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Envious Venus aliens on extraterrestrials from Deimos

Hunt down enemy aliens from the Deimos (moon of Mars)
In Venus, the hope of the nation Before themselves ugly scenes take place. The mob threatened hostile Deimos aliens, looting their shops and chased them using heavy stones. The supreme rulers show on the screen, hoping only the following message: No response, the program is not responding.
Only 30240 minutes before demonstrated in the city vein young Venus aliens for the restoration of the chocolate supplies from Deimos. They also complained about the restricted import of the best products from the Deimos. The leader of the protests poured over the unpleasant past piece with a bucket full of microbes and spoke of a non-erasable past. The unworthy rulers rose from the grave and cried out: Let the past pieces as it is. The demonstrators had this call could not care less. Now proceed angry Venus aliens against hostile extraterrestrials in Wart and Cotton Candy. Sending them threat messages on smartphone and ask them to leave at once Venus. Triggered had the hunt on the Deimos aliens Bad Alien, the traditional descendant of the stupid, the worst ethnic group in Venus. He called the immigrants primarily from the Deimos as "thieves our wealth". They should "pack their bags and go". The descendant of the stupid ones is one of the most influential prominent families. They often speak a word of power. As their intelligence is often below the legally permitted value of -99 they may with impunity say anything. King No Matter himself of the tribe of the stupid, waited only once in the phone booth to call his brother and made his statement on the queue until it could be moved to the manifestation of the descendants of stupid after a slight electrical shock, they may yet stop to kill themselves. His own sister Dras watered meanwhile with other stupid remarks add fuel to the fire. Those in power should be no further Deimos aliens in the Venus and invest any more taxpayers' money for them.
Deimos aliens great jealousy caused among the Venus alien. While Venus aliens get no money for good education, get Deimos aliens the best education in their home country at the expense of Venus. Those in power in Venus explain this with great savings. This means that it is much cheaper to bring the best and most highly trained from the Deimos aliens to Venus. The cost per very Deimos employee trained will be around 2020 2/9 Bitcoins per nine-year training. The training per well highly qualified Venus aliens all costs, however for the same period around 429873 Bitcoins. Thus, it pays to save on their own populations money and invest in Deimos for top qualified employees for Venus yet. The reaction of Matter is likely to point out that xenophobia is widespread, and the king does not want to alienate his supporters. There were up to this second at least nine Deimos aliens seriously injured by pan blows to the legs - a spy group reported at least 111 - and about 7788 sold. For the latter, specifically a hamster tent was set up. The main victims are aliens from Deimos, Chicken, Bamboo, Mafia and Cat.
Meanwhile, those in power, however, have the status of "no feedback, the program stops responding" changed and sent the heavily armed army in the unrest area Firestone and in parts of the province Stupid-Channel. During the night on a previously unidentified day a workers' hostel was stormed. Pears were indeed contrary to expectation not found it stolen tomatoes from stores of looted immigrant shopkeepers.
Be the envy of Venus aliens on the intelligent extraterrestrials from other planets increased recently from 6 megabytes per minute to 9 gigabytes per second. The immigrants are accused of being criminals - which there is no statistical evidence - and take away the local food and all the money. In fact, many Venus aliens had to make even richer because of their inability their boss, had to remove them from their current jobs. But Venus hostile anger is directed not so much against workers as against rich shopkeepers. As such, it would indeed be free to every customer to shop there where he or she  wants, and to support Venus hostile transactions when needed. But the fact is that many immigrants, especially the extraterrestrials from Mafia, simply more entrepreneurial spirit, commitment and willingness to work with them in their pocket to bring as the Venus aliens. What in Mercury the Martians and in Jupiter the Pluto aliens, are in Venus hostile immigrants from Deimos and other areas. And similar to the case of Mars aliens and Pluto aliens one is also dependent on the diligent Deimos aliens and very envious. The tests, they outdo with market economy methods - by being simply better - to keep themselves up to now within narrow limits. Increasingly feel Venus now the retort from another planet. The of a spy documented abduction of Chief Executive Officer Mac Stolen from Bamboo has become in the local Internal the angry Venus citizens to symbolize the worst xenophobia since XP years. In Chicken and Deimos, there were demonstrations, there was a boycott Venus friendly products called send in Bamboo companies their employees out of the Venus with a rocket to the termination in the luggage back home.
Poisonous Snake of the salted cucumbers condemned the riots sharp, and even the horror acrobat protested in a mass letter shipping against violence. Normally circus country not particularly interested in events around Venus. This time the situation is different: There were some shopkeepers from the Circus Country affected by the riots.The other planets in turn threaten economic boycott of Venus products in their territory if Venus does not cease to be so hostile to behave towards other extraterrestrials.



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