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This is the story about Emojis as nation. For meanings of Emojis: Emoji Dictionary is the name for the people and aliens who mostly live in the Kingdom of Emoji. Due to the migration of the peoples, there was also that some Emojis now live somewhere abroad. As a minority they live in Circus Country, Emoticons and other states. Some of Emojis even emigrated to other planets. Planet wide, there are several million Emojis. However, the exact number can not be determined precisely. As a reason regular births and deaths are called. The approximate theoretical number was determined after extensive calculations of mathematicians. The territory of today Emoji is considered the birthplace of the people of Emojis.
Some historians like Ijome Cran suspect the origin of the people somewhere in the circus. He published his opinion on different walls in the country. After his daily opinion was a clown insulted his son as an Emoji. The word had any meaning in the ancient language. But not even the best clowns know what Emoji meant at the time.
Emojis are considered very carefully. They are very afraid of changes. That could be the reason that they initiate a 222-day investigation before any progress. But they like to look after their health. The symbol of modern prosperity of Emojis applies healthy teeth. In fact, they have the best teeth in comparison with most ethnic groups of the universe. Only Pluto aliens have even better and healthier teeth. Emojis visit very happy events for Humor Studies. Many of them attend voluntarily the University of Humor Sciences as a leisure activity. Lazy Emojis were sentenced by law to industriousness. So they must plant trees annually. Who is too lazy for that, but a penalty called to pay "taxes". Most Emojis are but become very busy for this reason. After all, nobody wants to be punished. Some time ago, the Easter Eggs tried to adapt Emojis to their needs. They sent several boiled eggs to Emoji. They gave the eggs with the aim to position themselves as good distant neighbors. But the former Circus Kingdom sensed the danger from the land of Easter Eggs. Subsequently, the stocks of eggs of Easter Eggs were completely destroyed by the Circus Kingdom. After this case, the Easter Eggs were trying to sell their sweets to Emoji. At this time founded a miser from the Jupiter a factory in Emoij Pop. He was very afraid of impending competition from the country's Eggs. Then he organized an army of his employees (the Emojis). He made them very afraid when this egg will prevail in the Kingdom. The expected cost to Emojis their existence. Then his staffs were very professional against the candy producer from the Easter Eggs land. Then Easter Eggs realized that they fail miserably. But they refused to give up yet. So they started to build chemical weapons. Then came to Emoji and tried to Emojis to make these products palatable. At this time, a new bomb was tested in Neptune. Since Neptune aliens went forward somewhat awkwardly, the bomb exploded. No one was injured. But the consequences of the explosion led to a strong rain in Halloween. Many areas of the planet have been contaminated by this toxic rain. Chemical weapons of Easter Eggs were unusable within in 34 minutes. Emojis had no interest in these weapons. They dealt with the air purification. At this time 1111 Emojis emigrated in Venus.
In Venus, they started a new life with an old language. They spoke their native language Emoji L. There they worked as an air purifier. The air quality in Venus improved after only 89 days. Back then 2244 Emojis migrated even to Mars. There they ate apples. Most emigrants in Mars were rather lazy. So they quickly got a work ban by the authorities. They wanted to work on, but not 5100 minutes per week. In Emoji one worked only 2222 minutes per week. Some Emojis emigrated to Pluto. But the greatest advance of the planet made it very difficult to live them. Much of it was very different than in their homeland. They returned. At the time of the takeover of the First Horror Clowns escaped very many Emojis in other countries on the planet Halloween. Statisticians expect 347,775 refugees.
They had great fear of seizure of their assets by the Horror Clown.
At the time of rise of Egoists on Mars several Emojis were kidnapped. They were abused as slaves of Egoists. In the current situation, the researchers tried to count in the Kingdom every single Emoji. However, they were unlucky. Their long-term notes and collections in their computers were destroyed completely in a fire.
Parliament in Emoji ordered its residents to laugh at least 660 seconds a day. Emojis were very happy about this law.  The Circus Country announced that there lived 343 days ago around 4,675,899 Emojis. Other countries are still trying to figure out the number of this ethnic group. Most Emojis are very afraid, when they are caught as such abroad. Many of them dye their hair or wear wigs. They want to remain anonymous. An important characteristic of funny people is that they want to take one serving of laughter to every day.






Why are they called Emojis?

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Emojis means in the majority quite simply several inhabitants of the kingdom Emoji. Some Japanese teachers explained the meaning of Emojis in Japanese Emoji in such a way: E is called picture. Moji means character. Some Emojis had been surprised very much about the fact that their name means something in Japanese. But at the same time they defend themselves against the fact that they are more than pictograms. Emojis are uniform people on the planet Halloween. And they have their own country there.

Which clothes do Emojis wear?

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Emojis like bright colours. Above all yellow, orange and similar colours are liked exceptionally with them. Emojis combine very much with pleasure also such colours like pink and green. They also have very different traditions in connection with the clothes. Some Emojis wear voluntarily wigs. They serve for the protection of the slightly vulnerable brain. In particular bald heads have big panic attacks if they have no hair. Then they need a wig from sheepskin. In addition they run to their hairdresser with electric clipper. The expert sews a suitable wig on every millimetre exactly. That's why the king of Emoji decided to wear a wig. Thus he shows solidarity with the Emojis.

Stories from the everyday life of Emojis

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55555 days ago For Mat lived somewhere in the today's area in Emoji. He founded a party called Emojis. He wanted to draw the attention thus to his people. At that time, finally, many Emojis were occupied under hard labour. He wanted to give own identity to his people. Thus he distributed several advertising letters in the mailboxes of the Emojis. He made this, however, in each case at 3:00 o'clock at night. He wanted that overseers of the slaves noticed nothing of his work. In some small villages For Mat succeeded the rise with his party. His area were above all small villages of Emoji. These places were relatively far from big towns remotely. Several foreign rulers were fought by opposition actively. Thus several villages could be released from the extraterrestrials. However, this was much more difficult in bigger towns. In Emoji Meaning For Mat was even arrested. 51876 days ago Used Car (town dictator) decided to lock up For Mat in his special prison. Thus finished For Mat his political career in the party of Emojis. 8987 days ago many Emojis wanted to surprise their new king. They pelted him with thousands of old newspapers with his speech. They made the same to him what he made with the help of his fans to the elective dictators. However, the king reacted completely calmly. This annoyed his opponents. That's why opposing Emojis also wanted to throw down several pumpkins on the new king. They wanted that Horror Clowns from the Circus Country help them. But at that time Horror Clowns had to prepare for a world tour.

Emojis on Snapchat

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111 days ago several Emojis have reached the access to the Internet of the planet Earth thanks to a good computer scientist from the capital city Emoji SMS. They started to spread their photos on the web page Snapchat. Many people think that these are just pictograms. But these artistic pictures were sent by the real Emojis secretly. Some Emojis complained in their native country that their photos landed unauthorised on the planet Earth. They planned even a collective complaint to prepare against the persons responsible. Up to now they write every day nearly 5555 words for their complaint. What they write, however, only qualified lawyers from Emoji Opinion may read and see. At the moment the parliament of the country discusses this problem. Many Emojis have sleepless nights because of the publication of their pictures on Snapchat. That's why some Emojis fell ill. Many of them feel in forbidden manner to have become famous in the foreign planet. 

Emojis on Android

While Emojis have very much great fear of Snapchat, they want to pose even voluntarily for Android. They make even specially two Selfies for Android. That's why extraterrestrials from Pluto sent several Tablets from their own planet. However, for this purpose they installed Android from year 2111. There about 2660 Emojis are for the choice. Aliens from Pluto sent the version of Android from year 2111 because Emojis are not able to serve other more modern programmes. In their spare time Emojis dispatch their photos from their Tablets to their friends. They annoy with pleasure their friends with their Selfies. 

Emojis for Facebook

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1212 days ago the parliament of Emoji urgently decided to release several pictures of the Emojis for Facebook to the use. Many Emojis argued to the fact that they would bring it on the planet Earth in the shortest time to big fame. Then Emojis in the whole kingdom were asked to make own Selfies especially for Facebook. After only 172,800 seconds at least 2,336,689 photos were taken for this purpose. The minister for tourism sees in that very good advertisement for the local population. 🌊➡️😀👤🛠️👜🔂🚕➡️➕🌊❌️➕⬆️🛰️🚕➡️💡🍾🏘️, 🚘️➕👍️❌️➕1️⃣ 😆💆‍♀️☔️➕💔🔝😋. 

Emojis for Computer

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444 days ago Emojis found out about the growing interest in their people on the planet Earth. 🪥➕➡️🥰👤👽🥫🦋⬇️➕👆️➕🚕➡️💩. For this purpose the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 declared his willingness to help. Thus people may send in to him their wishes. Then Emojis will adapt their photos especially near the computers of the planet Earth. On the Facebook page of Sweasy26 earthlings can express their wishes. This Emojis allowed in their parliament with the head office in Emoji SMS. 😀☔️➕🦋➕💻🖥.

Emojis on Mac

2224 days ago Emojis found out that in future on the planet Earth the demand for their faces rises. Before all users of Mac will become very addicted for the photos of Emojis. Emojis found out this at that time with the help of the trip with the time machine of an extraterrestrial from Pluto. Because Emojis on Mac should become so popularly in the future, several Emojis decided to take a photo secretly of their inhabitants. 😀🥫🚘️🥤➕🖥🧑‍🤝‍🧑☕️🍾➕🤳🖼😀. 

Emojis on Iphone

888 days ago the parliament decided to instruct own population with a new request. The Emojis must make daily at least one Selfie with a device. This device was imported from an old factory in Saturn. 🤔🍎📱🧻⬆️🧳. 🏖️➕➡️🤳👤🥫🏞️🧺, 🏖️➕🏕️👤🤝👤🏕️🎼🎧️🥮➕🍏➕📱. According to researchers the first people could fly in 2030 to Emoji.

Emojis for Twitter

Emoji Dictionary

999 days ago a press release reached the royal family from Emoji. In the fact stood that more and more people use the faces of the Emojis on Twitter. That's why researchers had to work on the suitable format of the photos intensely. They found out that the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 is actively on the web page Twitter.com. That's why the parliament of Emoji decided to work together with the extraterrestrial Sweasy26. Thus Twitter users can express their wishes to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 in connection with the Emojis for Twitter. Then the wishes are wrapped up in a bag. The desirable bag is dispatched to Emoji. Topically Sweasy26 offers some photos and pictures on the gift page. These pictures were officially granted by the censorship authority of the kingdom. Other pictures are checked exactly for their suitability. This process will still last long.

Emojis for Galaxy

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Many researchers found out that people on the planet Earth use also a device called Galaxy. Though they know no devices from the planet Earth, but the local researchers deal with it very intensely. Thus were developed especially Emojis for Galaxy by researchers in a special lab. 😁➕👝❌️1️⃣ 🔙🥇⏱️➡️🌌📱👤.

Emojis for Windows

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Some time ago Emoji Brain found out that people of the planet Earth use also an operating system called Windows. He found out this by chance on the Internet because Windows celebrated its 10950 days old birthday. He noticed that he should travel unobtrusively to Earth. There he enquired about this operating system. He noticed that he could make some nice pictures of the Emojis for Windows on this way. He studied the operating system. He adapted the pictures in Windows. After some time he already had 2225 pictures of the Emojis. He sent the pictures by Internet to the newest operating system Windows 10. Finally, Emoji Brain supports the plan of the tourism branch of his country. For that he also received a confidential amount. At the same time he noted that people Emojis abuse for their linguistic expressions. This displeased him. Finally, the kingdom wants that the pictures advertise to his country. Instead, the pictures are used only as a linguistic substitute. Devil Emoji also got to know about these problems. However, he decided to admit this. He said to the parliamentarians: "😁➕🖼😀🗺." This statement led to the record-breaking longest fit of laughter in the parliament among Emojis. Even the person responsible for the home book of the records had to laugh afterwards 4620 seconds almost incessantly. He also took down not only parliamentarians in the book of the longest laughter, but himself too.

Emojis Wallpaper

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20346 days ago the Second Horror Clown commanded the construction of a factory for the production of the wallpaper with the faces of the Emojis. 😈⬇️🛋️📐👺🐘2️⃣ 3️⃣ 👥➕🛠️➡️🧐👤❌️🔎💯⛏️⬆️➕➡️🥴👤😷🔙👝.

Emojis on Instagram

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The media entrepreneur Big Face visited quite anonymously 89 days ago the web page Instagram. He found out that here big potential existed for the rise of the attention of the Emojis. Thereon he contacted the director of tourism. He said that Emojis on Instagram could gain very big attention. Thereon the director asked the media entrepreneur to work out a suitable position paper. Big Face started to take a photo of himself. He sent several his photos to Instagram. The problem was that no one would perceive him as an Emoji. Finally, he clearly differs from the normal Emojis. This concerns not only his childhood but to have proceeded his big courage against the First Horror Clown. Most Emojis are known as amusing and afraid. Other qualities of the people may not be published for censorship reasons. Otherwise the opponents could use the weaknesses of the people better for their purposes. One day some charlatans published several photos of the Emojis on Instagram. This led to the fact that they also attained here big popularity.

Emojis in real life

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At the command of the parliament of Emoji it was decided to begin the project "Emojis in real life". Therein it is about the life in the kingdom Emoji. Every inhabitant should allow to portray his life everyday life in several Selfies. From that there originates a book about the amusing people. But how are Emojis in real life?  Many researchers and historians deal with this question. In addition they work very intensely. Their aim is to allow also to other living beings, to become an Emoji. They work on their progress. In future every fan of the Emojis could also become so one.

Emojis for Chrome

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Persons responsible for relations between Emoji and other cultures found out that an Internet browser called Google Chrome needed a function for the production of automatic Emojis. That's why extraterrestrials from Pluto were contacted. They were asked to help the people on the planet Earth with this job. Really, people could achieve big progress after the intervention of the Pluto-extraterrestrials. Thus Emojis for Chrome became not only an imagination, but real reality. The enthusiasm of the kingdom about the methods of the planet Pluto led to the fact that several searchingly Emojis traveled for working purposes to Pluto.

Emojis Tattoos

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With this subject Emojis have bigger doubts in comparison to others. Finally, tattoos endanger the quality of the skin. That's why the parliament of Emoji decided to forbid tattoos. All pictures of the Emojis tattoos were censored on the local Internet of the planet Halloween. Instead, Devil Emoji decided the introduction of the skin creams with the name Emojis tattoos. Thus the meaning was changed. 

Emojis Background

As already with Facebook Emojis want to be able to offer own free backgrounds with their faces. Designers and professional artists are engaged in this project. They must choose the right colours for the backgrounds. Most backgrounds must give good mood to the viewers. This is the most important requirement for successful art. Professional forces from Emoji Art will have to master this order. At the moment they work on several backgrounds at the same time. Some pieces of their work could be already integrated into the new programmes and operating systems in Emoji.

Sporty Emojis

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Many Emojis do different sports in their spare time. Many sportsmen eat tomatoes during the gymnastics and drink orange juice in addition. There are Emojis who chase the hares in the wood. This sport is very much popular above all in the months March and April. However, other Emojis run behind a tortoise. 👤👓⬅️👣🌡️☔️🦷😷⬇️🌃.

Emojis needed

An important requirement for the visit of the Emojis with them at home, is the so-called Emoji Needed identity card. With it visitors can confirm that they were verified by the censorship authority. However, this identity card can be applied only on arrival in the kingdom Emoji. Who does not have this identity card, is supervised with video cameras everywhere. Even in the toilet. The authorities have their own criteria to the granting of Emoji Needed. Every visitor is checked in particular for contagious illnesses. Besides, above all teeth of the visitors are examined exactly with the microscope. Who loses his personal identity card, this must announce immediately within 1000 minutes.

Hobbies of Emojis

🎆 Entertainment

The funny population hates primarily funeral service. So Emojis work diligently at least half of their everyday life on laughing. Leading psychologists and doctors also recommended this. Some sad Emojis received a recipe from their family doctor that they should laugh at least 11 minutes per day. Besides, they should look at the clock and laugh so long, until eleven minutes are over. Some researchers could ascertain clearly better mood of the sad Emojis. Well, but what do make Emojis if they do not laugh?  They do sports, eat and drink. If they have too much spare time, they consider other employments. On week-ends they visit to theatres, cinemas and circuses. Some Emojis eat 10 gigabytes of chocolate as a hobby on a free day. Which chocolate they exactly eat, their own secret remains. At least, they renounce afterwards the cleaning of their teeth. Finally, they are after their consumption simply too lazy for the dental cleaning. According to a law which was remitted by the parliament of Emoji before unknown time serve hobbies of the rest and improvement of the mood of the Emojis.  This law was decided unanimously without votes against.

Tax authority of the Emojis

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In the modern kingdom the payment of the taxes is voluntary. 💰🛸🔝💩🏠️👨‍🍳🧂🌶️. After the rule of the Horror Clowns the king tried to organize the newest tax authority at the beginning. However, later he had to throw away his stinginess in a waste bag.

Research of the genes of Emojis

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Many researchers were specially trained for this purpose during 4288 days. They examine in big groups every millimetre of a gene with microscopes and other confidential devices. Many researchers are interested very much in the gene of the laughter of the Emojis. Up to now, however, this gene was found not exact. But many researchers suppose that this gene must exist anyway with the Emojis. Above all many E chromosomes were found with the amusing population. 🧑‍🔬⚗🔬🧬➕😀🆒🧂➕🌶️➡️🖕😂👤👆😍🥫1️⃣ ➕⏱️🤔🧬🧂⬇️➕🙏🌶️✌🤔👀🧂🎂.

Population structure of Emojis

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Most Emojis live in the kingdom Emoji. Mathematicians counted at least 44,444,444 real Emojis in the country. The rest are other sections of the population. In the Circus Country about 2,222,444 Emojis live. In the Salted Cucumbers researchers counted 666,666 Emojis. In the Blackout the diplomat determined nearly 77,789 Emojis. In Smiles 966,988 Emojis live. According to information of the uppermost dictator of Emoticons live there 889,988 Emojis. Vampires counted 62,668 Emojis 75 days ago. They said this in a press conference to the subject Emoji. In South Mars 129,222 Emojis live. Generous counted 16,666 Emojis on a stingy day. In Allergies 44,444 Emojis live. This information was grasped by the discriminating statistics authorities and was published. The other countries and planets have not specially counted up to now Emojis. Other planets like Pluto renounce discriminating statistics.

Politics of the Emojis

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After the independence of the Circus Country the dictators and also the king of Emoji tried to transform at the beginning the population to their slaves. But the king Devil Emoji was hindered in this case. He was threatened. Thus politicians must make decisions only friendly to citizens. All decisions in unfavorable of the Emojis are automatically invalid. 👨‍🏫🔬💰👨‍🎓️➕😀🔚😆⬆️👀. 🗣️❓️🛑❌️🏃‍♂️⬆️👤🤔⬅️🗣️❓️🥫🛑🗣️😑❓️👨‍🏫. 🖕👨‍🏫🛑➡️🤞👤🗣️❓️🤷🖖👨‍🏫💬🔎➡️🤙⬆️➕✍️➕📛🏫👥👕⬅️🖐❌️👍️.

Health system of Emojis

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40000 days ago every inhabitant had to pay almost several yearly pays for his medical care. That's why many Emojis died. But also many doctors took only the money. Then many Emojis became seriously ill. Later (37595 days ago) the king of Emoji at that time decided a compulsory health insurance. 😉➡️🤢🏫9️⃣0️⃣👥🤩⬅️🗣️😷❓️👥🤨⬅️👍️👨‍🏫🤒🛑👥🤕🚕⬅️🏃‍♂️🤢⬆️🤮➡️🦋👤➕🗣️🤧🌊❓️🛑👨‍🏫❌️🆓💩. Many misers from the Jupiter look with big envy and stinginess to the direction of Emoji.

Emojis and justice

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While the health system in Emoji clearly improved, there is a big need to catch up with the justice and the police. It is to be bought a much easier policeman and a lawyer. Even a vehicle purchase is much more complicated. Some misers try to defend themselves by the justice. The lawyers make the suitable statements. Many misers pay the services of the lawyers with phoney bank notes. But nobody notices that. Better said did not notice. 🥺🙌🛑☺️🥰🔥❤️🖕🤳🏻🌲. 👤❤️👨🔥🏦🎶. 🏃‍♂️💸👤🤮👨💩💬👤👍️👨❌️⬅️👤🔬👨. 👤👨‍🏫👨🛑❌️🗣️❓️🐕️‍🦺💸. 🗣️👨‍🎓️❓️💸🛠️🎁➡️🛑⬇️🛋️➕⏳️👥⤵️👤🦋👩🌈⬅️⚡💰. At the end the miser from the Jupiter had to be shifted directly by the hospital to the prison to Emoji Meaning. There he found many friends from the Jupiter who also faked the bank notes.

School system of Emojis

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For Emojis a very good education is especially important. At the command of the parliament and the king Emojis may study in every occupation freely and without restrictions. Finally, the possibility is valid as a working ability in Emoji itself freely to let choose an occupation. Besides, no inhabitant may be limited in his choice of career. All inhabitants may thereby study regularly and allow to educate further. They ordinarily pay at most 10 Bitcoins for a semester. More than 20 Bitcoins no education may cost. Some time ago this decided the parliament. A lot of Emojis could thereby benefit. The unemployment fell from 34 percent to 0.04 percent. The law about the job market makes all economic participants offer a coloured offer of job opportunities. That is the fact that every inhabitant should be used according to his strengths. Several new useful occupations thereby already were resulted. Children in Emoji ordinarily visit 12 years of elementary school. Elementary school and other trainings are financed to 99.9 percent by the central bank. The children must provide above all for the planting of the trees. They all make this 90 days with their teachers. They are prepared by the visit of the elementary school on the life as adults. During the last years they get to know more and more about the different occupations. They find out. They may plan to themselves their education way themselves and provide. For this purpose several occupational people were engaged. They give information about every occupation and its specialities. After the end of the 12th class Emojis collect practical experiences in a field. After 1-2 years they may begin every education of their choice. In the first practical training year they ordinarily make the first important final examination. Then there come every year several final examinations. Most trainings last between 4-8 years. Shorter trainings may complete Emojis with very good memory. Who has memory problems, however, the education may extend for at most 11 years. Besides, Emojis are preferred with the employers who came by shorter education faster for the end of the education. 😀1️⃣ 💆‍♀️🗣️❓️🛑1️⃣ ➡️😁👥≡😅👈️. 👍️👨‍🏫👨‍🎓️❌️🗣️🤣❓️.👍️👨‍🏫🚘️💸👨‍🏫➕👨‍🎓️1️⃣ . 👤🙃⬅️❌️👀❌️🖋️❌️👨‍🏫🛑😇.

Recreation of Emojis

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For politicians of the Emoji not only the welfare of the people is important, but also that Emojis have enough time for their hobbies and rest. The suitable law was officially granted in the parliament by the king. Finally, psychologists provided a several years' study on this subject. In comparison to Jupiter Emojis did not want such states. In Jupiter work yellow extraterrestrials, until they are hindered by illness and other problems in the work. At the end costs the health system of Jupiter nearly 45,667,889,999 Bitcoins per year. Every inhabitant may divide his free time freely into Emoji. Thus no uppermost dictator can make a little bit against that. One day an Emoji wanted to make midday sleep at the midday. Besides, the stingy owner of the company threatened him with the expulsion. This case provided for big outrage under the Emojis. The miser had to separate after this event from his stinginess judicially.



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