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Emoji Clothing

The 4,844,404 plates long Emoji Clothing is a stream whose course runs through Circus Country, Emoticons and Emoji. It is one of the largest rivers in Halloween and since investment of eight locks to around 3/4 of its area navigable.

Why is called the river Emoji Clothing?
The Emoji Clothing has repeatedly experienced a change in name. From the ancient Generous and other extraterrestrials the river was named as "generous flow". So the Generous were trying mark their domination in the region. Later wanted the Venus aliens miss the river has its own name. They failed with the naming so much that no one knows how they wanted to rename the river Emoji Clothing. After the attempted conquest of all beaches around the river and the Allergies wanted to give the river its own name. After all, a note was found under a skeleton. Therein was a drawing of the river named XBB. The drawing must have been created by a professional illustrator. Even at the last minute researchers were able to detect the geometric shape of Emoji Clothing. The old Jupiter aliens called the river "wealth of water". So many misers came from Jupiter and tried the water from the river to Jupiter to smuggle. In Jupiter Misers, sold the water as an "unique product from another planet". Later the river was also known as "water of Mercury". That was in the days when the emperor and the food revolutionary Chips Conquerors from Mercury tried to designate several areas planet far as Mercury. After the Emperor of Mercury more Smiles, Emoticons, Emojis and Clowns came to the beaches of the river Emoji Clothing. They began to play. They played an unknown game. But the winner of the game was allowed to invent the name for the river.
However, the losers could give suggestions to the winner. At this time, sat an Emoji with strange clothes and won the game. The loser said to him: Emoji Clothing!!!!
The winner liked the name. So the players called the river as it is still called today. That's not surprising. This name survived several interesting and hard regime under other Horror Clowns in Circus Country. The First Horror Clown one day said in an interview on this subject: "The name of the river is a bit unfortunate, but as a clown from the Circus Country it is responsible, I'm going to do anything about it I have to do more important things than me to deal with the names of the rivers. "The Salted Cucumbers accepted officially named in their parliament. After a heated discussion the Salted Cucumbers were the name Emoji Clothing in each geography books. Allergies try the name XBB everywhere under the river to write in geography books. They do not want to accept that the river was "later renamed". They threaten even the Emojis an unqualified war if they do not rename the river in XBB. The strong blast of war accessories of Allergies caused by Pluto aliens. Allergies had to take their threat into their own State archives.
The Misers from the Jupiter are trying through diplomatic channels to the water from the river Emoji Clothing occur. The negotiations were in secret meetings not only in Emoji, Smile, Emoticons, but also in the Circus Country. The Horror Juggler wants to strengthen the possible function of the Circus Country at any cost. For this reason he agreed to sell the water from the river to the Misers. Mercury tried to somehow get to the water from Emoji Clothing. Due to strong depletion of this Generous attempt to benefit from the river even to date. The location of the Generous has deteriorated so much that the Generous hardly can afford more toilet paper. The Misers from the Jupiter forbade the Generous produce the money themselves. Thus the Generous of the Misers in its monetary policy are entirely dependent. The Generous demand free access to the river. The Misers threaten Generous with harsh sentences if they bring natural water from the river Emoji Clothing "for free". Horror Juggler wants to use it. He wants to make an offer to Generous. This should join the Circus Country. This in turn not like the Salted Cucumbers. They fear the unlimited power of the clowns. Emoticons and Smiles are using the water from the river for different purposes. From drinking water to the hydroelectric power plants.

Economic importance of Emoji Clothing
At least 1246 fishermen catch fish around the river. Many ships produce clean electricity for households in Emoji, Smile, Emoticons and Circus Country during their trip. Many researchers are also looking after the calcium in the water. The calcium is sold for a lot of money to the beverage producer. The Corsair Moonlight Killer was always every seventh day in the autumn on the river road. He was looking through binoculars mineral resources in Emoji Clothing. He found claims to a fork and a spoon around nine steps under the water. The two things were adorned in silver with genuine diamonds. There is also a special internet portal in Emoji around the river. The website, however, can only be made available for very advanced extraterrestrials. In Emoji exist many tourist companies that accompany the visitors around the river there. In addition, they must be careful that the extraterrestrial guest entrains no natural products such as earth, stones, shells and other creatures. On several beaches in front of the river there are hotels, which are operated among others with the Misers from the Jupiter. A hotel owner from the Jupiter suddenly demanded admittance fee to the river Emoji Clothing. This resulted in a great anger among the Emoji. They forced their army against the hotel owner to proceed. The top soldier of the army sent 68 soldiers to the hotel owner. The Miserly hotel owner was arrested. All the money found under his pillow was confiscated. The authorities released the entire assets of the miserly hotel owner nationalize. After the political elite of Jupiter learned of this incident, this threatened tough measures against Emoji. Then the king of Emoji agreed with the Jupiter figure, release the stingy hotel owner. The revenue from the entrances to the river but were taken away.
In Jupiter, the former stingy hotel owner was hailed as a great hero. Because he is good at the price showed all abroad. In Jupiter, he was appointed Minister of Hotels. The water of the river is considered one of the best in the field of Emoji.

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