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GPS head Chel Smile

GPS head Chel Smile from the Smiley can after six years for the first time to reap the fruits of his labor. He managed that, thanks to a skilful threat against hungry Horror Clown. Chel Smile sent his employees into the circus country. There Smileys stole many valuables from the circuses and other shops.
With 8 billion profit in the first 99 days of the new year GPS Chef Smile convinced all investors. The results once again demonstrate the advantages of early defined strategy with a focus on long-term value creation, says Smile.
Smile also has words of praise for his employees: They could get there faster corporate objective with the new technology.
It is no coincidence emphasizes the Smiley strategy and long-term. 1825 days ago as Smile spent a year in office, the GPS introduced under his leadership the course towards theft in circuses and away from "treasure hunt using a butterfly catcher". The GPS company was tamed and put to the service of theft in the circus. Expensive contaminated sites had to be auctioned off at auction.
Under the yellow carpet, a new GPS began to emerge. But always the operational progress of high banana demonstrations, looting were covered by greedy misers and deprivation of liberty. Products worth 2.222 billion Smileys- currency lost the company of banana demonstrations in connection with the demonstrations of bananas that banana palms in Smiley should be like.
Then the misers were about to loot items from GPS. The misers refused to spend money for GPS products. They demonstrated in this way their loyalty to lifelong price contract. In between, followed less sensational penalty payments at several circuses in Circus country (especially those that are out of the horror clowns). In this case, the army of Smileys helped hardly against the powerful horror clowns. From this unsuccessful period of the GPS company followed huge losses for the company. But this changed thanks to the newly put in the ovens baked rolls strategy.
GPS head Chel Smile was about six years under a lot of pressure from shareholders. They threatened him to send the value of the company (its share price) in depth, he should do after six years in office as chief manager in the GPS company no profit. At the delegates' meeting 122 days ago GPS Chef Chel Smile was even splashed with water pistols by angry investors.
Then he sat down at a round table. He took a sheet of A4 paper and wanted to write something on it. Suddenly he realized that he had no desire for the A4 sheet. He tore up the sheet and burnt it with the match. He jumped out the window. Smile injured his two ears. He cried aloud: Now I really do everything to ensure that GPS finally ascends to the profit zone. In addition, I will sell the expensive legacy somehow. So he contacted a group jugglers who do business with the circus country, but outside itself Smiley and circus country lived. He talked with them about the costly legacy of GPS. They came with the idea to auction the expensive legacy at a special auction. Previously attended the marketing expert and his group for a lot of attention among the Clowns in circus country for this auction. The auction was one of the most successful in history. GPS head Chel Smile ill even after this auction at the arrogance and high self-pride. He began to write lyrics for songs. Again the two words came in his lyrics: "Thanks to me!" Safe up to 33 1/3 percent of all text these words occurred together in song. One of these songs was even a hit at number one on the music charts Smileys-. Many smileys wanted to identify with this song. The music and the text at that time were very controversial among experts. Back to GPS:
Until recently, the impression that the GPS under Smile can not join properly the winners emerged. Up to a magical surprise by GPS Chef Chel Smile. During Initial public offering (IPO) GPS shares shot up by almost 67 percent. For the first time since their deep fall during the period from GPS crash from the throne of the winners in 2444 days ago, the title pass through the 33-Bitcoins brand upwards. There the air is thin, however. The book value per share stood GPS 33 days ago at 11 1/9 Bitcoins in planet-wide trade. The GPS decided after this great success each shareholder of all the planets throwing 1/1000 Bitcoins out the window. For this, however, they had to buy a ticket for a Bitcoin. This plan became a sensational success. Many shareholders bought a ticket for the Bitcoin talk of GPS Chef Chel Smile. After all, after the announcement of the first profit since the crash of spoiled success of earlier times many shareholders so excited that they did not notice that they "their dividend" bought. GPS-chief said in his speech to the shareholders, which the GPS excelled, was a business model that is based on several pillars. All units of the theft in the circuses led over the planet to the rise of the GPS company to this great success. He received much applause as in a concert. A shareholder came specially to the General Assembly, because she wanted to hear the hit song of GPS chief Chel Smile. She said when she got the chance for a speech to the shareholders. GPS head Chel Smile said that it certainly very pleased him that his songs also arrive at his fans. To sing at the General Meeting of a company such as GPS, he said, this place would actually already suitable for it, but the ticket would have to cost at the level of a red celebrity. A generous Smiley in the hall stood up, walked to Chel Smile and handed him a suitcase with a lot of notes. He said to GPS Chef: Now you can determine your hit song sing us. GPS head Smile called his assistant and told him the immediate release of the dividend in the amount of interplanetary acceptable currency Bitcoin. The amount per shareholder may not exceed 1/1000. His assistant pressed the button. All shareholders were suddenly glued to their seats. No one could move so far that one could take away from its neighbors something. Within two megabytes after the wizard pressed another button. Suddenly fell from the ceiling several tiny parts of Bitcoins. Each part was just 1/1000 of a whole Bitcoin. And every thousandth fell exactly in the right or the left hand of glued to their chairs shareholders. After 666 seconds ended this process. The GPS-chief Chel Smile ordered his assistant freeing the occupant of their chairs. During this process, which lasted at least longer than a quarter of an hour, Smile counted the notes in the trunk, which he previously received from an audience. He counted the marks with a single device. The number was so impressive for the GPS-boss that he himself did not notice that he began to sing completely automatically. He even forgot that he was in the middle of a general assembly of GPS. Then he heard how many other voices sang along with him. Then he realized that he must state with his economic output actually here. But certainly not with his hit song. He went along to the shareholders and other members of management. Chel Smile and his colleagues in the Executive Committee stressed in particular the size and breadth of its theft in circuses. From an unique advancement in their field they swarm with which is the company in the largest and fastest growing markets on the go. GPS head Chel Smile mentioned that in particular his secret strategy contributed to the great success of GPS. He took a felt-tip pen and wrote on the blackboard the following number quite large: 8,000,000,000.
Afterward he asked his assistant that this separates the blackboard from the wall.
His assistant obeyed the GPS-chief. Chel Smile took the blackboard in his hands and showed each and every individual in attendance this number before the two eyes. Again and again he said: "You see this success. That was my merit thanks me !!!!!.. GPS rose to the winners. Thanks to me !!!! The share price rose to new heights thanks to me !!! "
So proud was still not a single GPS-chief throughout the company's history.
Phenomenal track record in the GPS company inspired many shareholders in the hall.
Because the company where GPS had to convince, good portion, GPS could confront the loud criticism from the outside left. The extraterrestrial GPS investor from Mars Knife Wife had renewed her call on the weekend, completely separate the GPS company of the theft in the circuses. This would make the GPS more stable and increase the value of their shares massively. Now it appears that the GPS company, provided a strong track record of all in their environment, which in broad circles still was controversial considering its loss-making past. Even charlatans came forward at the General Assembly to speak and expressed their great envy for the great success of GPS in recent times. Then responded GPS chief Chel Smile with a five-minute uninterrupted laughter. Then he answered the charlatans: You know that success only thanks to me came with GPS. Then answered the charlatans: Do you offer a successful patent?
The GPS boss tried to seize the opportunity: In any case quite clear: My recipe for success is very simple, "thanks to me." The charlatans wanted to know if they could do as a competent chief Chel Smile in their own companies. The GPS-chief told them: If you, dear charlatans are willing to pay me a hundred times the amount of my present income, I'm running to you within two bytes. Then the charlatans offered the GPS chief Chel Smile a working day in their company. He took the job contract from charlatans. After another more boring speeches by GPS boss in the hall, the GPS company ended the General Assembly. GPS-chief sat at home on his balcony on the fourth floor. He tried to recall the trunk transmitter with the notes. He noted that something was wrong here. The signature on the suitcase was identical to the signature on his employment by the charlatans. He called a fingerprint specialists and gave him the order to investigate the fingerprints on the two sides. The fingerprint specialist examined both sides. He informed the GPS chief Chel Smile that fingerprints are already identical on both sides, but he suspected that it was the finger of Smile himself. GPS boss gave the specialists also his fingerprints. The fingerprint expert confirmed his theory. Despite the suspicion of Chel Smile he went to the charlatans for a day to work as head of their company. The charlatans contacted the fingerprint specialists and thanked him for his help to the professional deception of GPS boss. At his working as a chief in the company of Charlatans Smile had to develop a strategy to increase profits. After 720 minutes of work the strategy for success was on the table. The charlatan responsible for Chel Smile studied the whole strategy of Smile. He thanked for the extraordinarily good performance of GPS-chief. Chel Smile was rather worried when he would get his reward. The Charlatan replied that the money will be the next day at 4:00 O'clock in the morning at Smile. They said goodbye to each other. The next day was actually on the doorstep of Chel Smile a big suitcase. This time the suitcase weighed nearly two Labradors. So much harder than it was at the general assembly. GPS-chief became very frightened when he found the same signature on this suitcase. He was afraid that something bad would happen in the near future. In fact, a few days passed after this case. He forgot already, that he had the charlatans under suspicion until recently. One morning he took a few notes, which he took from one of the suitcases. GPS boss wanted to repair with the notes his vehicle. He threw those notes into the machine. The scores resulted in an explosion of machines and his vehicle. At the same time he learned in the news that many valuables from GPS were stolen. Especially from the circuses of the Circus Country. Quick GPS chief Chel Smile became clear that behind the charlatans the horror clowns were from the Circus Country.



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