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Emoji Animals

Emoji Animals is a trade fair for animal husbandry, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine and the most important exhibition of animal in Emoji. This trade fair was established because of a conflict with the vegetable growers and fruit farmers 9878 days ago. In this exhibition are mainly hunters, butchers and meat traders to the organizers. Only the dairy industry has remained at the Emoji Farmers. Despite the conflict with the other farmers of the Meat Association and Hunters' Association organized the exhibition for financial and organizational reasons, during the time of the original trade fair for agriculture. The special thing about this show, that one can watch for a fee of 12 Bitcoins with a hunter and butcher together at work. The fee is mediocre by international standards. But for relationships by the Kingdom Emoji the fee is very high. In this exhibition the misers from the Jupiter are represented above average. While Martians belong to the second most important represented the meat trade, real Emojis are rather in the minority. 🌹😋😅🍽🕌🎮🦆1️⃣ 🛍1️⃣ 🍖☺️🤚🕌👛🤚🍖🍀🌻🍽️🎮️1️⃣ 🥫🛒1️⃣🥩0️⃣.0️⃣9️⃣🔁🥩. Not even veterinarians are involved. The meat traders must meet very many prerequisites for attending Emoji Animals. For this purpose, each participant needs a verified ID and passed exam at the University of Flesh Beings. In some cases, a doctor working in the meat sector, cattle breeding, hunting or veterinary medicine is required. Most Jupiter aliens meet this prerequisite very rare. The only exceptions are veterinarians from Jupiter, who had studied veterinary medicine.


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