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Emoji Fly

Emoji Fly is officially appropriated aircraft manufacturer in the Kingdom. The company was passed at the beginning of an acrobat. In his time, the company built at least 5772 airplanes. In addition, the company built a lot of buses. The number was not authorized by the censors for publication abroad. In addition, the company was forced to build trains at the times of Horror Clowns. Currently the company produces the majority of flying saucers. There are also still flying drones. Most of the aircraft are built especially for foreign countries. Especially Mercury buys still very many planes. It is followed by Venus. There are also private aircraft buyers from Mars.

25,555 days ago the First Horror Clown woke up from sleep. He drank the yellow tee. He then recorded his idea on paper. It was the aircraft that he saw in his dreams. Then he ran out of the house. It was 3:00 o’clock in the morning. Most neighbors were still asleep. The First Horror Clown sat in a car and was chauffeured. In his secret office he began to write a note. Therein he drew a plan to build an airplane. After 442 minutes, his plan was ready. He sent his deputy to the acrobat. The acrobat was sentenced to head a new state-owned company from the Horror Clown. The company should build the aircraft according to the sketch of the ruler. Then geologists had to look for a suitable place looking for the company throughout the country. After 297 days of the proposal was on the table of the First Horror Clowns to establish the new company in Emoji. The proposal was examined by all ministers precisely with a magnifying glass. Thereafter, the First Horror Clown gave the founding command. The aircraft designer acrobat of the Circus Country was promoted by state command chief. 25,222 days ago a solid foundation for the company's Emoji Fly was organized by the state. The journalists were forcibly sent. They had the of First Horror Clowns command report live from Emoji. The planes were built along the lines of the ruler. The senior acrobat wanted to build buses and trains of the company. Then he had to wait for the written authorization of the First Horror Clowns. The ruler accepted the proposal. The new company brought freshness in the industry of the united countries.

After the death of the First Horror Clowns the headquarters of the company was transferred to the capital city Emoji SMS. At the times of the Second Horror Clowns tried to kidnap several finished aircraft Saturn aliens from the factory. They threatened the pilots. Later, around 18 aircraft landed on Saturn's rings. The ruler learned of the hijacking of the aircraft only after 124 minutes. Then he sent at least 4,987,321 soldiers of his circus army to Saturn. The Saturn aliens were so frightened that they all went in search of the stolen aircraft. The hijackers put their pilots about 89 giraffes deeper in the underground bunker. The kidnappers colored with green water all aircraft. Then they could still fly to the moon. The Second Horror Clown felt great powerlessness in this case. He was under great pressure, not being able to reach the level of the First Horror Clowns. Then he decided to go in search of the thieves himself. He had a magnetic device with him. This inherited him the First Horror Clown in a will. He studied about 45 minutes, the instruction manual. Then he sat down in a yellow airplane. The aircraft had to fly back but for safety reasons. Then the ruler had to change into a green aircraft branded Emoji Fly. He was with his top circus officers. The military pilot had the flight license. The Second Horror Clown activated his magnetic device during flight. Then the plane began to make comical movements to the left and right. The military pilot shouted and demanded all the devices off at once. The Second Horror Clown refused to execute the command of the military pilots. Then the green airplane was pulled within 124 seconds to the moon. There ended the green airplane.
The thieves were happy that someone stole a plane nor from the production of Emoji Fly. Then all the passengers got out off the plane. Outside were waiting joyful Saturn aliens. They congratulated the Second Horror Clown and his team for the successful theft. The ruler understood immediately that he found the right thieves. The thieves wanted along with the clown and his people this celebration. While the Saturn aliens set the table, the ruler went to his people and said how to react. In the beginning they all sat down at the table with the thieves. Meanwhile, the Second Horror Clown counted the number of thieves. He told his people that not all were sitting at the table. At that time the ruler was called by the Circus Country. During this time he took the chance. He ordered the dispatch from other soldiers to the moon. Then he sat down to the table. Suddenly, the special unit came from the Circus Country. The elite soldiers began several hammer throw to the Saturn aliens. Besides, many thieves were injured. Some thieves came out of hiding and began the elite soldiers to shoot with rubber guns. Then the Second Horror Clown pressed on his magnetic device a button. He straightened his device in the direction of the thieves. All thieves lost their consciousness. The ruler ordered the merciless arrest of the thieves. All were arrested later in an underground bunker. They wanted to get food. The only condition was the release of the pilots.
Thereafter, some thieves were released for a short time with a hidden observer in their body. The pilots and the planes were all taken to their original location.
The thieves tried to hijack airplanes in their freedom again. This time, the system automatically raised the alarm. The recidivists were within 24 seconds with the circus police arrested all. This time, all the thieves were hiding deep alive in a bunker without benefits. There they were given no food. They had to eat their fingernails.
Later, the company Emoji Fly began to build flying saucers and flying drones. The aircraft will be less and less in demand. In addition, the company is working on the invention of new air transport in his laboratory. The company employs approximately 1689 employees. When Devil Emoji was not yet king of the land, he took over the company. After taking power, he let the aircraft manufacturer Emoji Fly to nationalize 55 percent. The remainder may be sold to selected investors.



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