army with an earth-wide natural disaster intervention.

Why the Galaxy does not return to Saturn's Program for the protection of the earth "Good bye littering of the Past" back, which has been relatively successful?
Para Dise answers this time surprisingly quickly: Because many planets are of the opinion, the program was an arrogant invitation to earth polluters. If criminals know that the earth is only partially clean, they could steal these parts of the earth. Thus, the lack of high valuable and good earth would be much larger. The earth thieves would try everything, the earth to sell at a maximum price. That would be a painful case for agriculture.

Para Dise becomes afraid of his own statement. He takes a piece of bread and cut into ten unequal parts. Then he eats some bread and asked a new question.

First you put on ban of littering, then ban all pollution agents, now the pendulum seems again a bit to kick in the other direction. The acts without concept.
Para Dise is thinking about an answer. He counts from 1 to 6 and replies: It's a bit of both. What seeks the Galaxy with the new plan is a compromise between the previous program "Good bye littering of the Past" and the current program "No Littering". The mandate with "No Littering" involved is not revoked, but equipped with better and more modern broom.

Injured Galaxy in this crisis their own lofty goals of the past?
Para Dise looks at the clock and responds: This question is so boring that I do not want it respond. I soon my appointment with a brain doctor.

Good. We have not yet made all of our questions.
What impact will the Earth crisis on quality of life?
Para Dise is drinking a bottle of cherry juice with all the contents of at least 56 megabytes and answers: The crisis demonstrates yet the failure of past efforts to protect the earth. The dirt prevents the best vegetables and fruits of their growth. This makes the event the quality of life planets far in many regions.
This is of course easy to say of me, but it begs the question of the alternatives. One would as mentioned therein to redistribute the earth for a specific key on all Galaxy -members with a mixture of water and methane. But you can not force people and aliens against their will to send more waste to other planets by mail if you prefer to dispose of their garbage by Mars, Mercury or Pig Farm. It with dictatorship to change anything, is difficult. Even Mercury aliens wanted to drive with military measures the earth polluters. Even after their death, the earth polluters came to Mercury and soiled there the earth, so strong that Mercury plunged into a several months of hunger and significantly depleted.

How strong is among the Galaxy-power hungry the fear of being replaced by a too loose nature conservation policies of their opponents?
Para Dise laughs softly: This fear certainly plays a role. On one hand, one wants to save earthlings before earth polluters, on the other hand wants to deter them from illegally enter into the other planets to earth polluters. A diplomat has just told me that if we reach the limit of 999 terabytes of earth polluters, then it gets really bad. So after earth crisis then comes the hunger crisis, and the fruits and vegetables are already poisoned in such a case wholly or partly.

Neptune has enforced a rigorous military action against earth polluters and thus far succeeded. Today, hardly anyone dares to Neptune, the earth is not a time with a dirty finger touch. Are such measures at the meeting an issue?
Para Dise takes a piece of candy in his hand and answered: No. Neptune is much too independent. In the history books I read once about a case where an earth polluter his eight fingers were printed with multiple stones away. This hard case caused great fear among recent earth polluters. Thereafter, as a precautionary measure more surveillance cameras have been declared by the supreme rulers of the planet to a conservation area at each earth station at Neptune. Many of earth polluters were also very severe penalties in Neptune.
So now I have to run to the brain doctor.

Para Dise stands up from his chair. He looks left and right and at the clock. He counts from 1 to 66 and runs straight.



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