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Emoji Telecom

Emoji Telecom was founded about 38,690 days ago in the royal palace with great applause. At that time the king of Emoji decided that each inhabitant had to be reached at home by his employer at any time. 40,444 days ago the king decided to build the state-owned telephone network with the employers' associations. The elite of the kingdom had workers build the telephone network. Already 38,688 days ago letters were sent to all Emojis. Therein phone number of each household stood. Every citizen knew his personal phone number. Per family, there were the following phone numbers: If an employer wanted to reach the person A in the household, the number 1 has always been for male Emojis. The number 2 was always for female Emojis. After that, the right people and aliens were reached. If there were several male and female Emojis in the household, then the addition was 11 or 22. This was by age. The oldest residents in the household received 1 or 2. The most recent residents also had 111111 or 222222.

In this way, the employer could impose even homework for the next working day their workers. An office worker had to learn several words of the circus language so one day for the tourists from the Circus Kingdom. This ordered the boss by phone. 6664 days ago, the entire telephone network was renewed. This was decided by the modern government that. Later, the telephone network has been enhanced to improve Internet speed again. The health minister was very concerned about the increasing radiation of fast Internet. 🤡👊🚽🐣🅰️🎁🛫👆🅰️👨🕌🚽🐣🚽🤚☎🚽🤚🗽📞🌎🇦🇸🚽. In order for the population to make use of various telecom operators, the public telephone network of Emoji Telecom had to be made available to the competition. This happened. Subsequently several small business owners launched a telecom business. At least one can make calls from 99.999999999 percent of Emoji or surf the Internet without any problems.



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