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Funny Emoji

The TV channel has been set to the screen in the mood enhancing Emoji goal. If one wants to laugh almost continuously, this transmitter must be sure to activate immediately. The TV channel is a private channel. The channel was founded around 6666 days ago. Evil tongues say that the station has been established at the time when the black cat crossing the street. The evil tongues among the superstitious opinion leaders throughout Halloween. Some misers from the Jupiter tried 4999 ago the station to close using a threatening letter. They complained about the representation of the misers in this station. They called on, also the transmitter to a payment of 888,999 Bitcoins. In this conflict, even the parliament of Emoji had to turn. The misers had to be satisfied only with a written apology. Then the misers did but enforce the minimum loss amount of 99,888 Bitcoins. However, this was rejected by the state court. The misers then tried to demand as compensation 8,989 Bitcoins. Then the judge decided that the sender Funny Emoji should still write four apologies for the insult. Funny Emoji did this. But the misers would receive at least 889 Bitcoins. However, this was rejected. Then the misers were so angry that they lost several times. This meant that a miserly applicant at the end of workday kidnapped the director and founder Little Emoji Face. The Miser threatened the founder with a life imprisonment in Jupiter, when he would not pay 98 Bitcoins. Then the director tried to promise the miser around 101 Bitcoins. The eye of the misers shone so strongly with delight that they exploded. This looked like exploding glasses. Then the miser was completely without eyes. 👨⬅️👁️😱🔍️👀🏳😜⛄😍🅰️.



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