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Emoji Protection

Emoji Protection is a nature reserve in the left corner of the Kingdom of Emoji. The nature reserve was declared by the then generation of Emoji as a protected zone 55,557 days ago. The whole area covers a total area of 11,128,896 crocodiles. It is one of the few areas in Halloween, in which a relatively natural vegetation can be found. In the center of the nature reserve is the urban-type settlement New Emoji, which gave its name to the territory. The place has an acclimated zoo and a botanical garden. On the territory of more than 56,478 rare animal species have been located or settled. In New Emoji is the domestic research institute for artificial meat breed in the laboratory. This research institute was built from the Pluto thanks advanced extraterrestrials. Pluto aliens helped the consent Emojis the breeding of artificial meat. In this way, most meat stocks can be produced in laboratories currently. The whole area has been equipped with several surveillance cameras. So thieves should immediately can be taken. Thus, the animals are increasingly a target for hunters and farmers. Meat farmers had increasingly change their field in recent times. So are currently at least 876 farmers that produce the meat with the researchers together. Simultaneously, the Food Ministry issued a permit for the free development of the meat farmers to laboratory farmers. On the nature reserve Emoji Protection there are also very many wild boars. There are also white crocodiles that have mainly feed on the worms falling. Since they are very poor hunters, they wait, drop the small worms or other insects up from mouth of flying birds. The white crocodiles are also very lazy. They lie on the beach while 1333 minutes. The rest of the time they invest in other things. The largest military of all time called these crocodiles as a bad example for the army. So one win never. Hundreds of thousands of birds use the existing calmness in this area in autumn and spring as a transit area.
Each year about 463,869 visitors to New Emoji. Some of the visitors may approach the nature reserve Emoji Protection maximum of two giraffes. Previously must be possible to examine medically. Every visitor is checked for possible diseases in resort. Some diseases are regarded as harmful to the nature reserve. The list of diseases is regarded as strictly confidential.

Geographical location
The biosphere reserve is located near the green triangle in the western laughing musicians. So around 5687 boxes of Emoji SMS away. One must consider the plants with only one eye. Two eyes cause a lot of dust in the flowers. This conclusion came a Professor of Natural and Dust inside a recognized University.
In addition, the professor is still trying to figure out since 8097 days which eye causes less dust in the flowers. Unfortunately, he still has no answer. He needs for a measuring device. Pluto aliens believe that this study is a real nonsense. For this reason they do not want to go along.
At the times of the First Horror Clowns 77 wild boars from the nature reserve Emoji Protection were taken to the circus at his command.
In addition, the Green Party government in New Emoji issued a ban on building in the field. Who wants to live or sleep near the area must build an easily destructible tent.

History of Emoji Protection
The good Emoji Protection was established by the Martians as slaves field of ancestors of later Egoists 68,256 days ago. In autumn 68,978 days ago the great-grandfather of the later Egoists expressed in a letter to the miserly in charge of matters in Emoji Protection interest, set up in an area Emoji for slaves.
The ancestors of the later Egoists were in the area at least 465 slaves to work for them. This lasted for safe extended period. 44,579 days ago the Salted Cucumbers came to the field. They wanted to improve their reputation again. For this reason, the house of the responsible Martians was destroyed by the air force of Salted Cucumbers. The Martians fled with their allies out of the house. Due to the twelve present Misers from the Jupiter, the Martians have been captured by the Misers. The Misers required by Mars officially the delivery of 66 boxes green gold. The Martians refused to pay for the release of their loved ones people. Meanwhile, all 465 slaves were sent into the wild. The Salted Cucumbers searched for the responsible Martians. The Misers tried to exchange them for a lot of money the captured Martians. The Salted Cucumbers decided the money to be printed on a plain paper. So they got the Martians and the Misers did not notice that they were given fake money. Ever since Miser tried with the money to buy something, the police were alerted because of counterfeiting in Jupiter. The pink top policeman came personally to the arrest of the Miser. The Miser asked the pink cop, how much he could pay him, so he is sent into the wild via email. The pink policeman wanted to know about anything, because he did not need the fake money. The Miser and his other allies were sentenced to 1890 days in prison. 40,859 days ago the Emojis decided to make the area under the protection.
At that time a first tent for the visitors was built. There then stayed visitors who wanted to plant trees in the area. As Egoists arrived from Mars 30896 days ago on the nature reserve Emoji Protection, they were trying to destroy nature. In addition, several native animals were stolen from the Egoists. After the invasion of the army of Emojis all Egoists were driven using the Pluto aliens and the Circus Country of this area. However, the First Horror Clown dropped all remaining fingerprints of Egoists copy for his goals. Later, the Egoists were lured with taste of strawberries in an area on Mars in Mars by the allies of the First Horror Clowns. There they were detained. Thereafter, they were hiding five giraffes deep underground in an underground bunker. The act was planned so that no one noticed on Mars something. There he perform censored acts against the Egoists. Today again many plants and trees are growing on the entire surface of Emoji Protection.



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