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Emoji List

This is the story about the town Emoji List. For the list of Emojis see: Emoji Dictionary. With this town it concerns an university town of the kingdom Emoji. In comparison to other towns much more universities per 1000 inhabitants exist in Emoji List. The reason for that was called by the historians the population from Pluto. In Emoji List live about 226,622 inhabitants. Mathematicians calculated the number of the inhabitants, however, at last 999 days ago. The number of the inhabitants could have changed. The urban parliament refuses to count the population anew.  The amount of work involved is too high, according to the grounds.


 Emoji List




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128,845 days ago the family of the misers from Allergies came to the area Emoji List. Some historians think that the roots of the family from the Saturn or Jupiter were. The town was founded on the command of the stingy family. The original aim was the protection from Cockroaches, Ants, Generous and other conquerors. All around the city Emoji List a wall was built. ❗️😊👤🛠️⬅️⏺➕🦹😩💔. ➡️🤩👤☕️❌️🧐➕1️⃣ 👤🔥⬅️. ❤️➕1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ ➡️👌🍈👤😋➡️🤪. ➡️😍💚🧘🏼‍♀️👤➕🌹➡️😼👎️.  👤🤣⬅️🥫➡️☠️🌑❤️➡️💕👤❌️👥☀️⬅️👑🧔🐀⏳️. 👤😊👨⬅️🍽️👤🙏🏻☮️🕉👨🌻👣😍👤😘🌹👨⬅️🍽️8️⃣➕👤👍😊⬅️⏳️☎️👤✨⬅️🤣. 👤🌞⬅️🙏🏻🥰❌️➡️🙏👥⏳️➕➡️❓️😷👤🚚➡️☎️👤➕💬➡️📌👤. 👍➕⛏️❌️👀👤🎣👨😠. The old charlatan died at the age of 39420 days because of his heavy injuries. The former uppermost doctor was arrested by the Easter Eggs.


Easter Eggs and Hungry in Emoji List

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54020 days ago belonged Emoji List to the empire of the union between the Easter Eggs and the Hungry. Later several Clowns from the Circus Kingdom still came to Emoji List. They founded several circuses in the town. 🤷‍♀️1️⃣ 📞🛡🥚🚚🤬🚘️➕🔥. 1️⃣ 📞🚚🤬🚘️➕🔥💬👤💫👩🔎💡➕🛑👤🏢👩❣️➕🥚🍽️. 🤡🏹👽️🛸. 🧘🏻‍♀️😷🤍👏🏻➕🍳🥚➡️👏🏼❤️👥🔂. Suddenly there came noises from neighboring cemetery. Nobody knew the voice. Suddenly the Second Horror Clown could say nothing anymore. There a ghost spoke at his place. This was the voice of the town founder. He said that he is glad that the town survived so many experiences. Nobody understood what the ghost meant. That's why historians and other researchers started to argue with the history of the Emoji List.

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