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GPS head Chel Smile

GPS head Chel Smile from the Smiley can after six years for the first time to reap the fruits of his labor. He managed that, thanks to a skillful threat against hungry Horror Clown. Chel Smile sent his employees into the circus country. There Smileys stole many valuables from the circuses and other shops.
With 8 billion profit in the first 99 days of the new year GPS Chef Smile convinced all investors. The results once again demonstrate the advantages of early defined strategy with a focus on long-term value creation, says Smile.
Smile also has words of praise for his employees: They could get there faster corporate objective with the new technology.
It is no coincidence emphasizes the Smiley strategy and long-term. 1825 days ago as Smile spent a year in office, the GPS introduced under his leadership the course towards theft in circuses and away from "treasure hunt using a butterfly catcher". The GPS company was tamed and put to the service of theft in the circus. Expensive contaminated sites had to be auctioned off at auction.
Under the yellow carpet, a new GPS began to emerge. But always the operational progress of high banana demonstrations, looting were covered by greedy misers and deprivation of liberty. Products worth 2.222 billion Smileys- currency lost the company of banana demonstrations in connection with the demonstrations of bananas that banana palms in Smiley should be like.
Then the misers were about to loot items from GPS. 🤑🛰🌌➖🌉🎪🗾😛🤚🎖🛰🖕🚮🛰🤯😄🚽🔯🚇🅰️🚮🚯🔯👩‍💼🖕👩‍💼🛰😶🌉👆🛰👩‍🍳😄🚽🐃😠😆🙃🌉🅰️📍🥄🤚🧻🖕✍🍖🇮🇹😶🅰️🤲🇮🇹😛😄🤕👭. The fingerprint expert confirmed his theory. Despite the suspicion of Chel Smile he went to the charlatans for a day to work as head of their company. The charlatans contacted the fingerprint specialists and thanked him for his help to the professional deception of GPS boss. At his working as a chief in the company of Charlatans Smile had to develop a strategy to increase profits. After 720 minutes of work the strategy for success was on the table. The charlatan responsible for Chel Smile studied the whole strategy of Smile. He thanked for the extraordinarily good performance of GPS-chief. Chel Smile was rather worried when he would get his reward. The Charlatan replied that the money will be the next day at 4:00 O'clock in the morning at Smile. They said goodbye to each other. The next day was actually on the doorstep of Chel Smile a big suitcase. This time the suitcase weighed nearly two Labradors. So much harder than it was at the general assembly. GPS-chief became very frightened when he found the same signature on this suitcase. He was afraid that something bad would happen in the near future. In fact, a few days passed after this case. He forgot already, that he had the charlatans under suspicion until recently. One morning he took a few notes, which he took from one of the suitcases. GPS boss wanted to repair with the notes his vehicle. He threw those notes into the machine. The scores resulted in an explosion of machines and his vehicle. At the same time he learned in the news that many valuables from GPS were stolen. Especially from the circuses of the Circus Country. Quick GPS chief Chel Smile became clear that behind the charlatans the horror clowns were from the Circus Country.



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