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Envious Venus aliens on extraterrestrials from Deimos

Hunt down enemy aliens from the Deimos (moon of Mars)
In Venus, the hope of the nation Before themselves ugly scenes take place. The mob threatened hostile Deimos aliens, looting their shops and chased them using heavy stones. The supreme rulers show on the screen, hoping only the following message: No response, the program is not responding.
Only 30240 minutes before demonstrated in the city vein young Venus aliens for the restoration of the chocolate supplies from Deimos. 🗽🈲🤚👑🥧🖕🧩🅰️🌕🤚🥧🌹⚰😛🥬🥧🖕🇮🇹🕌🤙🚯💅➖😠🍭🍖🍂🌉🍖🦹‍♀️👽🖕👥🧐🧳🕌1️⃣ 🙊🆔🖕🔋🕌🗣🤴😶🖕☎️🤙🍖🇮🇹.
Poisonous Snake of the salted cucumbers condemned the riots sharp, and even the horror acrobat protested in a mass letter shipping against violence. Normally circus country not particularly interested in events around Venus. This time the situation is different: There were some shopkeepers from the Circus Country affected by the riots.The other planets in turn threaten economic boycott of Venus products in their territory if Venus does not cease to be so hostile to behave towards other extraterrestrials.



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