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Emoji after the election of the first dictator

The next day the dictator elective anew visited different enterprises after his victory. Thus he visited the keyboard production factory of Emoji Keyboard.
Several losers by the elections tried to persuade Emojis, to offer resistance against the dictator elective anew. Religious leaders in Venus wanted to use this unsafe time. Thus they sent several well prepared canvassers. The special in them was that they were able to do the language Emoji L. Finally, these canvassers studied under the Emojis in the former Circus Union at a university in Emoji List. Moreover, they knew different specialities of the Emojis from their study time. This time as opposed to other publicity campaigns Venus wanted to proceed very carefully. These canvassers had to make friends with local Emojis. Thus they should win their trust. Thus they founded together with seven Emojis a restaurant in Middle Finger Emoji in the city centre.
Their strategy was the distribution of the small books from the Venus into local language to hungry Emojis together with the menu.
Some Emojis thought that it was an additional menu. At least, acquisitive Emojis took these books in their pockets. They thought that they had a claim to these books. Some Emojis thought that they stole these books. Above all Emojis with Saturn's roots took these books. They were partially shocked. Finally, Saturn had left bequeath another religion to these Emojis. In Venus a religious leader praised the successful publicity campaign in the restaurant. He planned similar action to carry out at another place. Thus canvassers had to fly to Japanese Emoji. In comparison to other towns most Emojis were Japanese-speaking here. That's why they did not understand what they got. They thanked with a friendly smile the aliens from the Venus for the small books. Falsely some canvassers landed in the religious city of Heart Eyes Emoji with their books. After the last incident a special police was founded for the protection of the local religion. Thus policeman controlled every book on foreign undesirable religions. That's why these canvassers were arrested. All books had to confiscate the police. Gathered lawyers discussed the future of Emoji after the adventurous election of the first dictator on the previous day. Suddenly the lawyers were contacted by the elective dictator by telephone. He required from them that they write a law in the legislation of the country against criminal Emojis. Moreover, the dictator wanted to punish his opponents quite hard. Thus he wanted to strengthen his power. Moreover, he looked for the accountants who should calculate the future income from the tax authority for him.
Gathered lawyers sat down at the round table and considered how they should punish politically motivated damage to property. Exceptionally the television might not broadcast live their meeting. Finally, the dictator commanded an unbelieving strengthening of the censorship authority.
Several stingy aliens from the Jupiter got to know about the election of the dictator in Emoji in their mass media. That's why they wanted to profit financially from this event. Thus several misers came to Emoji Meaning. They wanted to sell radar traps to the Emojis. Moreover, they guaranteed the Emojis that they generated very high income with these devices. Also the dictator elective anew got to know about this dreamlike source of income. He wanted to order nearly 11274 devices from the Jupiter. With his seizure of power Emojis were supervised increasingly with the purpose to get sometime them by an offence against the law. Of course the dictator also visited the planet earth in different continents. He also studied as governments got rich in their population. This inspired him. Thus Emojis became more and more by cheated excuses of the dictator his biggest source of income.
Moreover, many prohibition signs inspired him in the biggest city of Jupiter.
Thus he commanded the gathered lawyers to invent many complicated bans. Emojis should thereby be able to be punished easier.
The musician Monkey Emoji had to hide all old newspapers somewhere in a subterranean bunker. His related Devil Emoji commanded to him to do this. Finally, the ketchup entrepreneur feared that the elective dictator would take away his enterprise. In the interim Devil Emoji wanted to analyse his plans more exactly as he could strip of power the elective dictator. For this purpose he visited a magician in Star Emoji. He explained the following possibilities to him: A bloody coup attempt like on the planet earth is carried out. He did not like this. He wanted a better advice. The magician recommended the repetition of the dropping of old newspapers with the next possibility. He liked this. In Pluto a programmer sent a better idea to the enterpriser. He should make conviction work with the Emojis. Thus he sent his followers to the Emojis and aliens. The first dictator visited his adviser for right political behaviour in Emoji List. His adviser recommended him that he should be steeped in tradition in the television of the population. The first dictator decided to buy thereon the national bread 🍠. Then he commanded to the state television to show him with eating of the national bread 🍠.
Thus long time instead of the advertising breaks, the eating dictator was shown. Many Emojis felt big hunger and overran all baker's. The national bread 🍠 experienced big popularity. Emojis should concentrate psychologically upon their true values. Thus was the confidential message of the first dictator. In a confidential document of the dictator stood also the aim to lower the wages of the Emojis clearly. Thus he wanted to strengthen the competitiveness of the country according to the model of the countries of the planet earth. For this purpose he analysed the wages of different countries on the planet Halloween. After a careful check he found out that at some places of the planet the employees were much more favourable. Thus he decided to flood the job market with cheap manpower. Thus he could reach the lowering of the wages about 40 percent. This plan was the biggest secret of the first dictator. He could reach this, although his term of office was very short. Thus he gave a lot of working approvals for foreign manpower. His hands hurt from so much work. He wanted to make sure in such a way that he could profit as an entrepreneur from this possibility later himself.
Most Emojis were dealt with other subjects and could be persuaded of an economic crisis. Thus many bosses still saved with the diligent Emojis.
Moreover, the first dictator feared that Emojis would hinder him in his work. That's why he ordered in Mercury several garrottes. This order was concealed by the censorship authority before the people.
Thus the first dictator wanted to threaten his opponents. At least, there was no dead person by garrottes. Rather the first dictator used this as threatening means against his opponents. For this purpose he used a space as a prison. There sat his opponents on garrottes and were tied up. One day thus a good friend of Devil Emoji landed on a garrotte. At least, he could inform his boss by a confidential signal. This was not easy. Many victims were traumatised by this punishment psychically. Finally, they thought that one day the first dictator killed them. He did not plan this. He wanted to work not so brutally like the First Horror Clown in public. The application of the garrottes became public, nevertheless. That's why the first dictator had to finish his term of office early. Gathered lawyers decided to settle a prison sentence for political criminals on 124 days under pressure of the dictator. Several Emojis reacted to the visit of the first dictator at a university in Emoji List with a record in Dictaphones. Every student wanted to record the speech of the first dictator. For this purpose several shops with electronics were overrun by Emojis. They bought micro cassettes. A former candidate for state dictatorship who officially became a second after the winner decided to fly together with his followers with a gas balloon on the roof of the university. With other Emojis he hit the window of that space where the first dictator spoke long time before students.
The new ruler of Emoji reacted a little bit confused. He started to speak about a subterranean bunker for caught Emojis and aliens. Suddenly the destroyers of the window panes appeared beside the first dictator. The second-placed hid on the roof and pursued the reactions in the hall. The first dictator reproved these Emojis as disrespectful beings which would have to walk for 1122 days in the prison. Thus he commanded to deal to the rector with these Emojis. Finally, they destroyed the window panes. The followers of the second-placed reacted fast and took several books from the shelves and pelted the dictator and the rector. Not a single one student interfered with this case.
This criticised the dictator and the rector together. Moreover, they organised a mass invitation of the journalists. The aim was to show the first dictator as a regular victim of his opponents on television. This time he commanded the use of the garrottes for caught Emojis who pelted him with books. They were arrested close to Emoji Meaning. Devil Emoji and his fans rejoiced when they got to know about an attack by another grouping of Emojis on the state television. At least, Saturn's aliens from their planet on command of the opponents sent a threatening letter to the first dictator. In Middle Finger Emoji all advertising aliens from the Venus were filtered out by a purge of the first dictator. They were put on garrottes. This time religious Emojis found out that the new dictator could arrest religious canvassers from the Venus. This news was for many Emojis and aliens only good among many negative headlines.


The first dictator was elected in Emoji

Story: The first dictator was elected in Emoji

May Emojis smuggle goods for own need without problems?

Story: May Emojis smuggle goods for own need without problems?



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