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Emoji stories (company)

The state enterprise is responsible for the dissemination of news. According to an internal rule must settle 444 messages. This is a news agency. Censors check with the internal search engine, the messages on the violation of racial discrimination or insult the King Devil Emoji.
The importance of news in the Kingdom of Emoji is very large. Emojis look daily at least 80 percent of the state-run news.
The company was founded over 36,135 days ago officially and with great applause. That was the case under the former king. But this case was only authorized persons to attend the foundation ceremony. 😂🆕📺️🧬❌️📺🕌🧬🤚🚯👩‍💻🍖😄. They wondered how television is financed. According to the constitution of Emoji must state television channel finance central bank. Certain programs can be watched on the Internet in the archive. Emoji Stories also shows problems those individual citizens. For example, an Emoji had a problem that he could not find matching shoes in his size. Then, a program was produced on this issue. Later was a factory to be found that was willing to produce the matching shoes. The television Emoji Stories ensures regular topic of conversation among native populations. A clear majority in the country said in a representative survey that they daily watch this channel at least once.



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