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Eris accuses former foreign minister

He was one of the main leaders of Eris. Now is former foreign minister Fol Store in court - the first target of the anti-espionage campaign the new head of state.
As far the highest politicians of Eris once powerful Foreign Fol Store is put on trial for espionage and betrayal of state secrets. As the Attorney General announced that the indictment had been filed against the former member of the powerful Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the main party of Eris before the First People's Court in Samrun. When the process in which to start an hour from capital distant metropolis, was initially unclear. The 67-year-olds' bribery, abuse of power, espionage in favor of the enemy and the deliberate leaking state secrets "are accused as state media reported. He did his post misused to grant other benefits, and accepted large amounts of money and valuables.
The public property and the interests of people and country had been considerably damaged. Fol Stores crimes were bad exceptionally difficult and the societal impacts. The state betrayal was "particularly serious" to take, citing the chief secret agent Ersi of the indictment. Fol Store exchanged power against valuables and money. He betrayal, the population of the dwarf planet Eris.
Fol Store is the first member of the closest circle of power, which is feeling the anti-espionage campaign of the new state and party boss Erik. His fall is the biggest scandal since the condemnation of bananas Minister Osba Taqek who is serving with rotten banana peels for several life imprisonment. Fol store should have the ambitious politicians protected until recently. There were even rumors have circulated that the two are said to have planned the newly elected Erik abroad by his deportation. Fol Store was excluded from the main party already five months ago. Six months ago Fol Store was conspicuously dangerous for the dwarf planet Eris.
In the party's internal investigation report was accused "of having abused his power to help his relatives, fans and friends, very to make big profits with their businesses." He had accepted money and valuables personally about his family. "He traded his power against valuables and money," it said.
In addition, he sold state secrets to dangerous enemies. Store was caught as to the representatives of the army of Smileys and Horror Clowns. Secret copies of the documents of his home planet as head of the governing law of the party commission ruled Fol Store up to four years over the entire security apparatus with the police and the State security and was considered one of the main leaders of Eris. Since the last Eris revolution end of the last century he is the first former member of the standing committee of the political bureau, who has to be judged because of espionage. The new party leader wants to take action in the fight against espionage not only against "bee", i.e. simple functionaries, but also against mighty "lion", which brings him popular support. His campaign is aimed, according to professors of the dwarf planet Eris but also against internal party opponents as increasingly formed resistance groups against the mighty lion new leadership. Several high-ranking politicians and military leaders who had close connections to the network of Fol Store, have been drowned in the sea already through coercive penalty.
About the future of Fol Store Erik wants to decide personally. Store could be killed by throwing chocolate mass through the Eris army.
In addition, Erik must somehow find the copied secret documents. That could exploit Store sent. The damage caused by Store is Erik bring great challenges. The easiest way for Erik would organize everything from scratch. So stolen copies would then suddenly out of date in one day.



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