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Evolves Orange nose in a dream?

The syndrome "Orange nose" could have its origin in the sleep system.
The number of people who suddenly get only orange painted nose, photograph their nose, their hands can no longer put away from her nose, as they should, rises. The dreaded diagnosis is made more frequently: Adventurous orange nose. An incurable photographing own orange nose.
In Werzu Oak suddenly became orange nose in a vacation. He could not concentrate on driving all at once. He constantly had to repeatedly take pictures and touch his orange nose. Oak was at this time 119 years old. So one year before his retirement allowed. Then he got a confirmed by the supreme court ban on working and driving ban. 🚯🌉⌚🇮🇹🈶🌗👆😷📙👃🅰️🤚⌚📙👃🕌🎡🚮🍖🖕🌐🍖🎡🤚👆👌🧬🅰️📕🧬📙👃🧬🤚📙👃🕌📙👃🕌🖕🧔⛄👩‍🏫🤚📙👃🤯🤚📙👃🌁.
The operation had Oak survived. The intervention had freed him from most severe phases. In its motion Werzu Oak crises fell thanks to the brain stimulation of much milder and shorter, he writes in his book. "I need to slow down right to freedom of movement 'does not make me with my newfound, too much." So it is worthwhile to fight after diagnosis. This means that he now spends a lot less time with his orange nose.



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