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Emoji Watch

Emoji Watch was originally founded as a telecommunications provider. Later, the company began to make also with the production of watches its money. Currently the company has become a mixed specialist. On one hand, you can make calls. On the other hand you can wear the watch of the company. Emoji Watch was founded with the Egoists of Mars shortly before the conflict. At that time Venus aliens were interested in the company. The First Horror Clown decided the work of the company very well to take a close look. Then he sent some 689 specialists from various fields for the revision of Emoji Watch. The ruler did not like the independence of the company from the circus. He then released to check the company from other Horror Clowns. Some former bosses tried to resist. Then they were arrested by the circus army for 1555 days. In prison they had to do forced labor. At the times of the last Horror Clowns, the company began with the production of wafers. This caused confusion in the mass media. The waffles were hardly bought. The reason for this lay in the strong awareness of the population to protect their teeth. So Emoji Watch had to continue producing only watches. In the service sector a fast Internet was offered. The company was the first, view Web pages from the Internet of the planet Earth.



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