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Emoji Fly

Emoji Fly is officially appropriated aircraft manufacturer in the Kingdom. The company was passed at the beginning of an acrobat. In his time, the company built at least 5772 airplanes. In addition, the company built a lot of buses. The number was not authorized by the censors for publication abroad. 🚆×🤡🚽👷‍♀️🌉🤚🤡.

25,555 days ago the First Horror Clown woke up from sleep. He drank the yellow tee. He then recorded his idea on paper. It was the aircraft that he saw in his dreams. Then he ran out of the house. It was 3:00 o’clock in the morning. Most neighbors were still asleep. The First Horror Clown sat in a car and was chauffeured. In his secret office he began to write a note. Therein he drew a plan to build an airplane. After 442 minutes, his plan was ready. He sent his deputy to the acrobat. The acrobat was sentenced to head a new state-owned company from the Horror Clown. The company should build the aircraft according to the sketch of the ruler. 🤡👑👩🥇👑⏱️👩💬👤☠️➕👩⬅️🤴👑🧔👤⬅️👨⬅️💡👑👩.

After the death of the First Horror Clowns the headquarters of the company was transferred to the capital city Emoji SMS. At the times of the Second Horror Clowns tried to kidnap several finished aircraft Saturn aliens from the factory. They threatened the pilots. Later, around 18 aircraft landed on Saturn's rings. The ruler learned of the hijacking of the aircraft only after 124 minutes. Then he sent at least 4,987,321 soldiers of his circus army to Saturn. 🤡🤚👸🥇👆🌉🎡🌓⌚👸🤴🇮🇹🕌🙏🤚👸.
Later, the company Emoji Fly began to build flying saucers and flying drones. The aircraft will be less and less in demand. In addition, the company is working on the invention of new air transport in his laboratory. The company employs approximately 1689 employees. When Devil Emoji was not yet king of the land, he took over the company. After taking power, he let the aircraft manufacturer Emoji Fly to nationalize 55 percent. The remainder may be sold to selected investors.



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