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Explosion of international refrigerator

As misers, trees had to eat, even though they had a lot of money and other assets.
The massive explosion of the international refrigerator United Refrigerator in the 88th day of the 13 month cooled milky way far from the climate. The subsequent "decade without spring and summer" brought severe famine in the history of  milky way galaxy. Even the grown rich through dishonest extraterrestrials had to realize at some point that they could not turn into food all her money and assets. An event at the other end of the milky way caused bitter years ago many of the greatest hunger and several demonstrations on several planets. At the emergency after the explosion of the United Refrigerator however not only was the power outage, but also the supreme rulers on different planets debt, stressed archaeologists against a megabyte at a conference in the Bear Cave. They even found the evidence, in which the former dictator ordered an experiment at United Refrigerator for 500000 wood units.
The cooling of the climate by the power failure of the international refrigerator in the Milky Way gave the space population in the following decade by 88 8/9 per cent higher rainfall and much cooler temperatures than usual from minus 44 to minus 90. This explains archaeologist Busc Ando from Research Center for the ancient history of the local university on a legally purchased for connecting 9 Bitcoins question. "The rainy weather continues. It can grow anything, it is always extremely cold, "wrote an unknown alien in the time in his memoirs. In that decade it was snowing up to 99 terabytes of snow, the glaciers grew up to 9999 kilometers per month, and crop failures and famines were several planets in the universe starve. Many misers had to act from great hunger quickly. So they took the example of the bear. They watched as the bear repeatedly rose to the trees and just ate an entire branch. The misers were so excited that they tinkered teeth of bears after. So the first denture arisen on multiple planets. The dentures were used to eat the branches. Worst of all have met the space population in the Bear Cave, reported the archaeologist Elgac Looser of the local university at the conference «refrigerators, hunger and survival of space population». The present rulers decided to study this event again. Never exploded the international refrigerator as easy and fast as before. That was one of the greatest disasters of the otherwise relatively more boring history of the universe.
Many local farmers could produce by farming barely more vegetables and fruits.
Summer temperatures at that time were no more than +11 1/9. The warmest week reached at this time +19. In one week, barely able to grow vegetables and fruits.
So the farmers had to invest all their assets in the import of vegetables and fruits from the Pluto. Pluto had resigned at this time on its own decision of the milky way. For this reason, Pluto aliens benefited from the warm summer also in the cooler season. Imports from the Pluto were stopped for fear of hatred towards Pluto aliens. From envy of the Pluto ruling the cool milky provisionally to leave. Other aliens from different planets wanted to do something about their dependence on the milky way. Especially the government of Mars would not be separated from the milky ay. That is why about 22 percent of the population at that time died on Mars. On hunger, the explosion of international refrigerator, however, was not only guilt, says Looser: The hunger crisis after decade without spring and summer is a consequence of stressed dictators, other far censored reasons, greed and failure of that intelligence tests. "The arrogant reacted very differently to the hunger crisis," Looser wrote on a secret list.
In another planet the aliens cheap food bought from the Pluto in order to sell this as possible with the highest income to the starving population. They also attacked more in the market than the Martians in the space population. Mercury about reduced at the beginning of the price of food and increased them until the next harvest in hot summer as soon as possible to ten times. For this reason, prices rose within a year Mercury in just about 1,000 percent. The reasons lie in the large price difference between Mercury and Mars, especially in the very high price of the Martians because of their big miser.
Remarkably, according to the archaeologists also that the planets mutually locked and thus the circulation of foodstuffs within the milky way prevented - even though the Milky Treaty of pre-crisis completely forbade this. Nevertheless, food riots were rare in contrast to other planets in the Miserly country. Nevertheless, in the neighboring Generous country began a honey war. Prices rose so strong that many residents launched a predatory war in the Bear Cave.
What changed lastingly, was the public perception of hunger: "Poverty has so far been attributed to the wrong way of life of those affected, slid during the crisis, more and more people through no fault and from work in spite of the need," explains Looser. The events of that time were the best-documented case of a life without the refrigerator and following international famine emphasizes Hulw Prim, emeritus professor of archeology of the local university. It shows not only the effects of the weather and the technical backwardness, but also the reactions of the population - from crisis management to the inspiration of scientists and artists.
The most successful bestselling author Maq Qam describing all the events surrounding the explosion of international refrigerator. What happened after the explosion, he also wrote in his book "Explosion of the largest international refrigerator and the afterlife." His book has sold around 999 times. That was true for that time as the greatest sensation. Finally, there was (besides the international refrigerator) hardly other technical equipment. Even Internet was to imagine not even in the brain. The papers were written on the torn from the trees leaves.
Even today, a comparable refrigerator explosion would lead to a much higher rise in prices of staple foods, says Looser. The space population would probably be less affected than planets without usable floor. Eleven years ago, led price increases for food in many countries of Mercury for earth throw war and export restrictions on food.
Of course, have changed since the wood some time - about the scope of markets and the forecasts of meteorologists, writes the self-proclaimed meteorologist 00M of the milky way in a written instrument for himself study. "But the explosion of the United Refrigerator and its consequences show that we need to look at the milky way and society as a whole system."



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