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Emoji Books

Emoji Books is a possibility to present book authors their books. This exhibition was approved by the Minister for fantasy promote personal with the signatures of both hands. 6556 days ago, the Minister of Culture complained about the lack of imagination of the population. The reason was the flooding on the book market by many foreign books. In particular, the Salted Cucumbers flooded the book market with their books. For this reason, the imagination of Emojis had to be urgently promoted. Thanks to this exhibition many excellent authors have been discovered. But remained unforgettable also the participation of the media entrepreneur Big Face 4689 days ago. At that time he was allowed to open the exhibition with a speech. He told the story spontaneously from his childhood with the taxi driver. But then he wanted to tell about his travels with the old Emoji. He was interrupted by the organizer. This said that according to this second program a well-known author should present his new book. Then Big Face responded with a question: "Who is of familiar than I in this business? “
This caused an increase in mood. Many visitors present laughed at least 488 seconds long. In this book fair books are presented from different categories. There are also introduced reference books. In addition, foreign authors will present their works.

One day in Emoji Books a writer from the Saturn presented his newest book. Therein it was about the construction of a profitable tax authority. The book also was called in such a way: Get rich with own tax authority. The Saturn alien explained that first a big building should be built. Moreover, one needs several friends for this purpose. On finishing the mighty building the future levy entrepreneur needs several soldiers.
These soldiers must force the population to the payment of the taxes. Otherwise they must blackmail the people and threaten. When Big Face heard about that, he applied for the road instruction of the criminal writer. Finally, a levy ban is valid in Emoji in this form. The money belonged the Emojis and the living extraterrestrials in kingdom Emoji. On the other hand a writer from the Neptune spoke about his newest book on the subject "Curative plants from the Neptune". He told about the fact that there was a plant in Neptune.
This plant could be used very many-sided against different illnesses. Who was interested in the name of the plant, the book had to buy of course in Emoji Books.
A building contractor from the Uranus told in Emoji Books about wire strippers. In his newest book he describes what one could make with it. With wire stripper one is able to strip cables. In Uranus these tools are very often used for electric leaders. An Emoji from Emoji Meanings told about the subject "Dust".

Moreover, he presented in his newest book different professional solutions for the dust fight in a city. Emoji Books also offers possibilities for professors to describe their specialist books. One day among them was a physics professor. He spoke whole 222 minutes abou the connection of 1212 microatoms and invisible transparent microbes. An Acrobat from the Circus Country presented his book about acrobatics. In the book fair Emoji Books not only intellectuals meet, but among the writers there are many daydreamers.
Among them was also a writer about the violet bananas. He came from the star Kepler-46. However, he required from beginning that all visitors of his talk should absolutely wear glasses. The author brought the glasses even from his native country. Emoji Books is also known for the big variety in books. Basically almost every visitor can find something for his taste. The tourism minister Monkey Emoji uses every time the book fair Emoji Books to advertise actively for tourism books about the kingdom Emoji.
More than 2222 days ago he spoke quite officially in the book fair about several cities of Emoji. As a tourism minister he wrote even several books with many nice pictures of the most important places of interest of the kingdom Emoji. The researchers of the tourism office tried to find out ones whether this engagement of Monkey Emoji brought something. For the home tourism to Emoji they could still deliver no results. However, for the researchers is clear: The tourism minister could influence the popularity of the Emojis on the planet earth strongly.
Maybe a person from the planet earth was among the visitors of Emoji Books. However, this was completely excluded from the researchers, actually. The reason: No one can fly by an airplane to Emoji. Also a rocket is hardly helpful here. Maybe some stingy Jupiter aliens sold books to earthlings who visited the book fair Emoji Books. All the same what happened, Emojis remained in the vast majority as visitors of the book fair Emoji Books.
One day a spy from the Venus explained before the mass media that he observed several misers from the Jupiter as sellers of the books from Emoji Books on the planet earth with his telescope. However, this news interested no Emoji and no local visitor of the book fair Emoji Books. Big resonance found with many visitors (above all for historians of the modern history of Emoji) the book about the life of the entrepreneur Tycoon from Middle Finger Emoji. Finally, tried Horror Clowns to catch regularly the entrepreneur for research purposes.
Who reads with pleasure, should absolutely visit Emoji Books with possibility.



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