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Emoji List

This is the story about the town Emoji List. For the list of Emojis see: Emoji Dictionary. With this town it concerns an university town of the kingdom Emoji. In comparison to other towns much more universities per 1000 inhabitants exist in Emoji List. The reason for that was called by the historians the population from Pluto. In Emoji List live about 226,622 inhabitants. Mathematicians calculated the number of the inhabitants, however, at last 999 days ago. The number of the inhabitants could have changed. The urban parliament refuses to count the population anew.  The amount of work involved is too high, according to the grounds.


 Emoji List




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128,845 days ago the family of the misers from Allergies came to the area Emoji List. Some historians think that the roots of the family from the Saturn or Jupiter were. The town was founded on the command of the stingy family. The original aim was the protection from Cockroaches, Ants, Generous and other conquerors. All around the city Emoji List a wall was built. 123,370 days ago Cockroaches tried to conquer the town. They marched with their horses and donkeys. The Cockroaches were defeated successfully by the Allergies. Then trade with potatoes and pumpkins developed. Emoji List could grow above all thanks to trade of carrots further. The population at that time thought even about the naming in connection with the carrots. However, the rulers of the town refused. Moreover, civil punishments were introduced by the stingy family. In this manner the stingy family wanted to introduce a passive income legally in its favours. 114,975 days ago the extraterrestrials from the Saturn came to Emoji List. They examined the town with their microscope. They found out that in Emoji List hardly lived dangerous microbes. That's why they decided to transport so many microbes as possible to Saturn. They brought several bags, suitcases and other aid. They put the microbes in their aid. They tried to sell even the microbes in their home planet. An intelligent charlatan bought the microbes in Saturn. Later he processed them in a confidential food. He used the microbes from Emoji List as spices. Finally, he had a nougat cream as a product. He sold his product just in Emoji List. There the product was admitted fast in trade. The charlatan counted the stingy family to his biggest customers, who Emoji List founded. Because the effect of the microbes from no researcher was examined, nobody knew effects on the health. 109,135 days ago 12364 consumers of this product fell suddenly ill. They had diarrhea and fever. The charlatan suddenly noticed that he should disappear with his product from Emoji List. At the same time this would be very odd. That's why he changed the ingredients of his product. Many consumers of nougat cream died. At this time several members of the family of the misers from Allergies fell ill. They allowed to use the whole money of the late inhabitants for their healing. The charlatan got great fear of the stingy family. That's why he tried to get rid of the stingy family. 108,770 days ago the charlatan tried to kill the whole stingy family in the hospital. He dressed like the other employees of the hospital. Moreover, he faked his name and certificate. Thus he received easily the admission to the stingy family. He played the role of the deputy of the uppermost doctor. He took several medications. He gave these medications to the ill members of the family of the founder's family of Emoji List. The charlatan assumed from the fact that these medications could poison the sick people immediately. However, this was not the case. Finally, real doctors tried to cure the sick people. The charlatan decided to work furthermore in the hospital as a false doctor. He exactly started to study the acts about the sick people. Moreover, he read a lot of information and specialist books. Thus his knowledge was increased massively. Nobody noticed the wrong doctor in the hospital. 108,755 days ago the uppermost doctor of the hospital was discovered deadly before his house. At that time the police could examine no fingerprints. That's why Emoji List lived in great fear. Nobody understood that, why the uppermost doctor of the hospital was killed. Behind the death of the uppermost doctor stood the skilful charlatan. He had thrown small pieces of lead in drinks of the uppermost doctor. The population of Emoji List had to choose the new uppermost doctor for the hospital this time. The charlatan noticed that it was very difficult to substitute for the uppermost doctor.

He wanted to concentrate further to kill the stingy family. This time he gave small pieces of lead to the stingy family members. This led to the fact that many stingy from Allergies fell in the coma. The real doctors noticed that a little bit here was not right. They decided together to dismiss the charlatan from the hospital. The charlatan feared that his reputation was burnt from this second. That's why he disappeared to Saturn. After long time in the hospital the children of the stingy family from Allergies survived. The other members of the family were cured only partially. When the charlatan got to know in Saturn about that, he decided to return to Emoji List. This time he decided to work as an educator of the children of the stingy family. Quite cheeky he came to the house of the misers. There he worked as a nursing assistant of the ill misers. Moreover, he became trouble-free to the educator of the children. Thus he could influence the children of the stingy family. After several days the oldest members of the family of the founder's family died. For their adult children the charlatan was concurrent like father and mother. The charlatan produced no more nougat cream at this time. He hid his property in Saturn. His aim was the seizure of power in Emoji List. He wanted to substitute for the founder's family. 94900 days ago the adult children appointed the charlatan the mayor of Emoji List. At that time the charlatan was quite 26550 days old. At this time the Easter Eggs started to program their plans to the conquest of the area on their devices. As a mayor the charlatan invented different laws. Thus he also tried to put through laws in favour of his own children in Saturn. He wanted to strengthen their claims to power in Emoji List. The children of the misers noticed that the charlatan wrote odd laws in the urban constitution. They thought that charlatan did not function in his brain well. That's why they decided to deliver the charlatan to the hospital. 91250 days ago the charlatan wanted to meet his children from the Saturn at a confidential place. At this time the emergency service was informed by the children of the misers about the state of the charlatan. Thus the mayor was searched by the police and other assistants. The charlatan spoke with his children from the Saturn. He handed over a testament to them. Therein he wrote the power handing over to his oldest son. Moreover, he laid a copy of his testament in the urban archive. Hardly he finished the conversation with his children, the charlatan was arrested by the police. He was delivered to the hospital. He was angry at this unworthy treatment. He said that such a mayor might not be treated by Emoji List. They answered that a suspicion about an unknown illness existed with him. The charlatan laughed. In the hospital an older doctor recognised the charlatan. He remembered that this charlatan worked years ago himself here. He wanted to take revenge with this charlatan. Thus this doctor gave a tranquilizer to the charlatan. After some time the state of health of the charlatan got worse. He lost his voice. That's why the charlatan had to leave the office of the mayor. 89790 days ago the charlatan was dismissed as a mayor by Emoji List. He took thereon his testament and pointed in the parliament of the town. The children of the misers tore this testament. Thus the second-oldest son of the stingy founder's family became the mayor of Emoji List. 88695 days ago the city Emoji List was taken by Easter Eggs. The urban parliament and the mayor were arrested by the Easter Eggs.

The old charlatan started to laugh from joy. Suddenly his voice returned. That's why he helped the Easter Eggs with the conquest of the town. Thus he betrayed the exact place where the children of the misers lived. Then the whole stingy family was arrested by the Easter Eggs. They were brought to Easter Egg Country. The old charlatan tried to invite his children from the Saturn to Emoji List. This time they came. They made friends with the ruling Easter Eggs. Thus they were accepted in the government by Emoji List. At that time they developed laws on account of the Easter Egg Country in Emoji List. 87600 days ago the old charlatan and his family were invited as guests of honour to a party of the Easter Eggs in Emoji List. The old charlatan might make a speech. Easter Eggs were very much entranced from old charlatan from Saturn. The old charlatan began his speech with the following words: "You do not know what I experienced everything in my life. I founded a food factory in Emoji List many days ago. I processed microbes from Emoji List as spices for my product. To my luck nobody checked my approach. Later turned out that my products were very injurious. However, I could earn an amount of money. At that time many customers fell ill very hard. There were many dead people. Besides, I took over responsibility, while I had never again produced the product." After this speech the persons present asked themselves whether the old charlatan had not got lost. Many present persons thought that the old charlatan suffered from a cerebral illness. That's why his children decided to bring their father in the hospital. The uppermost doctor of the hospital was a trainee when the old charlatan took over the role of the deputy. He remembered how the current patient was suspended from all doctors at that time. When about 21170 days passed after the death of the uppermost doctor at that time, the current uppermost doctor decided the revenge in the old charlatan. He allowed to throw toxic substances in the glass of the charlatan. After the taking of the poison the memory of the old charlatan got perceptibly worse. The old charlatan forgot more and more details from his life. When the children of the charlatan noticed that their father became worse after the hospital stay, they decided to proceed against the uppermost doctor. 87235 days ago the uppermost doctor of the hospital was kidnapped and brought to Saturn. There he was hard hit by the children of the old charlatan. In the meantime, the city Emoji List had to found the first old people's home in its history. At that time only because of the old charlatan a whole old people's home was built. The old charlatan became as the first and only inhabitant of the new old people's home. After the heavy blows the uppermost doctor was dismissed by his function. 85775 days ago a general of the Easter Eggs visited the old people's home. He began a conversation with the old charlatan. The old charlatan said only that he killed more than 10000 consumers with his product. Moreover, he helped in the death of the stingy founder's family of Emoji List. When the general of the Easter Eggs found out this, he wanted to kill the old charlatan with his sword. He renounced this. The state of health of the old charlatan got further worse. He could hardly move his arms. He shouted very much loudly. Many neighbours in the old people's home complained of the behaviour of the charlatan. At this time the parents of the former uppermost doctor came to the same old people's home. When the former uppermost doctor saw the old charlatan in the old people's home, the bad recollections from his traineeship came again. He still wanted to take revenge. 82490 days ago the children of the old charlatan were injured in Saturn by stingy family members with frying pans fatally. They escaped from the slavery. The former uppermost doctor got to know from this news with the biggest relief. From now on he could make with the old charlatan what he wanted. He hit the old charlatan with the fist in the face. He repeated this several times. 81760 days ago the former uppermost doctor hit the old charlatan several times on the nose. The old charlatan died at the age of 39420 days because of his heavy injuries. The former uppermost doctor was arrested by the Easter Eggs.


Easter Eggs and Hungry in Emoji List

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54020 days ago belonged Emoji List to the empire of the union between the Easter Eggs and the Hungry. Later several Clowns from the Circus Kingdom still came to Emoji List. They founded several circuses in the town. 53290 days ago the grandson of the former uppermost doctor who was arrested by the Easter Eggs organised a political movement. The aim was the loss of power of the Easter Eggs and Hungry Union. The oldest great-grandchild of the old charlatan was appointed this time to the uppermost officer of the whole region. At that time the Easter Eggs with the Hungry planned to conquer the country of the Vampires. 52560 days ago 66678 soldiers from the Easter Egg Country and Hunger Country were sent to the Vampires. The great-grandchild of the charlatan might come along as a leader of the soldiers. He gave commands. The grandson of the uppermost doctor went from door to the door. More and more Emojis joined to his opposition group. Emoji List became more and more the opposition point against the rule of the Easter Eggs. When Vampires found out that Easter Eggs and Hungry want to fight against them, they decided to send their soldiers to Emoji List. In Emoji List the opposition group allowed to burn several positions of the Easter Eggs and Hungry with petrol. The Vampires did not understand what was going on in Emoji List. They thought that their soldiers had done already here their work. That's why flew Vampires to the Hunger Country. There the Vampires attacked several military positions of the Hungry. The Hungry got to know about the destruction of their important places. That's why they decided to withdraw from the war. However, the great-grandchild of the charlatan wanted to penetrate with the Easter Eggs further into the capital of the Vampires. After very long fights the capital of the Vampires was conquered under the guidance of the great-grandchild of the charlatan.

42340 days ago Vampires wanted to release their capital of the Easter Eggs with the help of the Emojis from the Emoji List. They compiled a common plan. The great-grandchild of the charlatan was appointed this time to the mayor of Emoji List by the Easter Eggs. In this time Allergies became stronger and stronger. They decided to attack the Easter Eggs with frying pans. After an unexpected attack against the Easter Eggs they had to leave the capital of the Vampires. At that time many assistants from Emoji List fought at the side of the Vampires against Easter Eggs. After some days the situation calmed down in the surroundings. The grandson of the former uppermost doctor fell ill very strongly with quickly growing ears. That's why he can be retired early. The opposition group became more meaningless. 36865 days ago Allergies came to Emoji List. They wanted to conquer the whole area. They attacked all important buildings of the Easter Eggs and Hungry. At that time the mayor of Emoji List became injured of the Allergies with several cups seriously.  At that time the grandson of the uppermost doctor died. The great-grandchild of the charlatan explained his resignation after his heavy injury. 35770 days ago Emoji List was joined definitively to Allergies. This happened, after Easter Eggs and Hungry lost during the war against Allergies. 28470 days ago Egoists from Mars came to Emoji List. They occupied the big buildings of the town. Moreover, they bombed the military positions of the Allergies. When the First Horror Clown got to know about the fact that the city Emoji List did not belong to the state area of the Emojis, his fury grew up to the clouds. That's why he commanded the pitiless freeing of the town from foreign criminals. 28400 days ago Emoji List was joined to the Circus Union. With the conquest of the town the First Horror Clown let kill all enemies of his regime. The soldiers of the circus army had to find at the command of the First Horror Clowns all treasures. Thus the property of the son of the great-grandchild of the old charlatan was found in a subterranean bunker. Thereon all treasures automatically became a property of the Horror Clowns. The descendants of the old charlatan were shot with orange juice.

The descendants of the founder's family had to renounce their valuables. Also the stingy founder's family was punished by the regime of the Horror Clowns hard. They were pelted with pumpkins. Thus the city Emoji List became part of the Circus Union. Moreover, all Egoists with pumpkins were injured fatally. 19345 days ago the Second Horror Clown commanded to organise a party in Emoji List. That's why 33 percent of the local population had to prepare for the party. In this party the Second Horror Clown wanted to say something. Suddenly there came noises from neighbouring cemetery. Nobody knew the voice. Suddenly the Second Horror Clown could say nothing anymore. There a ghost spoke at his place. This was the voice of the town founder. He said that he is glad that the town survived so many experiences. Nobody understood what the ghost meant. That's why historians and other researchers started to argue with the history of the Emoji List.

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