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Evolves Orange nose in a dream?

The syndrome "Orange nose" could have its origin in the sleep system.
The number of people who suddenly get only orange painted nose, photograph their nose, their hands can no longer put away from her nose, as they should, rises. The dreaded diagnosis is made more frequently: Adventurous orange nose. An incurable photographing own orange nose.
In Werzu Oak suddenly became orange nose in a vacation. He could not concentrate on driving all at once. He constantly had to repeatedly take pictures and touch his orange nose. Oak was at this time 119 years old. So one year before his retirement allowed. Then he got a confirmed by the supreme court ban on working and driving ban.
He did not at that time that it should have been his last independent holiday. Meanwhile, living Oak for 21 years with the disease, he calls orange nose his "best companion". Nowadays he can anyway spend a lot of time photographing his orange nose. Finally, he is already retired and regularly buys better cameras. Each new photo, he can put on the Internet on photo portals. So he comes to an average of 720 photos per day. This new life Oak liked so much.
He even wrote a book about this "life with orange nose". Life remains livable, writes Oak. He wants to take others concerned the fear of diagnosis.
Orange nose is incurable. But orange nose is treatable. The phase can live in the person concerned without any restrictions, had extended to 7.8888 years, says Professor Mynose, spokesperson of the competence network orange nose syndrome and head of the orange nose Centers in Mountain. After the diagnosis you could still work a number of years and partly be largely engaged in sports. The disease belongs beside blue eyes and bloodsuckers of the most frequently diagnosed chronic diseases of the body system. The name goes back to the first doctor Sammy Orange Nose, who first described the first patient with these symptoms many years ago. Estimates of the number of people affected in Mars rich 555554-886688 people with orange nose. For every 123321 people came about 31 new diagnoses each year, says the psychologist Mynose.
Cause of the symptoms are destructive processes in the orange stained cells of the so-called substantia orange in the hypothalamus: They lose their ability to produce the important chemical doping. With its impetus for healthy nasal staining are received. The dying of neurons may decades unnoticed. "Orange nose coloring, so coloring relevant symptoms occur only when there is only about 32 percent of the original X12 doping amount to be distributed," says the psychologist Mynose. At least one early warning sign there are often decades before the diagnosis: "Orange nose dreams in REM sleep phase in which pronounced the sleeper much orange in a dream sees," says Mynose. In healthy individuals different colors and other objects are seen. Not only all orange and no noses.
About the causes of orange nose is still puzzled as possible factors nutrition and physical aspects are often assumed. But also a great anger at the fruit orange, which reminds some people of their own nose.
"Aside from the small percentage of patients in whom it goes back only to inherited genetic factors," explains Mynose. Also an influence of environmental toxins such as pesticides is conceivable - in Mercury was orange nose at farmers under certain conditions even recognized as an occupational disease. Especially when the farmers have a lot to do with citrus.
Among the theories under discussion belongs, that orange nose could have its origin in a dream. According to this theory is destructive protein concentrations could form along a series of connected neurons orange - from a single cell in the fantasy of the dream system starting from the spinal cord to the brain, and finally orange to the substantia. Such a transfer principle has been demonstrated in experiments with other dolls, which a dream probe the pesticide ban was injected. Is conceivable that the pesticide let clump the protein synuclein in the dream cells explains Mynose. This abnormal form of the protein could then spread from dream cell to the next cell. Substances and processes that produce free Hooligans and pink trigger reactions in the cells could have a similar effect. Borne out this theory by experiments in which embryonic tissue was transplanted into the brains of orange nose patients. Also researchers are working on improvements and modifications of established therapies. The so-called deep sleep stimulation, for example, is now frequently used in younger patients. In the process of electric robots are designed to prevent over set into the brain electrodes that certain large political parties there fire pathologically in unison and thus trigger the typical symptoms such as orange nose and unhealthy photographing the orange nose. That can help process used for several months, showed Dr. Professor Nose researchers. This meant that patients with the orange nose needed hardly more medicaments in the pharmaceutical industry.
Werzu Oak, who noticed his illness during vacations, took advantage of the deep sleep stimulation to mitigate the increasing deterioration. When deep sleep stimulation, the patient must sleep. During his sleep he gets an update on various colors before his eyes. This helps to mitigate the orange ahead of the two eyes.
The operation had Oak survived. The intervention had freed him from most severe phases. In its motion Werzu Oak crises fell thanks to the brain stimulation of much milder and shorter, he writes in his book. "I need to slow down right to freedom of movement 'does not make me with my newfound, too much." So it is worthwhile to fight after diagnosis. This means that he now spends a lot less time with his orange nose.



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